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Casinomeister 's Podcast - the amazing world of online casinos and much more

This is the official Casinomeister podcast that discusses online casinos and player problems, warnings, concerns, tips on playing safe without getting ripped off, and much more. I have been running this site since 1998 - and have a lot to say and to advise. I also tell jokes. You can also find more information about casinomeister here:


25 years of Casinomeister - Biggest Player and Casino Scams of the past 25 years
Remember Steve Atkins, Mike Craig and the Online Players Association? How about Bringmeluck and the porno spam wave they sent me? Hear Max Drayman and I discuss some of the stupidest casino tricks and player scams of the past twenty-five years. Links to enhance your listening pleasure:Steve Adkins and the OPAOops! In the slammer.1CNP - Stupid Casino Trick Award 2003Original podcast describing the BringmeLuck porno spam experience.5 September 2001 podcast
27:05 7/6/23
25 Years of solving Online Casino Scams
Yes! We are celebrating being online for 25 years - serving the online casino community with mirth and merriment, and solving some of the biggest online casino scams ever imagined. Seriously, we have seen it all.Join me and Max Drayman, our player complaints manager, as we chat about some of the most dastardly individuals who have tried to cheat or coerce online casinos into caving to their whims and demands. Some links you can refer to. Evil Players of the past:Chipmonk 936HighIQDelgotti And the first online casino complaint at Casinomeister - 2 December 1998Casinos of the South Pacific
37:00 6/15/23
Casinomeister's Naughty or Nice list 2022!
Casinomeister and Max Drayman, Casinomeister's player's complaint manager, discuss this year's Naughty and Nice list of the online gambling industry. To include an explanation of Curacao's troublesome licensing jurisdiction. Here we detail what players need to know about online casinos that are licensed in Curacao - how to tell the scams from the casinos that are actually quite good which are licensed there. So grab yourself some eggnog, hot toddy, or whatever libation that blows your skirt up and join us! Happy Holidays from the Casinomeister team.
22:28 12/23/22
Player Complaints and Online Casino Licensing Woes
 Max and I have a chat about the current licensing and player woes from iGaming Ontario and Curaçao - to include dodgy hidden licensing information. Also we have just uploaded our archived newsletters from 2000 - 2016. Have a gander at pre-911 online casinos, or classic rogue activity,and player shenanigans. We discuss this as well. And an anecdotal observance of the folks who brought us the current version of AskGamblers.  
26:47 8/19/22
Casinomeister's Naughty and Nice list 2021
Who's been naughty? Who's been nice? Casinomeister's Naughty and Nice list for 2021. Listen to Casinomeister and Max discuss who has been naughty, and who has been nice in the online gambling industry and player community for the year 2021. The lists include: Leo Vegas Casino, Royal Panda, Softswiss, UKGC, the awesome online casino licensees in Curacao - all this and more!
29:36 12/23/21
Online Casino Complaints and Self Exclusion Myths
Max and I discuss player issues, the 1xbet casino demise, the myths of Self Exclusion , and kudos for Leo Vegas! A shout out to the team behind Sigma - and a call-out for you to let us know which casinos deserve the best of and the worst of 2021. 
26:13 12/10/21
More Online Casino Complaints - and How to Spot a Rogue Casino
Hear Max and I talk about online casino complaints, some frivolous - some fraudulent, and the mind numbing fact about how some players don't care and just toss their money to the wind. How to spot these Rogue Casinos.
31:14 9/15/21
Top 5 Online Casino Scams - Casinomeister's Podcast
Hear Max and I discuss the top 5 online casino scams that casinos use against players.  Stay alert - stay alive, or at least protect your bankroll. If you feel you have been a victim of one of these scams , please join our forum at Casinomeister and let us know. 
34:09 7/23/21
Latest Slot Releases Reviewed and Discussed by Me and Dunover
Dunover and I talk about some of the new slot releases to include Starburst XXXtreme, Thunderstruck III, Spicy Meatballs Megaways, Money Cart 2, Break da Bank Again Megaways, and what slot could be used in a prison to drive someone mad. We also discuss affiliate streamers, source of wealth problems, and offshore casino tactics. And all this and more.
53:11 7/8/21
Self Exclusion complaints, Gamstop issues, and the 5 top things that players want
Max and I chat  about the new policies of the UKGC when it comes to Self Excluding from online casinos, Gamstop issues, and its ethically challenged existance, and most importantly - what do players want? We have polled our player community to find out the top five. All this and more...
28:20 6/23/21
Online Casino Complaints and Fraudsters, and Our 23 Year Anniversary!
Max and I chat about Trada Casino and Aspire Global ineptitude, player frauds, sad player stories, and some noteworthy observances of Casinomeister's 23 year anniversary being online.  
39:38 6/11/21
Slot RTP percentages and pirated games discussion with Dunover
Dunover, our slot game expert at Casinomeister,  gives a detailed discussion on how the Return to Player percentages have been recently lowered, and how these can adversely affect your gaming experience since these changes increase the house win. We also discuss the conundrum of the crooked and bent pirated games coming out of Curacao "licensed" online casinos, and how no one can do anything about that. Or can they?We also discuss the games you should be avoiding, and the ones you should be playing.  And of course his RTP percentage calculator - which is free. All this and more - listen to this podcast if an increase of the house edge concerns you. Be smart - play smart.
49:57 6/2/21
Casinomeister's Podcast - Royal Panda Complaints and Online Casino Standards
Max and I discuss some of the more recent online casino complaints - one specifically from Royal Panda Casinos. Also on the agenda: the standards of Casinomeister Accredited Casinos and how these are being upgraded. Also eCOGRA, online casino streamers, Covid vaccines, the Walking Dead, all this and more.I guarantee that listening to this podcast will make you a smarter and better person.  
35:53 5/28/21
Max and the Meister chat: Bitcoin Complaints and Source of Wealth Shenanigans
Max and I talk bout Bitcoin complaints and SOW shenanigans by Casumo casino. All this and more at our Max and the Meister chat session for this week.
32:03 5/14/21
Is the Online Casino Industry going to the Dogs? Evil Casino Streamers and more
Max and I discuss the possibility of the online casino industry going to the dogs, player complaints, Hell's Angels porno biker casinos, Covid stuff, what to watch on Netflix, and unethical online slots streamers. And all this and more!!
33:05 4/19/21
Casinomeister's Podcast Trailer
Here are the reasons to subscribe to my podcast:I discuss how to spot rogue or fraudulent casinosI discuss what to do if you've been ripped off by an online casinoI share my experiences of being involved in this business for the past 23 yearsI discuss what to do if you have problems at properly licensed casinosI talk about beerI will include amazing facts about science, history, literature, or anything else that will amaze you and blow your mind.I also guarantee that you will become a better and smarter person by listening to these podcasts.  I also guarantee a couple of laughs due to the jovial jocularity that is infused in my podcasts.All this AND I promise to buy you a beer if we ever meet in person. So subscribe now - you will thank me later. 
01:35 2/13/21
Casinomeister's Podcast - Launching the website in 1998 - Covid travels - and more
I am taking questions from our members, and one question is What was your reason for creating Casinomeister? And was there a lot of interest when you first created this site?I discuss this, plus I talk about long haul travels via airlines during Covid 19 restrictions, and of course some mind boggling facts about our celestial neighbors like the planet Saturn and the Andromeda Galaxy.
22:46 2/13/21

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