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Welcome to Good People Talk, a Podcast where social entrepreneurs and visionaries –those who are changing and uplifting lives and communities in the U.S., Israel, and elsewhere around the world – describe what it is that drives and motivates them to tackle seemingly intractable challenges and generate deep impact. Their stories frame how change-makers, often informed by their Jewish values and in partnership with philanthropy, can change the narrative. To learn more, go to


Shutaf: Filling a Void with Inclusion 23:40 07/25/2022
“Homeless Women Need Bras” — Giving Dignity to Those in Need 17:34 06/24/2022
Advocating for Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community 20:08 05/23/2022
Aiding Holocaust Survivors in Ukraine, as Humanitarian Crisis Continues 16:41 03/21/2022
Creating a New Beginning, Starting at Home 16:20 03/07/2022
Moving Pregnancy and Infant Loss Out of the Darkness 25:23 02/21/2022
Alternative Learning and Socialization, on the Farm 21:18 01/25/2022
Turning Grief into Impact 23:24 12/21/2021
Creating Hope and Beauty In a Once Thriving Steel Town 28:17 11/15/2021
In Inner City Baltimore, Empowering Street-Connected Youth 20:17 10/25/2021
In Israel, Uplifting the Lives and Futures of Asylum Seekers 32:32 09/16/2021
Mentoring Youth at Risk and Building Positive Futures 19:53 08/15/2021
Giving Jewish Teenage Girls Their Voice 20:54 07/12/2021
Uplifting Lives in India’s Urban Slums and Rural Villages 21:15 06/15/2021
Workout Time! Building Confidence and Strength for Individuals with Special Needs 28:02 05/25/2021
Good People, Helping Aspiring Americans Succeed 43:49 04/27/2021
Live from Detroit! Good People Empowering Youth at Risk 51:30 03/22/2021
Changing Food Stories to Uplift Families and Communities 26:34 02/24/2021
Crowd-funding to Help Israelis Facing Hardship 22:39 11/23/2020
Facing Down Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism on College Campuses 23:39 10/29/2020
Turning Grief into Hope for Israelis and Palestinians 19:52 09/14/2020
I Am Third! 18:15 08/04/2020
Empowering Israelis with Challenges to Conquer the World 25:44 06/29/2020
Responding to the Pandemic: A View from the Top 21:11 05/10/2020
In Israel, Empowering Teenage Girls At-Risk 25:40 04/30/2020
Supporting Israeli Kids Living with Cancer in the Family 23:26 02/24/2020
Responding to Natural Disasters in Puerto Rico 18:56 01/26/2020
Empowering Refugees and Others Through Culinary Arts 20:17 12/16/2019
Getting Sports Equipment to Every Kid 31:57 11/19/2019
Facing Down Life Challenges Through Wrestling 23:31 10/30/2019