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Figuring It Out

We may only be one person but through compassion, inquisition, and developing a deeper understanding of the world, people, and culture around us, together, we can create change. How We’ll Live is a show designed to spark curiosity, learn new things, and inspire hidden passion. Each week, the host Hailey shares conversations with thought-leaders & creators whose innovative work, ideas & products are igniting change, challenging the status quo, and shifting existing thought patterns for a better now and greater tomorrow. They’ll discuss our health, the environment, culture, society, and how together we can make the world better and our experiences happier.


What I’m loving lately, presence, and my tactic to help me focus 27:22 07/28/2022
The power of resistance training, how to workout with less wear and tear, and shifting our mindsets with Dr. Shannon Ritchey, PT, DPT 73:21 07/07/2022
Healing acne from the inside out, hidden acne triggers, and what to watch out for with Danielle Gronich and Kayleigh Christina from CLEARSTEM skincare 62:12 06/02/2022
What I’m loving lately, what’s annoying me, and 10 (basically) free ways to be healthy 30:09 05/06/2022
Tuning in with your intention and purpose to thrive in your career and life with Amina AlTai 63:23 03/31/2022
Creating a healthy relationship with food, the simplicity of eating well, and why diets don’t work with Lisa Moskovitz, RD 76:17 03/03/2022
Reducing meat consumption for physical health and the planet with Brian Kateman founder of Reducetarian 60:45 02/17/2022
The Mind-Beauty Connection & Simple Secrets to Good Skin With Dr. Amy Wechsler 63:18 02/03/2022
Mold toxicity, autoimmune diseases, advocating for your health, and getting to the root cause with Stephanie Center 70:50 01/13/2022
Feeling good in your body, no deprivation required with Jillian Lama 80:33 01/11/2022
Food as medicine, how to get clear skin, and achieve 360 health with Maria Marlowe 89:58 12/16/2021
Why modern relationships are so hard, resolving conflict, creating secure relationships, and how to make it work with Elizabeth Earnshaw 77:16 12/09/2021
Get the Hell Out of Debt with Erin Skye Kelly 77:42 12/02/2021
Someone I love lives here. Healing through love and self-compassion with Justine Moore Sloan 79:33 11/11/2021
From One Tree Hill to SoulCycle to Entrepreneur Bevin Prince on tuning in to your intuition to overcome fear and pursue your passions 67:34 11/04/2021
Dalton Combs, PhD. Pt 2 the What, Why, and How with Intermittent Fasting 48:48 10/28/2021
Enabling human thriving with Dalton Combs, PhD. Pt 1: The neuroscience behind our habits and how to change them 36:44 10/21/2021
Getting Real about Diet Culture, Eating Disorder Recovery, Body Positivity, Health at Every Size, and Intuitive Eating with Jennifer Rollin 67:54 10/14/2021
Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor on Understanding How the Brain Works and our Four Characters to Live with Meaning and Peace 77:05 10/07/2021
Taking better care of the planet, learning to live more sustainably, and entrepreneurship with Lauren Gregor founder of Rent-a-Romper 67:40 04/22/2021
Little Big Things & Heading Back to ‘Normal’ (solo) 07:10 04/01/2021
Design your life to live with ease and do what you love with Human Design Reader Kelsey Abbott 64:38 03/25/2021
Living an Epically Healthy Life with Chef, Entrepreneur, and Human Extraordinaire Dan Churchill 53:32 03/05/2021
The Science of Spontaneous Healing & The 4 Pillars of Health with Dr. Jeffrey Rediger 59:53 02/11/2021
The intersection of embodiment, sexuality, and relationships with Michaela Boehm 67:30 01/21/2021
The Power of When, Discovering Your Chronotype, and quality sleep with The Sleep Doctor, Dr. Michael Breus 67:17 01/07/2021
A cleaner way to drink tequila with husband and wife duo + Volley founders Christopher Wirth and Camila Soriano 60:10 12/10/2020
The power of female friendships, life transitions, and feeling whole with Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik of Almost 30 63:03 11/25/2020
Finding Food Freedom, Breaking Diet Culture, & Making Peace With Yourself with Toni Marinucci 60:57 11/12/2020
Environmental and Systemic Racism and How to Make Lasting Change with Dr. Ingrid Waldron 73:18 10/29/2020