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Voices of Deconversion

Atheist and agnostic Ex-Christians share their stories of deconversion.


085 Tom Boulton: Loved Ones Going to Hell Brings Anxiety. Faith is All Consuming. His Definition of Christian Evolves. After Deconversion Invites Christians Out for a Pint 84:18 07/17/2022
084 Emily Zochling: Experiences Emotionally Manipulative Relationships in Teen years. When Things Go Wrong She Goes Ham for God. Mission Trips and Leading Worship are Pivotal. An Atheist Co-Worker Giv 102:27 02/22/2022
083 Ryan Penney: Former Homeschooled evangelical from Texas. Enjoyed life and understanding the world so much that he outgrew his Christianity. He's now secular (atheist/agnostic) w/a buddhist-like ph 114:56 02/06/2022
082 Bella: Aware They're Non-Binary at 6. Catholicism Ruins Childhood. Bullied, Abused and Suicidal. Reads Bible. Realizes it's (Dark) Fiction. 90:57 01/09/2022
081 Christa Elane: Toronto Blessing Shapes Early Faith. Sheltered and Homeschooled. Later Sent to Christian School. A Vision Leads to a Cult. She Now Leans Atheist. 95:43 10/04/2021
080 Eric: At Army ROTC Discovers the Real World, Fundamentalist Upbringing, Forced to hide Music He Liked. Served in Afghanistan. He was an Atheist in a Foxhole. 139:52 09/21/2021
079 Amanda Roe: Ex-Catholic Atheist. Used to Attend Daily Mass. Unwittingly Joins a Cult at University. Propaganda in U.S. Elections Catches Her Attention. The Bible says "You'll Know Them by Their Fr 77:57 08/10/2021
Encouraging Quote from "El Inocente (The Innocent)" TV Series on Netflix 03:42 07/05/2021
078 Chelsy Albertson: Lesbian Ex-Christian Who's Agnostic/Atheist. Former Campus Crusade for Christ Member. A Mission Trip to India Leads to Epiphany. 72:45 06/07/2021
077 Abigail Sandoval: Adopted from South Korea by American Christian Parents. Abuse, Neglect & Purity Culture Cause Harm. Now She's an Atheist Mom Who Became the Kind of Parent She Always Needed. 92:52 05/18/2021
076 April: Bible Belt Raised & Homeschooled. An Abusive Relationship Ends, Questions Begin. Astronomy Class Brings Epiphany. 73:42 03/28/2021
075: Coming Out Atheist to My Christian Mom 35:32 02/28/2021
074 Vaughn: Agnostic Pastor & Musician Who Leads Worship at His Church 100:18 01/25/2021
073 Tiffany Cappello - A Fundamentalist Christian Mother of 7 Begins to Ask Questions about Faith/ The Impact of Faith on Mental Health 96:01 06/24/2020
I Need a Break 23:56 05/12/2020
072 Ronna Russell - The Uncomfortable Confessions of a Preacher's Kid 65:28 04/13/2020
Spring Update 2020 05:25 03/21/2020
Winter 2020 Update - Losing Purpose after Deconversion: How I Responded and My Plan 15 years later! 30:09 01/28/2020
071 Muhammad: The Satanic Verses Cause Curiosity, then Questions. Becomes an Atheist in Iran. Spreads Anti-Islam Material. Arrested & in Solitary Confinement. Forced to make a False Confession on Yout 97:33 01/03/2020
070 Jordan: Worldly Friends vs. Church Friends. Learns Calvinist Theology. Rejection from a Mentor. Doubts Lead to Agnosticism. 90:23 12/01/2019
069 Roland Watts: Raised Methodist in a small Australian Township. Blasphemed the Holy Spirit as a Child. Feared He was Damned for Years. Meeting the Christadelphians Brings Huge Relief. He's now an A 98:28 11/11/2019
068 Matt Scott- *Update - Matt Recently Became Christian Again 95:50 10/13/2019
067 Debbie McNulty: Survived Sexual Abuse in the United Pentecostal Church. Now Neo-Pagan She Advocates to Help Other Abuse Survivors. 125:48 09/20/2019
066 Rebecca Policello: Grew Up in the World Wide Church of God. Tragedy Ends Friendship and She Runs to God. Research at a Catholic College Leads to Agnosticism. 80:51 08/27/2019
065 Oklahoma Fire Fighter Wiley Gabehart: As a Marine Became an Aggressive Christian. Faith is Tested with Tough Questions. He Looks at Faith & Mental Health Transparently. He's Now an Atheist. 148:27 08/07/2019
064 Amanda Holloway: Impacted by Sexual Abuse and Mental Illness She Turns to God. She Gets a Bachelors Degree in Youth Ministry. God Does Not Help During a Mental Health Crisis. She's Now an Ex-Chris 94:43 07/25/2019
063 Jeremy: As a Child He Preached & Gave Altar Calls. Raised Apostolic Pentecostal Christian. When God Doesn't Heal a Blind Man, His Faith is Challenged. He's Now an Atheist. 95:07 07/11/2019
062 Dying Out Loud with Dave Warnock: ALS Diagnosis and Carpe the F*****g Diem! 48:04 06/27/2019
061 Dana Smith: Baptist Raised in California. Homeschooled. Born to be a Missionary. Now Leans Agnostic. 135:09 06/11/2019
060 Catholic Raised. Selective Mutism Prepares Her to be a Nun. Mom Gets Cancer. Grieving without God's Help 122:51 05/07/2019