Show cover of Bill Murphy's RedZone Podcast | Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, 10X Thinking, Mindset and More.....

Bill Murphy's RedZone Podcast | Innovation, Strategy, Leadership, 10X Thinking, Mindset and More.....

CIO and Business IT Leader Innovation, Leadership, Strategy, 10X Thinking, Mindset and more..


S1 E1: CIO Jason Kasch Interview|Podcast 32:43 01/13/2015
S1 E2: CIO MasterMind 57:26 01/14/2015
S1 E3: CIO Primer - How to Buy Cyber Insurance 39:55 01/20/2015
S1 E4: New Approaches to Building High Performance Teams 57:21 01/28/2015
S1 E5: How You Can Be as Creative as Michelangelo and Navy Seals 55:40 01/31/2015
S1 E6: Your Printers Could Get You Fired 25:38 02/11/2015
S1 E7: Why Employees are ALWAYS a Bad Idea 51:42 02/20/2015
S1 E8: The Next Gen-CIO. What Does this Person Look Like? 46:09 02/26/2015
S1 E9: Data Governance Warrior 24:09 03/04/2015
S1 E10: Big Data Security AND - Waste Water, Cholera, Small Pox, Germ Theory, Data De-Identification 41:43 03/31/2015
S1 E11: The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working – Jean Gomes, Chairman The Energy Project 60:11 04/08/2015
S1 E12: Can a ‘Servant Leadership’ culture create a superior IT Security product? 39:19 04/16/2015
S1 E13: Is Enterprise Security ‘Shelf’ware meant to be bought but not used? 35:05 04/22/2015
S1 E14: A CIO in the Boardroom / 11 Tips for a Remarkable IT Security Presentation Mark Robnett, CIO Justice Federal Credit Union 37:11 04/29/2015
S1 E15: Innovation & Risk – How to remove emotion and superficial thinking from Cyber Security decision making 48:57 05/20/2015
S1 E16: Sushi and IT Security – How You Can Run Your IT Shop Like the Best Sushi Restaurant in the World 49:03 05/27/2015
S1 E17: Being a Bullfrog CIO is about Making Leapfrog Steps vs Incremental Progress 25:19 06/03/2015
S1 E18: Big Data IoT Security, The Mosaic Effect, Demise of Passwords, IoT TOCTOU Attacks, IoT Security Loose Membranes, and more 61:19 07/29/2015
S2 E1: Selfie Based Authentication| Authentication History and the Future 50:49 08/06/2015
S2 E2: How Do You Keep Your Job if Breached? |Pinball Machines|Geo Fencing| Targeted attack vs Apt|Leadership| bulletproof hosting report| Dark Web 55:56 08/19/2015
S2 E3: The Two Best Ways for a CIO to Immediately Add Value, Right Now! 52:34 08/25/2015
S2 E4: The All-Time Computer Science Hero| How Alan Turing Cut WW2 by 2 Years and Saved 20 Million Lives 61:53 09/02/2015
S2 E5: Epic Quests and 2 Week River Adventures for You and Your Family|Nature|Boardrooms|Business| & Iran 47:32 09/09/2015
S2 E6: IoT Learning 201| Happy Plants| Pumps| Gremlins| Coffee Makers| Patch Wars| Tidal Waves & Turning Tides| Coffee Machines Connected to AD 58:42 09/16/2015
S2 E7: Van Gogh, Michelangelo, Da Vinci Teachings on Business, Intention, and Creativity 58:34 09/23/2015
S2 E8: Top 4 Cyber Security Competitions to build Tenacity, Will, Grit, Determination, IQ and Neuro-musculature 58:45 10/02/2015
S2 E9: Will STIX and TAXII Revolutionize IT Security Forever? 56:54 10/10/2015
S2 E10: An Insider’s Look at the Security of Microsoft Azure – Assume the Breach! | Episode #28 54:40 10/17/2015
S2 E11: Hacks to Get More Sleep| Gaming to Improve Your Speed as an Adult| TLD Article – Top Level Domains|The Most Bad Ass Navy Seal Ever| Singularity University| Rise of Superman 21:11 10/24/2015
S2 E12: What is Your Plan for: Super-Vulnerabilities, Brand Take-down, & Incident Response? | Episode #30 44:20 10/28/2015