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We’re all creative and leadership skills can be developed. Createfulness explores the connection.


13. “Transforming life in a small Karoo town,”
Many fantasise about moving from the big city to a small town Graham Abbott made such a move. His passion is photography and his love for this art, combined with his desire to contribute to those around him led him to create the Barrydale Analogue photographic festival. In this episode, “Transforming life in a small Karoo town,” we speak about, the transformation needed to live in a small Karoo town, what it took to create such a festival, and what made it a success.
29:13 6/24/22
12. Creating The Balance
The difference between working as a CEO and a Solopreneur couldn't be bigger.  As a CEO you have teams reporting to you, and limited "me," time. As a Solopreneur you have to motivate yourself and be accountable to keep on moving forward and It can get lonely. In this latest episode of the Createfulness podcast, "Creating the Balance," I chat with Sabine Lehmann.  Sabine is the ex-CEO of Table Mountain Aerial Cableway Company, the ex COO of the Zeitz MOCAA Museum, and now heads up her own gig. In this episode, we talk about the challenges and rewards that all 3 positions bring and all things Createful.
30:17 5/20/22
The tables are turned on a crowdfunding success.
In this latest episode of the Createfulness podcast, the tables are turned as the usual host, Gary Hirson is interviewed. For 20 days he was trying to raise funds via a crowdfunding platform so that he could get to see his photographs that are to be exhibited in the Swiss Museum of transport. In this episode, he speaks about his 20-day journey as well as the ins and outs of driving a successful crowdfunding campaign.
13:59 4/20/22
10. Boundaries, structure, and prioritising – all sound stifling, but are needed for creativity.
Coping with shutting down a successful business and laying off staff members due to Covid, and then managing to pick yourself and carrying on takes some doing. Open and honest communication has to happen.  New boundaries and priorities need to be set and structure needs to be placed so that continued growth can e allowed to happen. All of this and more is discussed, with Grant Greeff, in this latest episode of the Createfulness podcast.  
36:19 2/23/22
9. "Design Thinking" - so much more than just "Design," and "Thinking!"
Have you ever had a conversation with someone who sheds so much light on a topic that you realise that your perception related to it was so wrong? Well, that's what happened to me during my chat with Jolanda de Villiers Morkel of Stadio Higher education on this latest episode of the Creatfulness podcast where we chatted about Design Thinking. If you're up for learning more about what it actually is, then have a listen. 
27:30 1/28/22
8. It’s not only about being brave, you have to contribute too.
Some dream of being an internationally recognised DJ, and a tech entrepreneur. As fantastic as it all is,  there is still all the behind-the-scenes- work to make it happen. We also need to look after ourselves, by playing, while finding the creative inspiration, and acting in a certain way by taking action on the inspiration - so to get to the desired outcome. In this latest episode of the Createfulness podcast, I chat with Dave McKinley about how he keeps it all going, as well as his thoughts about all that is Createful.  
30:58 11/30/21
7. Creativity – it’s not, “are you smart?” But rather, “how are you smart?”
"Creativity is not, are you smart?" But rather, "how are you smart?" "Create the best with what's in front of you." It's not about "me," it's about "we," as co-creating and collaborations  lead to more." All form part of this latest episode of the Createfulness podcast. In this episode, I speak with coach, trainer, facilitator, and visionary - Renee Lighton (who also has the coolest surname) about her interpretation of what it s to be createful.    
27:07 10/25/21
6. It’s never too young to explore personal leadership.
When is a good age to start with personal leadership development? Jayne a Life Coach and ex-school teacher, along with her husband Chris have created a multi-media platform to introduce personal leadership skills to young teenagers. Have a listen to my chat with Jayne as we discuss all that she and Chris are doing, the benefits, and her take on being Createful.
22:40 7/19/21
Keep it light, keep it interesting, and keep it going.
Paul Zamek's mantra is, "keep it light, keep it interesting, and keep it going!" An icon in the global music industry and a fantastic raconteur, Paul, along with his wife -living according to their ideals, beliefs, and aspirations, ventured to foreign lands to start a new. In this episode, Paul not only talks about his journey, including an interesting Elton John story but he also gives us his take on what it is the be Createful - to Play, Lead, and Create.
29:07 6/28/21
4. Pivoting and pirouetting during these crazy times.
Helene Marie Ceillier, like many others, was dramatically affected by the onset of Covid. As a creative entrepreneur, she realised that she had to pivot, and quickly. In this episode of the #_createfulness_podcast, we chat about pivoting and her journey which resulted in her tapping into the pleasures she found as a child and an almost forgotten qualification. Helene Marie is known as the_restyler (Website and Instagram handle,) and is a partner in an Interior Design Agency - Redress.
24:45 5/22/21