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Pleasure Lab

Amy Butcher and Zed Sinclair of Body Trust in conversation about all things related to the erotic, embodiment, tantra, and pleasure. Kind of like the Cartalk of the erotic.


Portals of Pleasure Preview 19:02 06/12/2019
Intimacy through the Wonder Body 25:25 05/12/2019
Wonder Body and Winter: light, temperature, and pain 45:47 04/12/2019
The Little Engine that Could: Vitality, erotic, the Second Chakra, and the Wonder Body 30:16 03/12/2019
Vestibular pleasure and the Wonder Body: how balance, equilibrium, orientation turn us on! 28:37 02/12/2019
The Pleasure Lab: Paris edition 10:51 01/12/2019
Root Chakra and the Wonder Body: the deep potential at the bottom of it all 29:37 12/12/2018
Sense of Sight and the Wonder Body: the bully sense, soothing colors, and live action coloring! 30:04 11/12/2018
Wonder Body and the 3rd Chakra: The Solar Plexus that asks "Can I be me?" paired with the power of connection 34:41 10/12/2018
Wonder Body and the Sense of Taste: one of the big 5 senses, super-tasters, and the pleasure of going subtle 19:24 09/12/2018
Wonder Body and the Sense of Proprioception, or How to Find Your Nose 20:56 08/12/2018
Wonder Body Origin Story, or how a quest for mind-blowing sex became a coloring book 26:06 07/12/2018
Season 3 preview: the Wonder Body adventure! 09:20 06/12/2018
Trauma Informed, Anti-Oppressive Sacred Sexuality: Interview with Dr. Liam “Captain” Snowdon 30:33 05/12/2018
Dancing Your Arousal: Joseph Kramer on Porn Yoga, Masturbation, and Feeling Your Body 31:20 04/12/2018
Pleasure First: Jaiya on Systems of Arousal, Erotic Breakthroughs, and Inarguable Truths 24:07 03/12/2018
The Hunt for Buried Pleasure: Genital Anatomy, Birth, Sex, and more with Sheri Winston 30:45 02/12/2018
Scholarship, balance, and the oddballs of sex: Roz Dischiavo in conversation with Zed, Season 2, episode 9 35:41 01/12/2018
The winter solstice brings Body Trust's December pause, Pleasure Lab Podcast Season 2 Episode 8 02:13 12/12/2017
Re-Storying and Restoring: Writing through Trauma; Amy Butcher Interviews Jen Cross, Pleasure Lab Podcast Season 2 Episode 7 44:01 11/13/2017
"How to love the shit!" Sacred Intimacy and Tantra with Mark Fleming & Jay Craver (and Alex Jade) - Pleasure Lab season 2 episode 6 24:30 10/14/2017
Be Both Experimentor and Experiment: Interview with Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson on Tantra and Embodiment – Season 2 Episode 5 27:18 09/12/2017
"How do you want me to touch you?" An Interview with Betty Martin — Pleasure Lab season 2 episode 4 34:26 08/14/2017
Amy & Zed on expansion, resilience, and power — Pleasure Lab season 2 episode 3 36:33 07/14/2017
Pleasure Lab #31 29:47 06/12/2017
Pleasure Lab #30 34:20 05/12/2017
Pleasure Lab #29 52:20 04/12/2017
Pleasure Lab #28 39:57 03/12/2017
Pleasure Lab #27 35:40 02/12/2017
Pleasure Lab #26 38:31 01/12/2017