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Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre

Step right up! Step right up! It’s time for Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre, where you’ll discover demented delights, unearth terrifying treasures, and explore your most frightful fantasies. Come one! Come all! You’ll hear of horrors old and new, of things that none dare mention, and bear witness to the dark side of the arts! ... And now, here are your hosts, the Demonic Duo, the Diva of Darkness, Tamara Thorne, and the Nordic Nightmare himself, Alistair Cross.


The End of the World Show 38:53 12/31/2021
The Art of Mystery Writing with Margaret Lucke: Part 1 43:29 12/28/2021
Christmas Ghosts 31:44 12/20/2021
Thrilling Thrillers with Thriller Writers D.P. Lyle and Kevin O'Brien 33:01 11/17/2021
Days of the Dead with Sylvia Shults 32:00 11/11/2021
The Rolling Darkness Revue Halloween Special 76:30 10/22/2021
What's on for Halloween? 47:09 10/19/2021
Robert's Rules of Writing 29:37 10/04/2021
Shadowland Release Party with Nathan Foss 41:22 09/29/2021
D.P. Lyle's Thoughts on Stalkers, Writing, and His New Book, The OC 29:58 09/23/2021
Thrills and Thrillers with bestseller Kevin O'Brien 31:27 09/17/2021
The Wild West of Publishing with Margaret Lucke - Episode 3: Small Presses 37:54 08/27/2021
Did You Hear What Eddie Gein Done? 33:48 08/19/2021
Laurell K. Hamilton: Angels, Demons, and Her New Series 43:59 08/12/2021
True Crime Night with bestselling Author and Crime Podcaster, Ian Totten: The Murder of Christina Pipkin 27:27 08/02/2021
The Wild West of Publishing with Margaret Lucke - Episode 2: An Overview of Publishing 37:12 07/24/2021
Behind the Book: The Forgotten 31:26 07/02/2021
Behind the Book: The Black Wasp 32:50 06/29/2021
Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre - Ghost Stories with Owl Goingback, Part 1 34:17 06/22/2021
The Wild West of Publishing with Margaret Lucke - Episode 1: Things to Avoid 37:37 05/25/2021
Interview with the Narrator: Nathan Foss 49:13 05/19/2021
Five NIghts in a Haunted Cabin - Night Five 40:19 05/01/2021
Behind the Book: The Cliffhouse Haunting, with Jamison Walker on Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre 47:51 04/17/2021
Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre - What Hollywood Gets Wrong (with Forensics Expert D.P. Lyle) 39:44 04/17/2021
Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin - Night Four 19:33 04/15/2021
Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin - Night Three 16:25 04/09/2021
Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin - Night Two 26:33 03/29/2021
Outtakes from The Black Wasp 02:51 03/26/2021
Thorne & Cross: Carnival Macabre 08:56 03/25/2021
Five Nights in a Haunted Cabin - Night One 39:20 03/22/2021