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What Is a PSD File
In today’s digital world, we’re all inundated with file extensions, many of which require specialized software to open. And without the necessary software, you can’t open or preview their contents. The .PSD, or Photoshop Document File, is surely one of them. And it’s no surprise if you came across one recently and your computer didn’t recognize it. Website Video    
07:56 05/22/2022
Leica M11 Camera Review - Detailed & Hands-on
Released in the spring of 2022, the Leica M11 (Typ 2416) comes to market as the successor to the M10, released five years prior. Like the M10, it’s a full-frame rangefinder that pairs digital photography with an analog experience that dates back to the original M3 released in 1954. Video  
22:50 04/05/2022
Best Racing Drones
Drone racing is not only a fun hobby, but it’s now a fully recognized competitive sport with several commercial organizations like the Drone Racing League. And pilots are entering competitions to battle through tough, technical, and tight tracks with blazing speeds nearing 100 mph. And they’re doing so to win a handsome six-figure cash price. That’s quite the motivation. WEBSITE Video  
08:25 08/10/2021
Best Micro Drones
Today’s drone market is filled with a wide range of quadcopters of different sizes, shapes, and dimensions. And sure, while many hype up the larger, more professional flagship models, there’s plenty of fun to be had elsewhere. And micro drones, the smallest sub-category around, are a special breed and a highly useful one at that. WEBSITE Video  
07:23 08/10/2021
Best Underwater Drones And ROVs
Underwater drones, also known as remotely operated vehicles (ROVs), are the marine likes of their aerial counterparts. And they’ve grown in popularity over the last five years, given the advancements in imaging and versatility. WEBSITE Video  
09:55 08/10/2021
Best FPV Goggles
If you’re looking to experience the excitement of drone racing or want a truly immersive experience, then FPV goggles are your best bet. These headsets give you a first-person view from the drone’s camera, so you get a pilot’s perspective from the air. WEBSITE Video  
06:59 08/10/2021
Best Photo Paper for Inkjet Printers
Some argue that printing a photograph is a lost art in today’s highly digitized world. And while that’s true to a certain extent, a printed image still holds enormous value. Prints bring your vision to life, and it’s the ultimate gratification to solidify the hard work often involved with capturing a great image. WEBSITE Video  
05:55 08/10/2021
Best Monopods
Many photographers often overlook the humble monopod when it comes to stabilization tools. But, they’re an excellent means to reduce the strain of a heavy camera setup. And they’ll do just that while ensuring you also get sharper images. WEBSITE Video  
07:28 08/10/2021
Best Memory Card Reader
In today’s world, it’s rare to see a modern laptop house an SD card reader, even more so considering the ongoing quest for portability. It’s interesting; SD card readers used to be a thing of the past. WEBSITE Video  
10:52 08/10/2021
Best Camera Sling Bags
Initially pioneered in 2005 by Lowepro, the humble sling camera bag has grown tremendously in popularity over recent years. And they’re a go-to favorite amongst photographers wanting something portable, lightweight, and functional—all without the bulk of larger bags. WEBSITE Video  
14:35 08/10/2021
Best Medium Format Camera
There was a day that Medium Format (MF) cameras used to cost as much as a downpayment on the three-bedroom house. And while those days aren’t thoroughly over, things today have changed for the better. Video
11:06 07/08/2021
Best Backdrop Stand
A good backdrop stand or system is a bedrock in a photographer’s arsenal to help keep the scene fresh and lively. And it’s the unsung hero in many photography studies that helps bring a creative vision to life. Video
06:35 07/08/2021
Best Flash Diffuser
Flash diffusers are essential in a photographer’s arsenal to avoid the otherwise harsh direct light produced by most standalone flash units. Sure, you can sometimes bounce a bare flash off a wall or ceiling to soften it, but that’s not always possible. Video
07:16 07/03/2021
Best Nikon Lenses for Portraits
People are interesting subjects. And capturing a portrait is an excellent way to highlight the quirkiness that lies in us all or share someone’s story. But, when it comes to posture and each sub-genre that exists, not all lenses are appropriately apt to tackle this medium. Video
11:07 07/02/2021
Best Lens Filters
While some photographers argue filters are unnecessary, given today’s powerful post-processing tools, they still play a valuable role nonetheless. And a lens filter helps photographers have more control over the quality and amount of light that reaches the sensor. Video
13:57 07/02/2021
Best Canon Lenses For Portraits
People are the most valuable subjects around. And capturing a portrait is a telling way to share someone’s story or highlight a certain uniqueness to us all. But, when it comes to portrait photography and the many sub-genres, not all lenses are ready to tackle this purpose. Video
11:31 07/01/2021
Best Gaming Camera
If you’re looking to start your first streaming channel on YouTube or Twitch, a quality camera is key. Sure, most gaming laptops have built-in webcams already. But, with small sensors, awkward positions, grainy videos, and fixed lenses, they’re not the most versatile cameras around. Instead, they’re there to get the bare minimum done. Video  
08:42 06/23/2021
Best Softbox Lighting Kits
Quality lighting is key to creating high-quality photos or videos in a studio environment. And it’s one of the first vital lessons newcomers learn. Thankfully, softbox lighting kits are here to do just that. And they’re an affordable and straightforward means to improve your lighting. Video  
07:01 06/23/2021
Best Video Editing Monitors
A properly calibrated, detailed, and accurate monitor is key to a good edit. And they ensure that you see all the fine details in your footage, so you can make the proper adjustments to create a compelling video. Video  
07:19 06/19/2021
Best Dash Cams
Sure, many new cars have backup cameras and various sensors to detect nearby obstacles. But you can’t access the footage they record after the fact. Thus, they pale in general usability compared to a dedicated dash camera. Video  
13:23 06/19/2021
Mirrorless vs DSLR Cameras: Which is best?
The debate between DSLR or mirrorless cameras remains a hot topic in our industry. But, those days are slowly numbering, as most camera manufacturers are committing to mirrorless. For instance, Sony’s new Alpha 1, a mirrorless camera, not a DSLR, standing as arguably the greatest camera ever released. Video  
20:14 06/17/2021
Best Green Screen Backgrounds
Green screens are uniform backgrounds that make moving your subject into a new environment a seamless process. And they’re used in conjunction with post-processing editors to create a particular composition effect, known as chroma key, to change the background to virtually anything. Video  
09:06 06/17/2021
Best Pocket Drone
When most of us picture drones, it’s usually the flagship models that come to mind with loads of features and powerful motors. And while they’re indeed popular, they’re not the only players in the game. Pocket drones, a subdivision of camera drones, are grossly underrated and usually overshadowed. But they’re a powerful force ready to deliver high-quality results to traveling creators while being compact and discrete. video  
10:17 06/10/2021
Best Selfie Drone
Initially, when drones first hit the consumer market in 2016, they were mostly flown outdoors for FPV purposes. But, gradually, the camera technology improved, and so did their hovering precision. So, in time, aerial photography became a real possibility. Video  
11:01 06/08/2021
Best Drones For Kids
Flying drones is both exciting and highly rewarding. And it was a hobby for many years reserved for seasoned pilots with technical know-how. But, thankfully, these days, you can find plenty of drones specifically designed with kids in mind. Video  
13:58 06/05/2021
Best Cameras For Landscape Photography
Photographing vast landscapes and scaping vistas have a unique set of requirements. And unlike other forms of photography, a camera’s overall image quality becomes the most important factor, by far. You’ll often face scenes with bright highlights and faint shadows. Video  
13:29 06/05/2021
Best Photo Scanner
Today’s photo scanners are vastly improved. And not only can they digitize photos of precious memories, many now offer broad functionality to complement. And they do so with ever higher resolutions, better retouching features, and superior versatility. Video  
09:40 06/04/2021
Best Monitor for Photo Editing
For a discerning pro, a properly calibrated, accurate, and a detailed monitor is the name of the game. But, with so many “compelling” options on the market, it may be slightly confusing to uncover the best option specifically suited towards photography and digital creators. Video
11:01 06/04/2021
Best Camera Lens Rental Sites
Face it, creative equipment is expensive. And budget constraints become a key limitation in many of our creative journeys. Not to mention, not every city has a physical camera shop, much less one offering rentals. Video
09:05 06/01/2021
Best Ring Lights
It used to be that ring lights were the hidden tool amongst high-end video productions. But these days, with the advent of TikTok, they’re now commonplace. And ring lights are a go-to means for many wanting to upgrade their lighting or production quality. Video
14:15 05/25/2021