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The European Startup Show

To inspire technology entrepreneurs in Europe with stories and practical strategies from other successful entrepreneurs. If you are a CEO, founder, or work in sales or marketing, and your company is based in Europe or is looking to expand into Europe, then this podcast is for you.


Kaarel Kotkas, Founder & CEO of Veriff on Their Journey from Estonia to YCombinator to United States 28:24 06/24/2021
Mikela Druckman, Founder of and Her Inspiring Story of Solving the Recycling Crisis while Planning to Start a Family 48:50 06/16/2021
Andrus Purde, Co-Founder and CEO of Outfunnel on: How to Build A Startup in a Mature Market 32:58 06/09/2021
Dan Garrett, Co-founder and CEO of Farewill, on using Technology to Re-imagine the Death Industry 39:28 05/26/2021
Malhar Kamdar, Chief Ecosystem Officer at Celonis, on Ecosystem Strategy and How to Develop it Successfully. 31:09 05/19/2021
Andy Young, Serial Entrepreneur; UK Country Lead for Stripe; VP of Growth at Entrepreneur First on Growth Marketing for Startups 40:38 05/12/2021
Joyce Mackenzie Liu, Founder and CEO of Pegafund on: 3 Ingredients for a Successful Fundraise and Other Strategies for Predictable Growth 46:18 05/05/2021
April Dunford, Author and Positioning Expert, on: The Most Common Questions Founders Ask on Product Positioning. 44:56 04/29/2021
Rav Dhaliwal, ex-head of Slack’s EMEA Customer Success on: How to Measure, Align and Drive Value through Customer Success 47:34 04/21/2021
Expert series: Chris Walker, CEO of Refine Labs on the New Demand Gen Playbook 44:02 04/14/2021
Sujata Bhatia, COO of Monzo Bank on - Navigating the Pandemic; How She Thinks of Competition; Monzo’s OKR process; Diversity in Fintech. 41:34 03/30/2021
Marie Outtier, Director of Twitter and Co-Founder of Which She Sold to Twitter 36:28 03/24/2021
Solveiga Pakštaitė, Founder of Mimica on: Going from Invention to Commercialisation and on her Decision to Hire a CEO to Lead her Company. 44:20 03/17/2021
Dr Olivia Ahn, Co-Founder and CEO of Planera on Creating Sustainable Products and the Role of FMCG 35:30 03/10/2021
Caroline Noublanche Co-founder and CEO of Apricity on: Why She Started Apricity; Advice from Balancing Being a Woman Entrepreneur and Family and Trends in Fertility Tech. 40:46 03/03/2021
Expert Series: Daniel Murphy on Product Marketing for Entrepreneurs: Role of Product Marketing in Different Stage of Startup; How to Recruit For It; His Top Tips on Product Launches, Customer Reviews 35:28 02/24/2021
Kair Käsper and Martin Kõiva, the Co-Founders of Klaus on: The Importance of Community for Building Great Products Customers Actually Want; Brand Building and its Link to Culture; Customer Support and 38:24 02/10/2021
Daniel Epstein, Founder and CEO of The Unreasonable Group on: How Unreasonable Helps Growth Companies Scale Faster and The 3-Steps to Building Culture in Any Company 49:28 02/03/2021
Tim Sadler, Co-Founder and CEO of Tessian on: What All Great Funding Pitches have; Creating A New Category and Why Human Layer Security is The Next Big Thing 53:20 01/27/2021
Tim Kraska, co-founder and CEO of Einblick on Key Considerations for an Entrepreneur Commercialising Research/IP from Academia 32:56 01/21/2021
Zane Bojare, Head of Marketing for Startup Wise Guys accelerator on the small but might Baltic startup scene in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, home of 6 unicorns 38:06 01/14/2021
Anthony Deighton, Chief Product Officer at Tamr on: Leadership and How it Differs From Management Based on his 20+ Years as a Leader at Siebel, Qlik, Celonis and Tamr. 49:56 01/07/2021
Jamie Crummie, Co-Founder of Too Good To Go on: The Problem of Global Food Waste and How Too Good To Go Is Solving This Problem. 37:52 12/10/2020
Ola Sars, Founder and CEO of Soundtrack Your Brand on: Partnering With A Giant in Your Industry and Pivoting When The Pandemic Kills Your Market. 51:24 12/03/2020
Co-founders of Coinrule, Gabriele Musella and Oleg Giberstein on: Democratizing Crypto Trading Access; Raising Money on Seedrs, and Getting Your First 16k Users Without Any Marketing. 43:16 11/26/2020
(VC) Krishna Visvanathan, Co-Founder and Partner at Crane Venture Partners on The Three Pillars of Go-To-Market Playbook For Pre-Series A Startups. 47:26 11/19/2020
Cristina Fonseca, VC at Indico Capital Partners, Co-Founder of Talkdesk on: How Product Development has Changed in the last 10 years 47:36 11/11/2020
Jonathan Scudder, co-founder and VP of Identity Cloud at ForgeRock on: Top Trends in Identity and Access Market; Building Company Culture and Going IPO 45:36 10/28/2020
Loral Quinn and Eishel Quinn, Co-Founders of Sustainably on: Making It Simple To Give Digitally and How to Be Creative in Early Stages. 33:52 10/21/2020
Nathan Williams, Founder and CEO of Minespider on: Supply Chain Transparency Problem and Funding for Emerging Tech in Europe 46:06 10/14/2020