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Authentic Conversion For Online Health and Fitness Coaches

Join Nicole Spencer, Founder of Authentic Conversion, who as a fitness pro herself, has started, built, and sold her own fitness coaching business, and now helps other health and fitness coaches do the same. The key differentiator… Nicole helps you grow and scale your online coaching business organically - using completely authentic marketing systems including powerful content creation and proven online marketing strategies that don’t rely on ads to get that content in front of your soulmate client. Whether you’re a seasoned online coach looking to scale, or a newer online coach looking to grow your online coaching business, you’ll want to tune in weekly as Nicole shares what she’s learned on how to create Brand Authority Online, and generate targeted leads online without expensive ads. Tune in weekly for new episodes about what works in building, growing, and scaling your online coaching business all organically! Ready for a head start? Get Nicole’s FREE “Fast Content Creation Formula for Fit Pros” guide at and get started learning how to create engaging content quickly plus how to amplify your engagement online.


EP 43: Look At Me vs Learn From Me Content 12:41 12/02/2021
EP 42: My 20lb Weight Loss & My Most Vulnerable Episode Yet 22:29 11/25/2021
EP 41: How to Know You’re Ready to Make the Leap & Start a Coaching Business 16:50 11/18/2021
EP 40: 5 Steps to Creating $105k in Sales in the First 4 Months of My Coaching Business 27:44 11/11/2021
EP 39: Understanding & Leveraging Fear in Business 24:15 11/04/2021
EP 38: Just Say NO to Cold DM’s! 15:18 10/28/2021
EP 37: How To Stop Caring What Other People Think 16:54 10/21/2021
EP 36: Client Interview: How Andrea Created $70k Over 16 Weeks with Her First Online Coaching Program! 31:57 10/14/2021
EP 35: A Loving Pep Talk For Coaches 25:43 10/07/2021
EP 34: The 5 Key Components of Building a Successful Online Coaching Business 16:39 09/30/2021
EP 33: How Wendy Massey Created $50k & Retired from Her Nursing Career in 16 Weeks 29:17 09/23/2021
EP 32: Proactive vs Reactive Business Building 21:30 09/16/2021
EP 31: Dreamers vs Doers 18:14 09/09/2021
EP 30: Perceived Limitations & Where Results Come From 19:25 09/02/2021
EP 29: My TOP 6+7-Figure Online Coaching Success Secret 23:23 08/26/2021
EP 28: The Truth About the MLM Industry & How to ACTUALLY Make Money In It 19:28 08/19/2021
EP 27: 3 Quick Things You Can Do to Make Money Online This Week 15:19 08/12/2021
EP 26: The Heaviness of Coaching 20:56 08/05/2021
EP 25: Marketing & Branding for Online Coaches 15:53 07/29/2021
EP 24: Creating Results 17:43 07/22/2021
EP 23: 9 Life & Business Lessons from My 39th Year on Earth 34:16 07/15/2021
EP 22: Self-Perception & How it Affects Your Income 16:00 07/08/2021
EP 21: The Power of Leverage & Wrong Thoughts About Money 20:43 07/01/2021
EP 20: Danielle Ruban's Journey to $30k Months In 1 Year 31:08 06/24/2021
EP 19: Content That Engages Vs. Content That Converts 18:21 06/17/2021
EP 18: 5 Thoughts Preventing You From Success in Your Online Coaching Business 25:00 06/10/2021
EP 17: How Jennie Henderson Went from $36k to $400k Annually in Less Than a Year as an Online Coach 29:48 06/03/2021
EP 16: Why you MUST Master Organic Marketing Before Ever Considering Paid Ads 18:11 05/27/2021
EP 15: 4 Things Your Prospects Need On Sales Calls to Say YES 26:20 05/20/2021
EP 14: How Online Fitness Coach Bre Miller Grew From $5k a Month to $40k a Month in Less Than 2 Years 30:55 05/13/2021