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Tales Of The Wild

The zoology podcast unravelling the true nature of some of the animal species we share our planet with by combining science with the ancient art of storytelling. Each episode will be packed with fascinating animal facts that will be revealed over the course of the story. Join us on a unique journey as we spend a brief moment following the life of a particular species. Welcome to Tales Of The Wild!


#11 - Caribou (part 2)
We continue our tale of the Caribou, stranded on St. Mathews Island...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
28:00 12/22/21
#10 - Caribou (Part 1)
Based on a true story - we follow the journey of a small group of Caribou as they are transported and abandoned on a small island in the middle of the Bering sea. Researchers were shocked when the visited the Island 10 years later... Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
44:17 12/15/21
#9 - Portia
This is the story of a shape shifting, giant-eyed assassin trickster. She's a killer of killers and uses both brains and incredible eyesight to out-wit her unsuspecting prey.  Reproduction is a highly risky endeavour for any suitor who dares to pursue her....but the species must continue somehow and there are males bold enough to try...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
45:32 8/23/21
#8 - Waxy Monkey Frog
One of the strangest looking species of frog, with some remarkable properties which make it unique among the tree frogs. The frog in this tale is struggling to find a mate, and during the course of his struggles, to make matter worse, a couple of upright walking ape tourists burrow him to help out with a special ceremony...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
37:09 5/26/21
#7 - Olive Baboon
A shocking tale based on the observations of Robert Sapolsky who studied the species for much of his career. What happens when an unexpected tragedy kills off only the most aggressive individuals in a baboon troop?Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
47:54 5/5/21
#6 - New Caledonian Crow
Rated by many ornithologists as being among the most intelligent of birds, the New Caledonian Crow has shocked scientists with its ability to build and modify tools - an ability initially thought to be unique to us upright walking apes, but slowly being seen in an increasing number of other species...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
32:50 4/28/21
#5 - Coconut Crab
Few creatures experience a transformation quite like this one. This episode follows the journey from planktonic larvae to fully grown coconut crab and describes some of the challenges and unique features of the species along the way.  Their immense size and strength as an adult takes them off the menu for most species, but life certainly does not start that way...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
53:24 4/14/21
#4 - Naked Mole Rat
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in the case of naked mole rats there are few beholders who will rate them as attractive beasts, but that doesn't matter because they spend almost all of their lives out of sight underground. These are among the strangest mammals on earth, with their own monarchy system, their cancer and pain resistance and their ability to survive up to 18 minutes without oxygen... Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
45:48 2/8/21
#3 - Musk Ox
The humble musk oxen roam some of the coldest parts of our planet stretching the uppermost geographical limit of survival for the bovidae family of mammals. But what exactly is a musk ox, and how do they survive in this extreme climate? Particularly when there are other hungry animals on the prowl...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
32:51 1/31/21
#2 - Black Shield Hornet
Not just any hornet - this impressive bee-eating specialist has evolved to annihilate honey bee colonies on the Chinese island of Hainan. The bees are mostly defenceless but the endemic species have some tricks up their sleeves to counter the onslaught. Bizarrely enough the bees are also assisted by a very rare species of plant in one of nature's surprising twists.Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
36:28 1/22/21
#1 - Anglerfish
Deep down in the darkest part of the ocean lives a strange and fearsome looking monster. They say when you're time is up, that there is a light at the end of the this case the light is at the beginning...just before a row of razor sharp teeth and distended belly...but there is much more than meets the eye with this peculiar creature...Website - www.talespodcast.comTwitter - - the Show.
26:55 1/13/21