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The podcast designed to help you live life better. Join us on our quest to learn from inspirational people who can bring us some of the answers to life’s many questions. We speak to entrepreneurs, creatives, athletes, academics, thought-leaders, and friends about their career paths, life stories, failures, and successes to prove the world is rife with opportunity, and that the things we often deem impossible may just be, possible. We help you navigate the messiness of life; a life in limbo.


E42 | The Perks of a Nomadic Lifestyle and Food Sustainability, with Marie Brueser
In this week’s episode, we’re joined by Marie Brueser, Entrepreneurship Leader at Thought for Food, a social organization that’s committed to helping pioneering start-ups all over the world achieve sustainable growth and ultimate success. Through their programs, they unlock their potential and deliver targeted, cutting-edge, science and technology-driven innovation to lead a sustainable food and agricultural revolution.Marie spoke to us about her role and gave us a glimpse of what it’s like to work as a digital nomad. Originally from Belgium, Marie was living in Lisbon at the time of our call and I loved hearing about her experience in the growing community of nomads, who very literally have the luxury of working from a beach bar should they wish. 
50:26 2/23/22
E41 | Empowering women to create purpose-driven content, with founder of Her Hustle, Emma-Louise Boynton
This week we’re joined by the wonderful Emma-Louise Boynton, presenter, producer, and co-founder at Her Hustle, a mission-driven creative production agency working to elevate women’s voices and tell stories with impact.She shares the events that motivated her to start the company and we discuss some of the hurdles that women continue to face in the world of work, and generally, in life. From body-shaming to aging, to workplace culture and promotions, we go there.Please enjoy!
46:04 2/15/22
E40 | Developing an excellence mindset with NY power broker, McKenzie Ryan
McKenzie Ryan was ranked #1 New York City Power Broker by Forbes, the youngest broker ever to receive this recognition. She is known as the go-to agent for selling properties that others are unable to sell and has recently joined the Douglas Elliman team. As a former Olympic Gymnast, her work ethic and positive energy is like nothing we’ve ever seen.We talk about her impressive athletic background, where she gets the confidence to fervently follow her passions, and how she manages the ups and downs of such a turbulent and competitive industry. She also shares some of the habits that help power through when things get tough and continue to radiate joy and positive energy everywhere she goes.Follow McKenzie on Instagram: about “a day in a life”: A day in the life of 29-year-old star broker McKenzie Ryan, who's closed over $34 million in sales this year — and did her first deal in high school
59:02 2/8/22
E39 | How to prevent burnout, with mental health expert Tania Diggory
In this week’s episode, we were joined by the wonderful Tania Diggory. Tania is an entrepreneur, international Burnout Prevention speaker, and both the Founder and Director of Calmer, an award-winning training organization that empowers entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business teams to nurture good mental health and wellbeing. Having run three different businesses before the age of 30, Tania is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of balancing mental wellbeing with business success. She has consulted and trained over 300 companies on their mental health and wellbeing strategy, and she joins us on the pod to discuss the events that motivated her to start a company dedicated to putting an end to employee burnout.We discuss our own experiences, the shame around discussing mental health issues, and Tania shares some tips that can help us all better manage our anxiety. More on Tania: Entrepreneur’s Handbook: Working from Home Guide: 
30:41 2/1/22
E38 | Ameer Shakeel on founding a $14m+ company that's revolutionizing the future of agriculture.
Ameer Shakeel on founding a $14m+ company that's revolutionizing the future of agriculture.Ameer Shakeel was listed on the Forbes 30 Under 30s list for his work as the CTO and co-founder of AgroSpheres, an eco-friendly company that makes bio-based crop protection that replaces the dangerous pesticides that degrade the environment.We talk about why and how he started the company, the highs and the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, and goal setting. We also talk about his fascinating journey as an immigrant from his home country of Pakistan, now innovating to shape the future of agriculture in the US.For more about agrospheres: more about Ameer: get in touch via LinkedIn:
27:39 1/25/22
E37 | Entrepreneurship, Motherhood & Why Coding Knowledge is Vital with Elizabeth Tweedale
 Elizabeth Tweedale is the founder of Cypher Coders, the UK’s leading coding school for kids aged 6-12. We cover entrepreneurship, motherhood, and take a deep dive into her 20s to prove just how different everyone’s journey is. She shares some invaluable life lessons and advice for those of us in our 20s keen for a little guidance, and we discuss some of the hurdles faced by women in tech, what we can do to encourage young girls to consider careers in STEM, and she explains why our understanding of “STEM” needs to be broader.  We also discuss the daunting reality of just how critical coding knowledge is, especially for younger generations, since it’s the foundation on which the future is largely built. Anyone with coding skills can create a website or an online product and reach global markets – the opportunities for those who understand are huge in contrast to those available for those who don’t. Cypher Coders Website: 
43:40 1/18/22
E36 | Holiday Plans, Fitness Goals, and Nez's Nightmare Before Christmas
This week, we discuss Nez's covid-dodging nightmare before Christmas, our new fitness goals, impossible puzzles, and our holiday plans. The festive season is about spending time with family and friends, having fun, relaxing, and celebrating. So, over the next two weeks, we want to share some of our time with you, our listeners! Whatever you're doing over the festive season, we hope you enjoy! Love, Laura and Nerea
20:26 12/23/21
E35 | How to Build Your Client Base from Nothing, with Claire Stapley
Freelance Writer Claire Stapley joins us again, for an episode all about how to build your client base – advice which is really helpful for anyone looking to build their own business, because building and growing a client base is always going to be a must!Claire became a freelance writer at the young age of just 15. She began to contribute to an online publication as a fashion journalist, before pursuing a BA Hons in Journalism at university. She then landed a marketing role and gained experience in recruitment, before deciding to become her own boss and pursue her love of writing.To find out what she’s up to, visit her website, at:
39:38 12/14/21
E34 | Sustainable Fashion, Entrepreneurship, and Greenwashing, with Sabinna Rachimova
Sabinna Rachimova is the founder of the fair fashion brand SABINNA. She runs a female-led conscious lifestyle brand that offers both products and experiences in a studio retail space in East London, and a knitwear studio in Vienna. Sabinna has been featured in publications including Forbes, VOGUE, Huffington post, and, after graduating from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design, in London, she worked for the leading Parisian Fashion house Christian Dior and London brand Mary Katrantzou.Since 2018 she is also a lecturer at the University of Arts London, teaching on the MA Fashion Entrepreneurship & Innovation course. In 2019, Sabinna was named one of Forbes 30under30 DACH. Mic drop.We learned so much about the world of sustainable fashion in this episode, as well as her incredible journey as a young entrepreneur.  
47:56 12/7/21
E33 | Meditation, Consciousness, Humanity, and Life, with Taylor Foreman
Taylor writes about topics like creativity, writing, personal growth, and his articles are always verging on philosophical yet scattered with wit. Which, is why I love reading his stuff.In this episode, he tells me about his experience at a Meditation retreat. We talk about the healing power of out-of-body experiences, our modern detachment from mythology, and the power of storytelling. He also shares his career journey and we find common ground in our belief that working in traditionally blue-collar roles can be a great predictor of career success.Taylor’s blog: Blue-Collar Is a Better Predictor of Writing Success Than Ivy LeagueFor anyone looking to get philosophical, here’s a fun article based on Taylor’s comment that there are even more possible variations of chess games than there are atoms in the observable universe:
67:39 11/30/21
E32 | Why Trust Is The Key To Stronger Teams, The Importance of Mentors, and Women in Leadership, with Theresa Anderson
Theresa Anderson, Vice President of Marketing Communications, and Sales Operations at Bureau Veritas Group joins me to discuss her career journey and the many lessons she’s learned along the way, including what it is that gives her that very clear devotion to what she does, the things that inspire her to get up in the morning, and women in STEM.  Her work-ethic is inspirational; she’s a rare form approachable and vibrant high achiever who somehow manages to find a workable healthy work-life balance and exudes a palpable passion for providing women and girls with mentorship opportunities. 
46:27 11/16/21
E31 | Launching a Business, Self-awareness, and All Things Entrepreneurship, with Travis Hawkes
Travis joins us to share how he founded his own media company after the startup he worked for went bankrupt at the outset of covid. We talk about overcoming the struggle to achieve success, and how to find true freedom through entrepreneurship. Travis is also the co-founder of the “Struggle to Strength” podcast, in which he and his friend Josh teach themselves and their listeners how to turn struggles into strengths, follow their passion, and pursue greatness in everything mind, muscle, and money. Check them out at the link below:
60:45 11/9/21
E30 | Hormones, Health, and Fertility with Gabriela Rosa
Gabriela Rosa is a world-renowned fertility specialist, author, and reproductive health educator. She explains why our hormonal health is vital for both our physical and mental health and wellbeing – whatever your sex, age, or life plans. Gabriela is the founder and director of the Rosa Institute and a Harvard University awarded scholar with two decades of clinical experience in helping couples overcome reproductive challenges. Her latest book Fertility Breakthrough: Overcoming infertility and recurrent miscarriage when other treatments have failed, is available now at the link below: the coupon code: TFLGR for your FREE copy. For updates on Gabriela's latest initiatives, visit or follow Gabriela on Instagram and TikTok @gabrielarosafertility @gabrielarosa_talksex
58:54 11/2/21
E29 | Workplace Culture and Why Resilience is a Red Herring, with Bruce Daisley
Former VP EMEA at Twitter, now #1 bestselling author and workplace culture expert, Bruce Daisley joins us for a riveting episode, in which we discuss workplace culture and the theme of his new book: Resilience. In his book, “The Joy of Work”, he outlines 30 ways in which we can fix our work culture and fall in love with our jobs again – it was the UK’s bestselling business hardback in 2019, and he’s also the host of the unmissable business podcast – Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat. From a young graduate who got his first break by mailing a cartoon resume of his life to prospective employers, to running a renowned tech-giant, Bruce shares his fascinating experience and some of the invaluable insights he has learned along the way. Bruce was named one of The Evening Standard’s most influential Londoners for 4 years, one of Debrett’s 500 most influential people in Britain, and “Campaign” asserted he’s one of the most talented people in media. This is truly an episode not to be missed. Enjoy!  Newsletter:  Book:  Twitter: 
49:36 10/26/21
E28 | Jordan Schwarzenberger Proves University Isn’t Always The Best Option
Hi everyone! In this episode I welcome the inspirational Jordan Schwarzenberger, who in less than a decade has achieved what many aspire to in a lifetime. He began his career at 17 and worked at huge names in the media industry, including Vice and LadBible, before co-founding a new digital management company called Arcade Media, that already works with some huge names, including The Sidemen. Jordan tells me about his impressive career journey, why he decided to drop-out of university, and things get deep when we get into the subject of why university is often overrated and misunderstood by many.
67:55 10/19/21
E27 | Sophie Gray on Why She Founded DiveThru and the Importance of Mental Health
IMPORTANT NOTICE: This episode discusses a range of mental health issues. So please choose another episode if this isn’t the best option for you today 😊 I’m joined by the wonderful Sophie Gray, founder of DiveThru, a mental wellness company that helps you DiveThru what you go thru. They work with mental health professionals to create resources that help you to take charge of your mental wellbeing. Her work has been featured in Cosmopolitan, People, Women’s Health, Refinery29, Marie Claire, Yahoo, Shape, Self, and many more.Prior to this, Sophie had built an audience of over 500,000 people through her social channels where she regularly talked about physical wellness. She tells us how it was after suffering a serious panic attack during a connecting flight, she decided to change course – and that’s where DiveThru came in. We talk about her experience and discuss a range of mental health issues, both social, and personal. 
57:33 10/12/21
E26 | Victoria D’Ambrozio on Leaving the Corporate Life to Become a Successful TikToker and Business Coach
Victoria is a business and mindset coach, and public speaker dedicated to helping people get out of their own way and build their dream life. She quit her 6-figure job at Deloitte during the pandemic to become a TikToker and business coach and is on track to match her old salary! She tells us why and how she did it, and we have a refreshingly candid discussion about our careers.  
51:59 10/5/21
Introducing...Season 2
We are super excited to bring you Season 2!!! We’ll be joined by even more guests, all of which have an abundance of advice to give, inspiration to share, and life stories that will undoubtedly captivate anyone listening. Our mission is to help you live life better, so you can embrace the uncertainty of limbo without getting lost amongst the chaos. So, in this season we’ll cover anything from entrepreneurship, mental health, social issues, sexual health, the world of work, freelancing, and more.  We always love to hear from our listeners, so feel free to reach out anytime-all-the-time. Let us know what you’ve liked & what you’d like to see more of!   Much love!  Lau & Nez.
17:33 10/1/21
E25 | Monica Abbott on The Tokyo Olympics, Why Women's Sports are Important, and Playing Professional Softball
Our guest this week is @Monica Abbott! Also known as “the million-dollar arm”, Monica is one of the best female pitchers of all time! She's a professional softball player, and the first woman in the history of US team sports to have ever signed a million-dollar contract!She’s played for the Women’s Pro Softball League, and the National Japan Softball League, she’s won two silver Olympic medals for Team USA, 17 different championship titles, and multiple Most Valuable Player awards.In 2016, Monica signed a landmark $1 million contract with the Scrap Yard Dawgs of the National Pro Fastpitch League, the first-ever million dollar deal for a woman playing on a team sport in the United States. In doing so, she opened the door for young softball players interested in making a career in professional softball, and opened many doors for others across the landscape of women’s professional sports.About — Monica AbbottScholarship — Monica Abbott
31:11 8/24/21
E24 | Naomi Wilmshurst | How to Build Confidence Like a Professional Violinist
Professional Violinist, Naomi Wilmshurst joins us to share her story. She talks to us about how she went from busking in the streets of Mexico to becoming a professional violinist and playing in prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall and the Philarmonie Berlin, and she gives us some helpful tips about building confidence!Naomi has worked with internationally acclaimed musicians such as Peter Stark, Nina Martin and Vasily Petrenko, as well as various producers including Live Sessions Mexico, latin-grammy nominated Vladimir Suarez and for The Voice Mexico.Now based in London, Naomi plays acoustic and electric violin in both high impact pop/electro/latin shows as well as romantic classical shows. We’re huge fans of her work – she makes every piece truly her own.As always, we hope you enjoy!Naomi’s Website: Naomi Play: about confidence: Cuddy Ted Talk:
33:59 8/17/21
E23 | Pin Cher | Meaningful Careers & Finding Your Purpose
We’re joined by the wonderful Pin Cher, who is on a mission to help millennial professionals who are feeling lost and stuck in their career, by empowering them to create a meaningful career that’s more aligned to their purpose and values.She shares her own story about how, for years she pursued a corporate career and her ambition to climb up the corporate ladder – until one particular event made her question whether she was on the right track.True to brand, in this episode we dive into the messiness of careers and discuss why we’re sometimes so afraid to consider alternative options that deviate from what we’ve been taught is “the right thing to do”, either by our parents or society and how these things shape the expectations we impose on ourselves over the years.Enjoy!HomeArticle: How to become more patient by definition -
31:40 8/10/21
E22 | Laila Maidan | Cryptocurrency, Financial Freedom & Money Matters
In today’s episode, we speak to investing reporter for Business Insider, Laila Maidan. She tells us how it was her career in foreign policy and international relations, during which time she worked for the United Nations, that she became motivated to share global developments with the general public, and hence switched to a career in journalism.Laila is now a reporter in Business Insider’s markets division and her coverage predominantly focuses on cryptocurrencies, the stock market, and trading strategies. She is particularly passionate about sharing the stories of people who have overcome struggles and attained ‘financial freedom’ by growing their personal wealth. It is actually through one of these stories that we came across Laila; we discuss this and others during the episode, as well as recent trends in the world of blockchain.You can find links to the articles we mention below, as well Laila’s profile.Please note, this episode is not financial advice.Laila Maidan’s Profile | Laila Maidan - InsiderLaila Maidan’s Twitter | lailamaidanKiana Danial Article | 2 investing lessons that helped a 37-year-old multimillionaire build her fortuneSharon Tseung Article | A 30 year old with a $1 million net worth explains the 4 steps that got her thereMari Adam, Josephine Lee, and Lakisha Simmons Article | 3 women who never built wealth until after divorce share the mistakes that held them back
44:44 8/4/21
E21 | Nicole Tschierske | Flexible Career Development & Women in STEM
 In this week’s episode we speak with Dr. Nicole Tschierske from Germany! She helps women in STEM build expert credibility, progress in their career and find fulfilment in their work – which, we learned, doesn’t always mean career advancement in the traditional sense.   Nicole spoke to us about the value in horizontal career progression and the importance of defining our personal values and priorities before we take the “next step”. Because quitting your job and simply switching companies, isn’t your only option.  We cover topics like self-promotion, the gender imbalance in STEM, and the world of work. So, if you’ve ever felt like you’re in a bit of a rut in your career, or you’re considering switching jobs – this one’s for you. 
37:50 7/27/21
E20 | Claire Stapley | Valuable Freelancing Advice, Building Your Personal Brand & Social Media
In today’s episode, we speak with Claire Stapley, freelance writer from London who candidly shares what it’s really like to be a freelance writer – we talk about the highs, the lows, and everything in between. Claire talks to us about everything from managing clients, to pricing, to building your personal brand, and social media. She began to freelance before it became cool – at a young age of just 15, Claire began to contribute to an online publication as a fashion journalist, before pursuing a BA Hons in Journalism at university. She then landed a marketing role and gained experience in recruitment, before deciding to become her own boss and pursue her love of writing. To find out what she’s up to, visit her website, at:  
61:20 7/20/21
E19 | Emilie Bellet | Money, Financial Education & Why We ALL Need to Invest in Our Futures
In this week's episode, we were honored to be joined by the truly inspirational - Emilie Bellet. She is the founder of Vestpod, a company with a massively important mission: to financially empower women by changing the conversation about money, through its hugely popular weekly newsletter, personal finance workshops and networking events, and their excellent podcast “The Wallet”, which has received over 64k downloads. Emilie has also been featured in The Financial Times, Forbes, and Stylist Magazine.She is the author of “You’re not broke, you’re pre-rich," a book that is densely packed with useful resources, and interesting insights; a description similarly fitting for Emilie herself: packed with useful resources and interesting insights.Emilie's passion for empowering women to be financially secure truly shows. She’s a great role model, we could have listened to her all night.Why don't you find out for yourself?!Please note, this is for educational purposes only – it is not financial advice!In addition, here are a few useful links that will take you straight to some of Emilie’s super helpful resources, including a link where you can sign up to her investing workshop on the 28th of July! You do not want to miss it!Enjoy!Website | Vestpod: Vestpod - Women & MoneyPodcast | The Wallet: Podcast — Vestpod - Women & MoneyBook | You’re Not Broke, You’re Pre-rich: Book You're Not Broke You're Pre-Rich — Vestpod - Women & MoneyWorkshops & Events | Events — Vestpod - Women & MoneyInstagram |
58:09 7/13/21
E18 | Lisa Gautier & Mikaela Larsell Ayesa | The Future of Fashion | Sustainability | Entrepreneurship
This week we were joined by two very courageous startup founders – Mikaela Larsell Ayesa from Sweden, and Lisa Gautier from France – who have taken on the second most polluting industry in the world that is the clothing industry with their startup ‘Hack Your Closet’, launched in 2019.Customers can subscribe via the app to gain access to over 30,000 items of second-hand clothing available to rent. Like a dating app, but for clothes, customers simply swipe left or right on each item to allow the algorithm to become familiar with their taste and size – et voila! They’ll receive a personalized box containing four items of clothing that have been hand picked by the company’s own stylists.The pair have been so successful that in just two years they’ve grown their team from 2 to over 30 employees, and they recently raised 20 million Swedish Krona to ease their recent expansion to France. It was a super interesting talk, we hope you enjoy it – let us know what you think!Website | Hack Your Closet: - Discover a greener way to update your closet.Blog | The News Closet - Hack your closet
35:05 7/6/21
E17 | Nitiya Walker | Financial Literacy | Money Matters | Negotiating Salaries | Financial Freedom
In this week’s episode we spoke to Nataya Walker, the Founder and Executive Director of Seeds of Fortune – a non-profit that began with Nitiya’s own quest to finish school without any student loan debt. In addition to her day-day job Nitiya helps high school women of color in the US navigate the college scholarship and application process and learn financial literacy. She made it on Forbes 30 under 30 list in 2020 and she has helped college applicants earn over $8 million dollars towards scholarships and grants since she started Seeds of Fortune during her senior year at Babson College in 2014. Her team of 15 recruits a cohort of 30 students every year and serves nearly 500 teens free resources online.We talk about higher education system in the US, the lack of financial literacy and we question whether greater transparency when it comes to disclosing our salaries is welcome. This episode is all things money. 
47:55 5/25/21
E16 | Amardeep Parmar | Turning Your Side-Hustle Into a Successful Business | Expectations | Fear of Failure | Financial Freedom
In this week’s episode Nerea and I sat down with Amardeep Parmar, who I’ve become acquainted with over the past few months on an online writing platform called Medium. In around a year and a half, Amar has grown his following to over 34,000 people, his articles have received over 1 million views and he has become an editor of one of Medium’s largest publications – Entrepreneur’s Handbook.After seven years working as a Tech Consultant in London, Amar recently decided to hand in his notice and branch off on his own, to pursue his online ventures. In this episode we talk not only about his experience with blogging and the success he’s seen, but we dig a little deeper into a range of issues including “the pressure of living up to expectations”, “the fear of failure”, “financial freedom”, “life goals”, and even “family”. We hope you enjoy, Amardeep Parmar! Learn more about Amar: On his website: Follow him on Medium: Follow him on Instagram: Or, to learn from Amar himself, you can sign up to his course, here: 
49:24 5/18/21
E15 | Yasmin Gagne | Fast Company Magazine Editor, Work Culture, Overcoming the Impostor Syndrome & Brussels is Life
In today’s episode we spoke with the wonderful Yasmin Gagne! Yasmin is an Associate Editor at Fast Company in NY, and the co-host of the magazine’s own “Start the Ground Running” Podcast, all about how to navigate the unwritten rules of work and life. Her work focuses on Fast Company’s print magazine, although Yasmin has also written some great articles online, including an excellent piece about how “Sephora committed to devoting 15% of its shelf space to Black-owned brands.” You can find more articles from Yasmin by following the link below. During our talk we bonded over our shared love for Brussels and our experiences as kids who grew up living across different countries. Yasmin told us the story about how she first got into writing and gave us a glimpse into the world of journalism and what it’s like working for one of the world’s top magazines. We also spoke about the impostor syndrome, the importance of cultivating a collaborative and collegiate atmosphere at work, and generally just enjoyed a really interesting chat that we hope you’ll all enjoy.Pieces by Yasmin:’s Twitter: Article:
49:58 5/11/21
E14 | Mark Herschberg | Career Development, Soft-Skills, The Future of Work & Self-Improvement
Mark Herschberg received multiple degrees from MIT, before moving on to track criminals and terrorists on the internet, and develop numerous new ventures  at startups and Fortune 500s. He’s also done work for Harvard Business School, he started MIT’s very own “career success accelerator” program, and he’s the author of “The Career Toolkit, Essential Skills for Success That No One Taught You.”Mark explained why when it comes to developing and strengthening your soft skills, it really is a case of sooner rather than later. We talk about robots “taking over our jobs”, harnessing teamwork in an increasingly competitive world, the future of working from home, career planning, networking, and the wide range of soft skills we all need to focus on to build our desired careers. About Mark: The Career Toolkit Book: The Career Toolkit App: 
48:01 5/4/21