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Astral Ascension

Here to join you on your astral ascension journey *.*


D E A T H ; R E [ B I R TH }
Y o u   k n o w,.. to be continued
32:58 5/1/22
Find Root, and Bloom
Nick says good-bye, to find his heading.
39:06 5/14/21
Life’s Symphony: Listening To Your Vibration
The Universe is always speaking, all you have to do is listen.
32:14 4/15/21
Inhale, Exhale: Tips of an Empath
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
49:19 3/16/21
One side of the mirror, one tear drop in the ocean.Hiccups of our first release. Therapy, Celest(e)ial brain.farts,  journey and allowing space. A discussion of personal experiences and spiritual growth.
39:37 1/30/21