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Pinterest Strategy with Mackenzie Armstrong
Mackenzie Armstrong is a former teacher turned VA turned Pinterest Strategist. She has some amazing ideas on how to use Pinterest to make your content last longer and do more for your business.  Listen in to learn more about her, her business, and why Pinterest is a platform that all content creators need to consider.    Connect with Mackenzie:  Armstrong Virtual Solutions LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook
32:32 06/17/2022
Creating Confidence with Cristin Goss
Tired of feeling like you left your confidence at the door?  Cristin Goss started her journey as a photographer but realized that the services she provided meant so much more. She was asking brilliant, kickass women to do something completely scary, get in front of a camera. And what she found was that no matter how confident women are when they're in their comfort zone, remove that and it disappears.  She's on a mission to help amazing female business owners, find their confidence so they can show up and create massive impact.  Listen in to hear more about her, her story, and why she thinks confidence is the key to any success.    Connect with Cristin:  Cristin's Website Instagram
35:29 06/07/2022
30: Trust the Timing with Angie Morales
“Crash and burn until I learn.” - Angie Morales Timing really is everything. Angie Morales, the Real Food Mama, started out in entrepreneurship, realized she wanted more “stability” and then found her way back to entrepreneurship. Each step in her journey has led her to where she is and now she knows to trust the timing. Listen in to learn more.  After dealing with some health issues, Angie took it upon herself to clean up her eating. She became fervently passionate about using food to support her health and her goals. She built an Instagram following sharing her journey and her recipes and created a movement.  But life happens. She and her ex-husband separated and in the chaos that follows huge life changes, she felt too adrift. Her new goal became finding stability and checking off all the “shoulds” on her life to-do list.  Then Covid happened.  She was off work for several weeks because her children were home from school and decided to sell some of the recipes she’d created for Real Food Mama and in two weeks made more than she did in a month at her “stable” job.  Listen in to hear her whole story and why her foray into being a corporate employee has strengthened her knowledge and understanding of running her business. Angie is an inspiration and her passion for healthy living is contagious! You won’t want to miss out on all her nuggets of wisdom.   In this episode: [00:32] Wish you had more control over your time?  [03:18] Welcome Angie, the Real Food Mama! [06:16] When did Angie have her creative spark?  [10:45] Sometimes it’s all about being ready for that next step in entrepreneurship.  [11:58] Everyone is on their own journey. Just share what you know! [13:57] Your experiences help inform your growth.  [16:19] How does she incorporate healthy eating with her kids?  [20:13] Angie shares her tips for planning and prepping for busy seasons.  [23:53] Don’t keep the crap food in your house.  [26:16] The Real Food Mama exists to help people exactly where they are.  [28:43] Give yourself grace and trust the timing.  [30:33] What is one good meal to try to start getting your health on track?  [32:37] Connect with Angie. [33:49] My episode takeaways.    Links & Resources: The Time Block Solution - Use Code “Grateful” for $20 off! Connect with Angie: The Real Food Mama Instagram | Email Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call Sign up for our Co-Working Sessions
38:23 11/24/2021
29: Working Through the Pain
There are no prizes given out to the person who works the hardest. So often we hear that we need to push through when it hurts and we need to keep going at all costs. I say no! Instead we need to learn how we can work through the pain and grow through our experience.    Why has this come up you ask? For the last 30 days, as of this recording, I have been dealing with debilitating pain. Somehow I managed to pinch my sciatic nerve and I have been laid out. Nothing that I have done so far has even begun to touch this pain, and it has caused me to really reflect on various aspects of my life and business.    Before we get into any of those reflections though, I have to say, for all of you out there who deal with pain on a daily basis, I want to support you. Let’s connect on Instagram. For too long I’ve taken my health and pain-free existence for granted. I get it now.    Now, what I’ve learned is that constant pain makes you see the world in a different way. It completely changes your outlook on life and how you show up each and every day. But there are ways to productively deal with pain.    Listen in to hear all of my tips, but the best one is to take the time to sit with yourself. Evaluate the good days and the bad days. Take this time to learn more about yourself and what it is that you truly hold dear. Work through the pain and find ways to make those good moments great.    In this episode: [00:00] Listening in November of 2021? Grab a free 1-hr strategy session! [02:51] Did you miss me? Here is your permission slip to put yourself first! [03:37] Why I’ve been away for the past month. [05:14] Pain is real and we need to stop trying to push through.  [06:09] What does it mean to work through something versus push though? [08:25] Have you been struggling with pain? I’d love to connect on Insta and help support you. [09:12] We have the power to choose what we focus on. [10:31] Ways to feel and express the emotions that the pain brings up.  [12:38] Also explore how you feel when you have a good day.  [15:06] Learn how to look inward, ask yourself the questions, and start journaling.  [16:50] Let’s connect!   Links & Resources: The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call Sign up for our Co-Working Sessions
17:56 11/04/2021
28: Email Automation Magic with Your Personal Tech Fairy Bev Feldman
Have you ever struggled with email marketing? Perhaps you struggle with the blinking cursor or setting up automations seems like it’s impossible? Then you need your own tech fairy! Bev Feldman joins me to chat about all things email automation magic and the myths that surround this marketing tactic.    Bev started her entrepreneurial journey through making jewelry, but she quickly realized that her product-based business wasn’t sustainable or immediately scalable. Even after she switched her business model, she noticed that her website still got quite a bit of traffic.    It was all coming from two how-to videos on her blog. She kept digging deeper and in this process realized that she really loved the tech aspect of her business.    Convertkit was her go-to email service provider, so she became an expert at how to use it to nurture relationships on auto pilot. Now she works with her clients to automate their lead gathering process and nurturing them into paying customers.    She’s sharing three of the biggest myths surrounding email marketing as well as how you can move past them and start connecting with your list in a deeper way. Listen in to learn more.   In this episode: [01:07] Learn all about Bev Feldman, the tech fairy! [02:10] Bev shares more about her background and how she started on this path.  [04:26] How she moved into the tech space from making jewelry.  [07:39] You aren’t going to annoy people if you send them emails. They want to hear from you! [10:47] Myth number two is that email marketing automation is impersonal. It’s simply not true.  [12:03] If you want your emails to be more personal, invite them to respond to the email.  [15:07] The third myth is that it’s going to take too long and it’s too complicated.  [16:28] Email marketing and automation doesn’t have to all be done at one time. Start small.  [17:44] What’s the best first step when starting email marketing and automation?  [20:47] Is it okay to start on a smaller platform? [22:27] Do templated emails convert as well as completely unique emails?  [25:07] Ways to move past writer’s block for your emails.  [27:03] What would you say to that one person? Write your emails to them.  [28:15] How does Bev empower her clients to use their email service provider?  [32:05] Connect with Bev.    Links & Resources:   Connect with Bev: Bev’s Website Instagram Your Convertkit Tech Guide   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call Sign up for our Co-Working Sessions
36:11 09/23/2021
27: Niching Down with Janice Garcia
The riches truly are in the niches. Janice Garcia is a real estate agent who has found amazing success by combining her experience as a mom and early childhood education director with her real estate knowledge. She helps families find the absolute right home for them considering all factors.    She started her real estate career much like anyone else. She joined a firm and started working under a colleague, but their niches just weren’t the same. She ended up on an IG Live with another colleague talking about the importance of factoring in school locations when buying and the response was huge.    That’s when she knew she’d found her place. She was able to marry her passion and knowledge of the local schools with her need to help families find the right fit for their children.    It’s clear that she’s building in the right way for her, which is what is most important when starting and running your own business. Listen in to hear her story and why she is so happy that she’s chosen to be extremely specific in her niche.    My challenge to you, find your specific niche in your industry. Who do you really want to serve?    In this episode: [01:25] Welcome Janice Garcia to the show.  [02:18]  Janice shares her background as a preschool director and how it has helped her realtor career.  [03:51] Why did she niche down into families with children?  [07:22] Reasons you may need support when you realize that your home no longer works for your family. [09:43] Population growth in your area is another thing to consider. What takes minutes now may take hours later and those commute times are a factor in home buying.  [12:18] How does school choice work in the Miami-Dade area?  [15:15] Don’t forget about after school activities, birthday parties, play dates, etc.  [17:25] It’s time to reflect on your business to better understand who your ideal client is.  [20:56] What was the first success after she niched down that helped her realize she’d made the right choice?  [24:43] It’s the ultimate compliment when peers are asking you about your work and strategies.  [27:15] If you show up just as you are, you'll build stronger relationships.  [29:03] How showing up pays off.  [31:03] Facebook groups are the perfect place to figure out your niche and speak to them.  [33:56] Why her commute is making Marylin think about buying a new house.  [34:41] Janice’s AHA moments about what her specific niche is.  [37:38] There are so many different ways to approach business that it can be overwhelming.  [41:29] Connect with Janice.  [41:50] My takeaways from this episode.    Links & Resources: Episode 4: The Power of No with Elizabeth Garay   Connect with Janice: Janice’s Website Janice on Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call Sign up for our Co-Working Sessions
45:06 09/16/2021
26: The Power of Accountability
The power of accountability is huge. If you’re feeling stuck, unmotivated, creatively tapped, or just aren’t sure where to go next, an accountability partner can help keep you moving forward. Listen in to learn the three things that hold us back from having accountability partners and what you can do to build more of those relationships.    The number one thing holding us back from building lasting accountability relationships is our ego. That’s right. Our own egocentric psychology keeps us stuck. We are raised to believe that we can do it all, and realizing that we can’t is a huge blow.    Ditch the ego and you’ll be well on your way to lasting support.    Do you fear rejection? So often we don’t even ask someone to hold us accountable because we fear the possibility of them saying no. Push past the fear. Most people would love to have an accountability partner themselves. Just ask!   Sometimes we actually fear accountability itself. We have to lose the excuses and actually do the things. This in and of itself keeps us from reaching out. You don't want to let anyone down so instead you never ask in the first place.   Does any of this sound familiar?    If you’re nodding your head yes, check out the like below and join us in one of our weekly co-working sessions. Each week like clockwork me and around 10-15 motivated ladies get together to get things done. If you want to baby step into full on accountability, this is the way!   Listen in to hear all the amazing nuggets and join us! We’re ready to help you move forward in business and life!   In this episode: [01:28] Learn the power of accountability.  [01:43] Your ego is holding you back. Learn more.  [03:57] Do you fear rejection? Is that fear keeping you from thriving?  [05:19] Join our co-working sessions! [05:51] Sometimes we fear when people actually hold us accountable.  [08:48] Ways you can dip your toe in the pool of accountability.  [09:35] Don’t just write down the goal, begin to write out the steps to achieve it. [11:47] It’s important to dig into the reasons why you think you can’t do something.  [14:30] Asking for help and support is not a sign of weakness.  [16:22] I challenge you to ask someone to keep you accountable.  [16:56] Learn more about our weekly co-working sessions.    Links & Resources:   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call Sign up for our Co-Working Sessions
18:38 09/09/2021
25: Brain-Based Business Breakthroughs with Jen Casey
Jen Casey is a brain-based business coach, speaker, & host of the top-rated CEO Psyche Podcast. Through her signature program, Programs that Profit, Jen teaches her brain-based approach to build, sell, & effectively facilitate a profitable online coaching program. She’s joining me to explain subconscious programming and how it affects our businesses.    Her spark came when she realized she was done living life by other people’s rules. She graduated with a degree in psychology and knew that there was a better way to do life than the status quo.    She has learned how to marry subconscious reprogramming with helping women build soul-aligned businesses that feed their families and their hearts. Her clients break through generational programming to build lives they love.    Listen as she shares some of the research around how our brains process the world and retain programming over generations. She also digs into ways we can rewrite our programming and overcome the stories we have told ourselves.    In This Episode: [00:01] We’re making some changes on the Creative Conversations with Marylin Podcast! [02:02] Welcome Jen Casey to the show to talk about all things brain-based business breakthroughs.  [03:29] Jen shares the spark that illuminated her purpose in brain-based business building.  [08:45] The first thing I purchased of Jen’s was the hypnosis and it was life-changing.  [10:00] Learn more about the foundation of Jen’s approach to business building.  [13:04] We’re all always filtering whatever is happening around us.  [17:00] How does she find her alignment amongst all of the “shoulds” of business?  [19:13] Why you have to stay away from the “shoulds” and do things that align with you. [21:52] What does Jen have coming up that she’s super excited about?  [26:10] The first steps you should take on shifting your subconscious programming.  [30:10] Jen explains subconscious programming through a study done with monkey’s and behavior.  [33:51] Your thoughts and energy are imprinted through generational programming and genealogy. [38:43] When did you decide that?  [39:51] Connect with Jen.   Links & Resources: Connect with Jen: Jen’s Website CEO Psyche Podcast Primed to Buy Jen on: Instagram | Facebook CEO Psyche on: Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call  
41:05 08/26/2021
24: Do the D.A.M.N. Thing with Bevin Farrand
Through the grief of loss, Bevin Farrand has found her way to acceptance while building a thriving business. She is living life on her terms and no longer succumbs to the idea that things can be put off until tomorrow. Listen in to hear her story and why you need to just do the D.A.M.N thing.    For her 40th birthday Bevin’s husband planned a trip to France just for them. They had the tickets and the trip all lined out when Bevin was suddenly laid off from their job. As their trip approached they asked themselves whether or not they should still go, but they decided to take the damn trip.    They had an amazing time and were completely on top of the world. When they came back it was Thanksgiving and they had a wonderful holiday, but the next day tragedy struck. Her husband passed away unexpectedly leaving her and their two children here on Earth.    She could have sunk into the depths of depression, but instead she found strength through her grief. She continued to build her business and now she’s sharing her story to help more people take action in their lives.    Listen in as she shares her story as well as why she decided to go ahead and complete IVF to have their third child. She is a powerhouse of positivity and it was a joy to have this chance to speak with her. What have you been putting on the backburner? Maybe it’s time you took the D.A.M.N. trip!   In This Episode: [01:18] Welcome to the show, Bevin! [02:01] She shares why she started her business. [04:43] One week after their dream trip to France, she unexpectedly lost her husband. [07:28] Bevin discusses how the D.A.M.N. framework began. [08:59] Listen as she defines what D.A.M.N. means. [09:01] D is for decide and declare. [11:51] A is for attend your own party. [14:43] M is for meaningful moments. [20:14] Bevin talks about the 5 languages of love. [24:55] She speaks about framing questions in the right way to make clear what you need. [26:26] N is for now is the time. Tomorrow is not promised. [27:38] She teaches micro actions so that it’s not as daunting. [30:24] Bevin discusses five-year plans and how to make it happen. [33:02] The difference between perfectionists and people who are making money is that they are just doing it. [36:14] She talks about going ahead with her dream of having a third child with the embryos she and her husband had frozen. [39:29] We can’t control what happens to us. We can only respond to it. [42:05] Fear is a useful emotion, but we confuse it with anxiety. [45:06] She shares where we can find her and a course she has launched. [46:11] Thank you for being on the show and sharing your story.   Links & Resources: Five Languages of Love Test   Connect with Bevin: Take The DAMN Trip The 4 Mistakes Stopping You From Bringing Your Biggest Dream To Life - Masterclass Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
47:11 08/19/2021
23: Productivity Tech You Need with Kristen Westcott
Are you dealing with productivity issues in your business? Kristen Westcott has a knack for finding those productivity issues and fixing them or helping you work through them. Listen as she shares the productivity tech you need in your business and why it’s important even if you’re just starting out.    Kristen started her career in corporate and then transitioned into health coaching after having her daughter. She maintained her corporate job but knew she wanted to do something more and to have more time at home.  What she found as she was communicating with other businesswomen and entrepreneurs however is that she wasn’t focused on the health of their bodies so much as the health of their businesses.    She decided to get her certification as a Director of Operations and become an instrumental part of creating systems and processes that help six and seven figure business owners make it to the next level.   Listen as she shares her story and which tech products you need regardless of what stage you’re in with your business. These recommendations will save you tons of time and money and help you stay on track with your goals.  Are you already using some of these? Which do you still need to implement?    In This Episode: [00:49] Welcome to the show, Kristen! [00:59] Kristen shares her journey to becoming a Director of Operations. [06:34] She believes when you first start out you can follow too many people and then you end up trying to force things instead of what comes naturally. [08:04] Let things come from a place of service and the rest will flow. [09:17] Kristen shares the tools she believes people starting out should use that will grow with them. [13:18] She talks about the very basic things you will need to keep track of your day to day work. [17:24] You need a digital calendar that functions as your home base that will go with you wherever you go. [21:23] She also suggests getting a meeting link like Zoom, and a shared drive for storage of documents. [25:15] Once you have the basic tools, the next pain point is learning how to prioritize what needs to get done. [28:02] So many people get caught up over content creation but she believes you should just go live and be real. [30:20] We allow our mindsets to make mountains out of very simple things. [32:38] Get started anyway the juices will start flowing. [32:54] If you are in the mood, shoot your video as the inspiration comes to you and put it in your bank. [36:22] Kristen shares some things you can do today to help be more consistent with your productivity. [40:18] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Kristen: Kristen’s Website Facebook | Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
41:14 08/12/2021
22: Pivoting with Products with Liani Antelo
Just because you start a business in one way doesn’t mean that you have to keep running it in that way. Liani Antelo has been making pivots in her businesses for years and because of her willingness to make changes, has seen massive growth.    Her first business venture involved creating bows. She was tired of the overpriced bows she was buying for her daughter so she decided to make them. After posting pictures of her daughter on Instagram, a flood of requests for custom bows came in.    The more requests she got the more she realized that she could create a business out of this need. She doubled down and started charging and created A Darling Bowtique. What she initially didn’t anticipate was the decline of her blossoming bow market.    Instead of caving however, she began to create different products. She started doing screen print shirts and various corporate and small business requests. Later on, when competitors were unable to deliver on their orders, she would create orders for them as well and turned her business into a partial wholesale operation.    Then the pandemic hit and she made another switch. Listen as she shares her story and why she believes her ability to pivot with products is what has made her a successful entrepreneur.    Is your business in need of a pivot? After listening to this episode, let me know what kinds of pivots you could make to stay relevant in your market.   In This Episode: [01:00] Welcome to the show, Liani! [01:04] She shares her background and what she is doing now. [03:09] She discusses how she started a bow shop. [04:32] Liani tells herself that she runs a business, not a charity. [07:42] She pivoted her products and added an athletic line for boys. [10:54] She has become more of a wholesaler for bigger name brand stores. She turned her competitors into clients. [13:19] It was a hustle every day, and she always remains thankful. [16:48] She speaks about another pivot she made during the pandemic into making masks. [21:38] It’s all about not being hung up on one product. [26:01] Everyone was in survival mode in 2020 and had to focus on what they could control. [28:23] Liani says the one piece of advice she tells people is to just start. [32:15] Reach out to people that can help you. [34:18] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Liani: Facebook Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
35:29 08/05/2021
21: Intuitively Upleveling Your Biz with Jennifer McGurk
Are you ready to scale or make a change in your business but you’re just not sure where to start? What if you were to intuitively uplevel your business through creating offers that fall in line with your area expertise? Jennifer McGurk joins me to discuss just that and why scaling doesn’t have to mean creating something new.    Jennifer is a registered dietitian who has specialized in eating disorder recovery. She loves being able to work with clients to shift their beliefs and perspectives around food and to approach life and health with confidence.   She started her own practice in 2011 and since then has continued to add support and growth to her business by keeping her focus on registered dietitian’s and her clients. She now has a group practice and has enjoyed mentoring other dietitian’s in building their own businesses.   Listen as she shares her journey and why keeping all of her business ventures in the realm of her area of expertise. Everything from her practice, to her coaching, to her online membership and business mentoring revolves around her initial business model which makes creating multiple streams of income very easy.    In what ways can you tap into what you’re already doing to build additional income.   In This Episode: [01:03] Welcome to the show, Jennifer! [01:42] She shares her background and what she is doing now. [05:20] A body positive relationship with food and body is what she stands for. [06:29] “Consistently good is better than occasionally perfect.”  [08:18] Don’t be afraid. If you have a message or a mission, it’s okay to tell people what you stand for. [10:05] Jennifer speaks about the transition from 1:1 to 1: many and why she made the pivot. [13:30] Her private practice isn’t online and they don’t need social media to market it. [17:43] She talks about the membership model she used when she launched Pursuing Private Practice. [19:51] She discusses what happened to her group course during the pandemic. [22:17] Memberships offer accountability and community. [23:14] They talk about the psychology behind Dana’s Pie of Engagement. [24:57] Jennifer gives her best advice for the first step in starting your own business. [28:03] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Dana’s Pie of Engagement   Connect with Jennifer: Eat with Knowledge  Pursuing Private Practice Teachable Pursuing Private Practice Podcast Instagram | Facebook Dietician Business Plan Roadmap    Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
29:03 07/29/2021
20: Bet On Yourself with Kevlyn Walsh
Working 24/7 is for the birds. Unless part of that work is something that you’re super passionate about. Kevlyn Walsh was working as a teacher, hostessing at a restaurant, and building her own Festive Gal empire all at the same time. When the time came to finally pick a path, she decided to bet on herself and went all in with Festive Gal.   The big hang up? She went all in right as the pandemic was starting up. After months of doing really well with party crowns and festive goodies, her shop dried up. This was right around her birthday and rather than cave to the fear, she made her very own pandemic worthy birthday party crown.    That decision changed her life and her business dramatically.    Listen as she shares how she thought up Festive Gal, why she went all in, and her thoughts on why it’s important to lean into your skills and work for the things that give you joy. We also dig into the technical side of marketing and why using Etsy initially is great, but that at some point, you need your own digital space.    Do you have an amazing idea that you’re just itching to share with the world? Listen in and learn how you can make your dreams a reality.   In This Episode: [01:03] Welcome to the show, Kevlyn! [01:30] She shares her journey from an art teacher to a creative entrepreneur. [05:40] Listen as she talks about creating party crowns to revive her business during the pandemic shutdown. [09:41] Kevlyn launched the crowns at the perfect time and it took off. [11:45] She discusses her transition from selling only on Etsy to moving things to her website. [14:30] Etsy is a great way to jumpstart your business then transition to your own website. [15:27] The data you can get from your own website is so much better than what 3rd party websites have. [18:01] Kevlyn wishes she had started her website sooner because it’s the best way to direct traffic. [19:52] She shares how the accountability side of being coached with me helped her meet her goals. [22:19] Having support from a business coach who knew what to do was priceless. [25:10] She has seen amazing conversions by emailing her list about sales that she had running. [29:30] A product based business allows you to mold your offers to what is coming up. [30:05] Kevlyn talks to her former art teacher self and shares what she would tell her now. [32:48] Bet on yourself! [33:05] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Kevlyn: Festive Gal Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
33:53 07/22/2021
19: Budgeting Basics with Emily Bowie
How are you with your finances? Do you have every dime budgeted and given a purpose or do you close your eyes and pray that everything shakes out? If you’re in that second category, you’re not alone. Not by a long shot. Listen as Emily Bowie shares her budgeting basics and why she fully believes that when you take control of your money, you take control of your life.   Emily has a background in public accounting but notes that it’s a job that will suck the life and soul out of you. She began looking for other interests and found Beach Body. She had no intention of truly building a business, but then it took off. That’s when she realized that she could do and build more.    She became a certified financial coach and began helping others to get out of debt and take back their lives.    Listen as she shares her story and why she’s so passionate about helping women to take control of their finances. Plus she’s giving tips on how you can get started with a financial evolution in your own life and business.    In This Episode: [01:27] Welcome to the show, Emily! [01:53] She shares her background and the transition to becoming a certified financial coach. [04:51] Her journey has taught her to stay the course and be open. [06:35] There are seasons of sacrifice, there are times it’s not fun, but it's always worth it. [09:08] Emily discusses why she believes we avoid the numbers and get ourselves in debt. [10:39] If you take the time to track the income and spending, you can be in a much better place. [13:44] She gives us all some advice on how to course correct when we exceed our budgets. [16:45] “The biggest thing we are fighting every single day is instant gratification.” [20:33] Convenience allows us to buy without thinking, which in the end puts us in a worse position because we have to recover. [22:34] Emily is passionate about telling people how easy it can be and helping them feel like they can take control. [24:51] Just because you have money coming in does not make you financially afloat. [26:27] When you get on a budget, it can feel like you’ve gotten a pay raise. [28:20] If you have control of your finances, you will learn how to become disciplined with your fitness. [32:05] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Emily: Emily’s Website Facebook | Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
33:10 07/15/2021
18: Start The Etsy Shop with Amy Bennett
Do you journal? So many people swear by it, but how do you get started and what’s the right practice for you? Amy Bennett loves all things Bullet Journaling but realizes that it’s sometimes hard to get started. That’s why she started her Etsy shop selling Bullet Journal stencils!   Her business has grown since then and includes so much more, but it all started with her love of journaling and realizing that more people would do it if they knew how to start. Once she realized the need, she set to work creating resources to help women aspiring to add journaling to their daily lives.    She didn’t start off with journal stencils however. Like most Etsy owners her initial interests were far different, but when she started journaling she saw a huge positive shift in her life. She began joining journaling groups and realized that there was a very large gap in the journaling market.   Enter Moxie Dorie and her business partner Kris and they have since filled that gap. Listen as she shares her story and why it’s possible for you to turn your passions into an income generator as well. Just start the Etsy shop and keep innovating. When you look back you’ll be surprised how far you’ve come.   In This Episode: [00:59] Welcome to the show, Amy! [01:27] She shares her background and what she does. [02:11] Amy discusses bullet journaling and what it is. [04:16] She speaks about how she creates the journal stencils. [07:03] Six years ago they started selling bullet journals in an Etsy shop. [09:39] She talks about opening many shops on Etsy and what they were. [14:37] Amy discusses closing their Etsy shop and transitioning it all to their website. [16:56] Because she and her partner both bullet journal, she believes that is how they connect with their customers. [19:06] They created a Facebook group that has grown to twenty-seven thousand people. [21:10] Don’t just accept anyone into your group, allow only those people who feel fit. [24:41] When people share in the group, she feels like that’s when they trust. [26:58] Amy speaks about using their MoxieDori platform to make mask extenders they shipped to hospitals and nursing facilities. [30:57] She created an Etsy course for people who needed help with setting up or improving their sales in an Etsy shop. [34:34] I want everyone listening to see all the ways you can make shifts or pivots in your life. [35:09] Amy shares some encouragement for anyone who wants to open an Etsy shop. [36:16] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Amy: MoxieDori Etsy Shop Facebook Group Pinterest | Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
37:09 07/08/2021
17: Getting Out of Your Own Way with Valerie Friedlander
You are your own worst enemy. How many times have you heard that phrase and thought, “Man that’s so true!”? Your fear is the only thing holding you back and it’s time to stop! Valerie Friedlander has been doing personal development work for years and is now a business coach helping female entrepreneurs to get out of their own way.   Valerie was exposed to personal development very early on and knew the value but didn’t know how to help others. She set out on her corporate journey but found quickly that something was missing. This led to her own journey of discovery and finding her way into corporate coaching.    Corporate coaching helped her to figure out how to vision for her own life and how to really find out who she was and what she wanted. She’s now using those corporate coaching chops to help female entrepreneurs.    Listen as she shares her story and why you may be the obstacle you’re trying to overcome. She’s sharing so many amazing nuggets of wisdom and things to think about as you approach building your own business. Don’t miss out on this one!   In This Episode: [00:58] Welcome to the show, Valerie! [01:32] She shares her journey into coaching. [07:20] Your children pick up habits from watching what you do. [09:47] Getting out of your own way is just listening to yourself and knowing what you want. [12:29] It’s normal to have fear. [15:48] You can’t break chains, you don’t see. [16:47] Valerie speaks about how you can figure out if the thoughts you are having are yours or what someone else laid on you. [22:04] Fear tells us we are not good enough or valuable enough to be deserving unless we have everything organized and on point. [25:41] Where your focus goes, your energy flows. [29:01] If you remove everything from the room, you can then bring back things that support you and are what you want. [31:17] She says her work isn’t about advising, it's about helping you discern for yourself. [34:07] This past year has been like a reflection period of analysing your life, programs and systems. [35:34] Start by thinking about what you need to invite clients into your life.  [37:38] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Valerie: Valerie’s Website The Unlimited Podcast  LinkedIn | YouTube | Facebook   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
38:29 07/01/2021
16: Bake It Til You Make It with Jessica Ciraulo
What do you do when you’re struggling with milk supply due to latch issues? You create your very own amazing lactation cookies. How do you turn that into a thriving business that helps moms all over the country? Listen as Jessica Ciraulo shares her story of baking it until she made it.    When Jessica was pregnant with her first she knew that she wanted to breastfeed. What she didn’t realize was just how difficult her journey would be. Her baby had not one but two ties that were causing pretty significant latch issues.    Because her breast was never fully emptied, the latch issues became supply issues, but she was determined to keep going. Instead of giving up she tried out some generic milk-boosting lactation cookies and realized that she could make them much much better.  Fast-forward to her neighbor having supply issues and Jessica sharing her cookies. Not only did they work for her neighbor as well, they realized that the cookies could work for women everywhere.    Jessica shares how she took her delicious cookies and turned them into a thriving business that has only grown since she started honing in her TikTok strategy. Her most important advice? Make real connections with people and have a product that truly solves a problem.   She’s also diving deep into selling on Amazon and what you should know before you apply!   In This Episode: [00:50] Welcome to the show, Jessica! [01:38] Jessica shares her background and her journey to owning MilkBliss. [04:30] She developed a recipe for lactation cookies. [07:30] Learn how hard it is to find the products for her cookies. [09:27] Why it’s important to listen to your customers. [11:46] How to get your products sold on Amazon and what you need to do. [17:23] Learn how she got started on TikTok and her strategy. [20:00] When something on TikTok goes viral it’s like a lightning strike. [22:04] She saw a huge rise in sales when her TikTok videos started going viral. [25:20] Sometimes, at the moment, posts hit more people than planned videos do. [28:05] You can reach more people on TikTok than you can on Instagram. [33:38] Why she chose to create a business TikTok account. [37:37] Get uncomfortable and put yourself in the position to create videos. [41:46] Thank you for being on the show! [42:00] Now my takeaways for this episode.   Links & Resources: Connect with Jessica: MilkBliss Blog Facebook | Instagram | TikTok Use Code:  BOOST for a 20% discount on your MilkBliss Cookies   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
44:25 06/24/2021
15: The Perfectionist Trap with Dr. Eva Benmeleh
Your kid already has an inner mean voice. No matter if they are 3 or 13, they are dealing with big emotions and feelings of failure already. Some of that stems from the conversations you have around them, so how do we break out of the perfectionist trap? Dr. Eva Benmeleh joins me to chat about just that.    So why do we feel the need to exhibit perfection? Many times it stems from a feeling of not feeling good enough in the first place, so we strive to erase that feeling by doing everything right.    Dr. Eva shares all the traits that most perfectionists exhibit and I’ll bet, if you’re a business owner, you probably have some or all of them. She’s also digging into ways that you can stop the cycle of perfection and start being more kind to yourself.    The things you say and model for yourself are the same things that your kids pick up on. If you’re not willing to do the work for yourself, then definitely start doing the work for them. It’s time to break out of the perfectionist trap and start beating back your inner mean girl   In This Episode: [01:10] Welcome to the show, Dr. Eva! [02:21] Dr. Eva shares her background and why she specialized in working with perfectionism. [05:11] A lot of procrastinators are perfectionists. [06:32] Learn some things that can jolt you out of that cycle. [09:43] Showing up and putting yourself out there is a big win. [11:41] When parents reach out to her for their children, usually the parents get more out of the sessions. [14:17] Navigating the imposter syndrome or mean girl voice that our children are feeling and hearing. [16:42] How the pandemic has affected her business and made people more aware of mental health. [19:27] We chat about how we connected and the amazing work she’s done in my family’s lives. [21:42] She works with women who are small business owners. [22:22] Listen as Dr. Eva shares some perfectionism that she sees around money. [25:32] If you are asking for permission, you are already walking in without the power to decide. [28:18] If we can shift our words, we can shift our perception. [29:06] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Dr. Eva: Dr. Eva Benmeleh Blog Facebook | Instagram | LinkedIn Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
30:30 06/17/2021
14: Starting New By Building Connections with Nicole Anderson
Nicole Anderson is a well known branding photographer based out of California. Thing is, life in California isn’t what it used to be so she and her family have decided to book it out east to Tennessee. Listen as she shares how she’s managed to find clients and start new by building connections.   She has actually lived in California her entire life. As things have changed over the years though she realized she wanted something new for her family. Being a business owner however, she kept thinking about how difficult it would be to start over.    Then she realized, she’s not starting over, she’s starting new. Her skills as a branding photographer didn’t magically disappear. All of her knowledge of marketing, hashtags, and making connections didn’t go away. Moving to a new state did not mean starting her business over at all.    We chat all about her mindset shift and what she has done to build a customer base in her new state, before she’s moved a single box. This was a fantastic conversation, despite me having a child on my lap and multiple interruptions. That’s just life sometimes.    It’s also one of the reasons both Nicole and I have our own businesses! You truly won’t want to miss this one!   In This Episode: [01:07] Welcome to the show, Nicole! [01:55] Why her family is moving from California to Tennessee. [04:11] How she specialized in brand photography. [07:01] It’s important to make genuine connections. Learn why. [10:47] Nicole says she is very thankful for social media and how it has helped her business. [12:00] Nicole speaks about proving her income to a home loan officer. [14:45] Brand photography is much more than headshots and she wants to teach other photographers how to tell the brand story. [17:01] As an entrepreneur you must always create content. [19:54] When she started posting photos of herself and posting things about herself, her business blew up. [23:41] The ability to put yourself out there and ask for what you want will separate you from your competitors. [25:52] Nicole shares what as a business owner has been her biggest takeaway from moving and starting new. [27:45] Stop thinking you have to create new content every day, repurpose. [29:27] Thank you for being on the show! [30:04] Now I am going to share my takeaways from this episode. Links & Resources: Connect with Nicole: Nicole’s Website Nicole on Instagram Nicole on LinkedIn Nicole’s Facebook Group - It’s Not Brand Surgery Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
34:07 06/10/2021
13: Becoming a Positive Parent with Jennifer Altieri
Positive parenting solutions have been sweeping the nation in recent years as we learn more about child and adult psychology. Jennifer Altieri started implementing positive parenting in her own household just before her children hit their teen years, and their lives changed dramatically. She’s now sharing her story and her advice with other parents to help them find the right solutions for them and their households.    Does that make her a perfect parent? Absolutely not. However there is a beauty in choosing discussion over anger when decisions are being made both by you and your children.    Listen as she shares her story as well as tips and advice you can start implementing today to shift the narrative in your household. If you constantly feel like you’re yelling and that your children never listen, this is the episode for you!   Want to take it even further? Sign up for her Summer Reboot for Moms. In This Episode: [01:13] Welcome to the show, Jennifer! [02:24] Jennifer shares her background and what sparked her to focus on positive parenting. [04:40] There are no perfect parents. The goal is to be a better parent every day. [07:10] Jennifer thinks that there are three foundational pillars to raising your kids and keeping your sanity. Balance, Integrity and Flexibility.  [10:25] Jennifer says we get to model what we want your kids to be. [11:32] Jennifer shares a tool you can use today to limit a reactive response. [14:22] Jennifer recommends that you have a family meeting weekly. [17:40] Usually when kids hit about four, they are ready for family meetings. [18:41] Jennifer talks about her Summer Reboot for Moms she is launching this summer. [20:53] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Jennifer: Hope INRHEART Why Are You Yelling?: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Kids without Raising Your Voice Summer Reboot for Moms Positive Parenting Workshop Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
22:13 06/03/2021
12: 2020 Vision in 2021 with Giannie Castellanos
From being an amazing employee to later realizing that her path lay in another direction, Giannie Castellanos has built multiple businesses. Despite loving her positions within other practices, she knew that she was destined for more. Listen as she shares her story and how she’s built multiple businesses around her passion for optometrist.    Giannie is an amazing optometrist. She takes the time to dig into the history and find the root cause of your vision issues. For many years, she was perfectly happy lending her skills and expertise to a practice that was not her own.    Then when she was ousted while renegotiating her contract, she knew that while that door closed, another one had opened. Her father in law helped her to open her own practice and then she realized that she loved working with her own patients.    Fast-forward and she now has a boutique optometry office with a sweets shop attached and she’s created an online referral portal for doctors in her area. The Chiasm is the solution to one huge issue in healthcare, referral partnerships and continuance of care.    Giannie is sharing it all and why she has felt so driven to continue to work her businesses even when they are building into their profit. She gets real about the difference between creating a business and creating a lucrative business. We also chat about taking the time to take care of yourself.    We had a fantastic conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it.   In This Episode: [01:09] Welcome to the show, Giannie! [03:14] Giannie shares her background and the journey to opening her own practice. [06:40] Giannie discusses how important it is to have experiences and inspirations in life. [09:09] She believes that when you surround yourself with the right people, it makes it easier to take the risk. [10:40] Changes in the medical profession. [12:40] Creating her digital referral portal that connects doctors when they have to refer patients called The Chiasm. [15:27] Just because Giannie has two practices and the referral platform, doesn’t mean they are all lucrative, but she feels they will be in the long run. [17:46] She has managed her business because she has layered them in the same profession and she has the support she needs from family and friends. [19:13] Giannie shares why she is so motivated to succeed. [22:32] However you hold space for others, hold space for yourself. [23:15] Her idea of an after-hours club for women to go in the evening once the kids are in bed. [26:32] Giannie discusses the quarterly marketing events Chiasm has for its doctors. [29:07] The referral is the first step; it's up to the doctor to create the experience. [31:48] I share a story about a time I put coke cans in my bra and made lasting connections with other women. [33:46] Her advice for doctors that want to expand their practice. [34:43] Thank you for being on the show! [34:56] Here are my takeaways from the episode.   Links & Resources: Connect with Giannie: Infinite Vision Eye Care Eye Candy The Chiasm LinkedIn | Facebook | Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call
38:29 05/27/2021
11: Start the Subscription Box with Julie Ball
“Progress over perfection.” - Julie Ball   Julie Ball is an amazing human being but also a fantastic business owner. From owning her own digital marketing company to switching over to subscription boxes, she knows what she’s doing and is always excited to share her knowledge with others. Listen as she shares her story and share all the nuggets of inspiration.    Sparkle Hustle Grow was not the first business venture Julie stepped into. She first had a digital marketing agency that was extremely successful. After she moved from one town to another however, she felt the need for community.    She started subscribing to subscription boxes and realized that happy mail was her new favorite. It got her mind working on an issue that she was facing herself. She wanted more community with other female entrepreneurs, but she also wanted to spread her love of happy mail.    Listen in as she shares more about her journey and why she’s so passionate about the recurring revenue model. No matter if you have a traditional subscription worthy product or service, there is always a way to incorporate your very own recurring revenue facet.    If you’re ready to share your very own subscription box idea with the world, check out Julie’s podcast, Subscription Box Basics, and consider joining Subscription Box Bootcamp.   In this episode: [01:20] Welcome back to the show and welcome Julie Ball to share more about her story and business.  [02:45] What was the spark that made her want to start her own subscription box?  [05:43] The lessons she learned as she pre-launched Sparkle Hustle Grow.  [08:07] Not only is this the #bestbusinessexpenseever, it’s also an amazing visibility booster for everyone featured in the box.  [10:58] Why the recurring revenue model has been a game changer for so many business owners.  [12:13] There is room for more boxes. Which is why Julie is a box mentor! Learn more.  [15:01] If you’re tired of chasing down new sales, then a subscription box may be for you. [17:46] Ready to get started? Check out Julie’s podcast! [21:45] There are boxes out there for everyone. If you have an idea, you could be changing lives.  [23:58] Boxes can also be used to strengthen client relationships.  [26:02] Always remember to keep it simple. [29:13] How your box and business can and should evolve as your customer grows with you.  [31:18] You’re running a personal race. Stop comparing yourself to others in the space.  [33:42] My takeaways from our conversation.    Links & Resources: Connect with Julie: Subscription Box Basics with Julie Ball Subscription Box Basics Workbook Subscription Box Bootcamp Sparkle Hustle Grow Julie on Instagram   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call   **Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box (Get 10% off your 1st box!) **Subscription Box Bootcamp   **These are affiliate links. That being said, I fully believe in everything Julie is putting out into the world. Both her own subscription box and the course are amazing resources for all female entrepreneurs.
38:25 05/20/2021
10: From Side-Hustling Teacher to Publishing Powerhouse with Maria Dismondy
“The idea was planted in your heart for a reason.” - Unknown   If you are one of those people who have always felt called to go in one direction over another, what happens when you find another passion? Maria Dismondy always knew she was going to be a teacher, but then she realized that she was meant for more. Listen as she shares how she went from side-hustling teacher to publishing powerhouse.   From the time she was little, Maria knew she was meant to be a teacher. She went to school, got her degree, and then went on to teach. It wasn’t until she started looking for realistic children’s books for her class that she realized there was a true gap in the market and she was determined to fill it.    She started writing children’s books and not too long after that realized that she was making a huge impact, making more money, and ready to leave teaching behind. After a few people approached her looking for help with their own books, she knew that she was ready to pivot again.   This was an amazing episode filled with laughs and fantastic insights on what it takes to lean into a new passion. Listen in for all of Maria’s pearls of wisdom. Stay tuned until the end to hear my takeaways designed to help you take action toward your dreams today!   In this episode: [02:57] Maria shares about her background and her journey to publishing. [06:26] How do you find children’s book authors?  [09:09] What they do while they’re finding other authors to market to their customers.  [10:52] Why it’s important to practice what you preach.  [12:56] Learn about her podcast and the direction her business is going now.  [15:31] It’s important to have a support system around you and find connection.  [18:30] You can have babies and have a passion in your heart for more.  [21:42] She’s still very connected to teachers and influencers. Learn more. [25:03] You don’t have to be just one thing. There are so many opportunities to serve these days. [27:10] Maria’s advice for side-hustling teachers.  [28:44] My takeaways for you to take action today!   Links & Resources: Connect with Maria: Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun by Maria Dismondy Maria’s Website Cardinal Rule Press Maria on Facebook Maria on Twitter Maria on Instagram Maria on Pinterest Maria on YouTube Maria on LinkedIn   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram Book a Clarity Call   Your Business Reset Workshop
32:59 05/13/2021
9: To My First Business Mentor (My Mom)
Mother’s Day is coming up and it seemed like the perfect opportunity to tell my mom thank you! No matter if it’s your mom, a sister, an aunt, a grandmother, if you have a lady in your life who has made a huge impact, then listen in and take part in the challenge I’m laying out.    First, I want to say a huge thank you to my original business mentor, my mom. She taught me to believe that I could do whatever I wanted, the perseverance to pursue my dreams, and the knowledge that it’s up to me to speak up and make noise.    She did the very best that she could for me and my sisters and she just keeps on supporting us with our children. She may think that we only remember the bad parts, but there was so much good in our childhood and she truly did all that she could to make it great.   It was by watching her, wheeling and dealing, as a real estate agent that I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur. She played with the big dogs and she won. When she failed she got right back up and kept going because failure was just another lesson learned.    Who has been an inspiration in your life? My challenge to you is to reach out and let them know how much they mean to you!    In this episode: [00:35] Welcome back and you’re in for a treat! This is my first solo episode! [01:34] The first gift my mom gave me is the belief that I could do whatever I wanted.  [03:01] The second thing is perseverance.  [05:45] We are all doing the very best that we can.  [07:12] The third gift is that we shouldn’t play small! [08:56] We are all multi-passionate and creative. My belief started young watching my mom.  [10:28] Take a step back. Observe your life. Who has impacted your life? Reach out and let them know! [12:18] Thank you mom!   Links & Resources: Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
13:38 05/06/2021
8: Creating Growth Through Birth Charts and Astrology with Lexie Wilson
There is no such thing as failure in launching. There is only the gathering of information for future tweaks and growth. Do you feel the same? Lexie Wilson spent years creating “failed” offers but what she didn’t know was that she wasn’t properly using the information from her birth charts and astrology to step into her purpose.   Lexie grew up in a very religious family who felt that spirituality and astrology were created by the devil. However she continued to feel drawn to all things spiritual and woo.    Little did she know that her birth chart was rooted in spirituality. After leaving home and finding the space to study and dig into astrology, she truly found her passion. However she wasn’t sure how to make money from it or if it was even possible.    After we attended the Raising Influence Conference this year, she decided to go for it. She started posting on Instagram openings for birth chart readings and what happened next was incredible. She went from nervous about offering something that seemed a little “out there” for business owners, to being fully booked out for months on end.   Listen in to hear her story and why she’s so passionate about all things woo. She’s sharing more about how she created her offers and what she’s done since to find true success within her purpose. Check the links if you’d like to schedule your own birth chart and astrology reading! In this episode: [00:35] Welcome and learn more about Lexie Wilson.  [01:31] How did Lexie get into astrology?  [04:00] Learn more about the birth charts she started doing for close friends. [05:57] Why Lexie almost didn’t launch her readings and why she’s so happy she did.  [07:37] What she means when she says that our triggers are mirrors.  [09:25] More about the launch of her readings and what led up to it. [14:55] There’s no such thing as failure. It’s all just data.  [16:44] Timing is everything. You may not be ready to receive the manifestations right now.  [20:08] Post the thing. You never know who is watching and learning without engaging.  [25:02] People are waiting for you, so start talking about your passions.  [26:28] How birth charts impact business building. [31:12] Learn more about how Lexie explains the birth chart in relation to life and business.  [34:07] Connect with Lexie.   Links & Resources: The Only Astrology Book You’ll Ever Need by Joanna Woolfolk Raising Influence   Connect with Lexie: Lexie’s Website Lexie’s Links Lexie on Instagram Conversations with Lexie - On Apple Conversations with Lexie - On Spotify Book Your Reading   Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
36:20 04/29/2021
7: The Real About Reels with Jessica Stansberry
If you’ve never heard of Jessica Stansberry, then you may have been living under a rock (or you’re just not a big fan of YouTube!) In all seriousness though, Jessica helps rockstar entrepreneurs grow their businesses and authority through video. Enter, the real about Reels and what she has found in using them for her business.    She has a huge following on YouTube and very large followings on most social platforms but she loves testing out new things. For her it’s a lot of fun to find a strategy, test it out, and see how it impacts her business.  This is one of the ways that she gathers data to help others find the strategies that work for them. Growth requires testing and she is the ultimate tester.    The most recent test she ran was on Reels. Instagram released Reels as a way to compete with TikTok, but is it a good way to increase your audience?    Long story short, the answer is yes, but it’s not a super easy way to grow your audience and there are certain things to consider as you take on any Reels strategy. Per Jessica, yes you should be doing them, but you need to find ways to build “Reels” time into your current workflow.    Listen as she shares more about the challenge she created for herself, how she kept on track, and ways that she found to batch content creation. In all, she gained 1700+ new followers on Instagram after posting 26 daily Reels. Just remember that this is growing ONE social platform. If you’re working on growing your Instagram following, then you need to start incorporating Reels! If Instagram isn’t your jam, then check out Jessica’s insights on other platforms through her YouTube channel! In this episode: [01:13] Welcome to the show, Jessica! [02:42] Her background and how she created her personal brand. [04:07] Why you should be consistently showing up and posting on Reels. [06:13] Her mindset has always been, if she is going to do something, she’s going to do it. [08:30] “Asking someone to go from one platform to another is like asking them to abandon their comfy pants.”  [09:39] What the analytics looked like when she posted consistently on Reels. [12:19] She gained 1700 followers from posting 26 reels during the month of February. [16:08] She is constantly looking for content ideas. It's great to get inspiration from all over. [19:17] Don’t listen to what other people do, figure out what works best for you. [20:46] People get stuck in trying to be perfect. It will never be perfect. [22:05] Listen as we discuss what they feel was the best part of quarantine. [24:46] Done is better than perfect, just get it out there. [27:14] Jessica shares that 99% of the videos that go in a course or Facebook group are recorded sitting at her desk with her webcam. [30:04] Doing unplanned videos without scripts come out better than when you plan every detail. [33:03] Learn about her husband and his YouTube channel about their farm. [36:54] “If you can be the one to providing that information, why not?” [38:14] Thank you for being on the show! Links & Resources: Connect with Jessica: Jessica Stansberry Hey Jessica podcast @heyjessica Email | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest | YouTube @jessicastansberry Instagram | YouTube | Clubhouse @jessicastansbry Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
39:35 04/22/2021
6: Purposeful Eating with Karla Salinari
What are your thoughts about food? Love it? Hate it? Meh? I love food. I love it when a good meal comes together with good people making amazing memories. But does good food have to be bad for you? Karla Salinari says no! She is a health coach and foodie who is working to help her clients start eating with purpose.   Karla and I both grew up in Latino households. The same households that made us eat everything on our plates, no matter what those items were, and then chastised us for gaining weight.    We know that our parents and their parents were only doing what they thought was best for us, but that type of emotion around food is toxic.    Karla didn’t realize the extent of the toxicity until she gained too much weight during her pregnancy with her daughter. It was as she was trying to regain her footing with food that she realized how toxic her relationship was to it.    Listen as she tells her story and then explains the ways she’s working to break through cultural beliefs and shift the balance toward purposeful eating. Plus she’s created an amazing cookbook that will help you eat all your favorites, in a healthy way!   Food is meant to be enjoyed, but it is also meant to fuel your body. What kind of fuel are you putting in your tank?    In this episode: [01:55] Welcome to the show, Karla! [02:06] She’s a flexitarian when it comes to food and purposeful eating. [03:00] Learn about her background and why she’s so passionate about food and health. [06:32] We chat about the culture we grew up in. [09:31] Karla started making changes because of the amount of weight she gained during pregnancy. [13:17] Learn about coaching clients in the health space. [16:33] If you have the education, then you have the tools to choose wisely. [19:12] If you eat something that works with you instead of against you, you will naturally gravitate toward it. [22:42] Your body needs nutrients to operate. [24:02] The second most important thing is the relationship we have with our bodies. [29:55] Why she designed her 6-month program. [34:06] How her business continues to evolve. [37:10] Only do the social media that feels right to you. Do one thing and do it well. [39:37] Once she shifted the content she was producing to more of a service base, everything changed. [42:04] She has a cookbook coming out AND it’s in both English and Spanish. [45:53] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Karla: Karla Salinari Flipbox Recipe Book Instagram | Facebook  Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
47:23 04/15/2021
5: Systems Are Sexy with Amy Lockrin
When you think about the backend of your business, do you feel a sense of panic or peace? If you’re panicking, you’re not alone. Amy Lockrin is a systems guru who has a knack for taking a super messy backend and making sexy systems that support your business and your goals.   Listen as she shares why so many new, and established, business owners see the backend of their business as an insurmountable task list that kills their creativity. Her view? When your systems are working together and you’ve started to automate those repetitive tasks, you’ll take back hours of your time.   What does that mean for your business? More time to sit in your zone of genius and less time struggling with things that should be on autopilot!   Amy has spent years helping 6 and 7-figure businesses owners grow their businesses in a way that supports them rather than drains them. Plus, I have personally been on the receiving end of her expertise. The changes we implemented in my own business gave me the freedom to do the things I love.   So if you’re keeping your backend on the backburner, listen in and I hope you feel empowered to see that systems are sexy! You just need to bring your sexy back.    In this episode: [00:57] Welcome to the show, Amy! [01:46] Amy shares what caused the creative spark in her to start her own business. [03:35] When we met and how much Amy has helped my businesses. [05:33] It all boils down to connection, and when you are passionate about what you are doing, people can see it. [09:15] The things she loves to do and coaching people to scale their businesses. [12:30] Make a list of things that annoy you and that you just don’t want to do in your business, which is keeping you from growing. [13:40] Stick to your zone of genius. [15:14] What she does when she first works with a new client and the first steps to them loving their business again. [18:13] Everyone needs people to support them and believe in them without judgment. [19:06] Amy shares when she believes your company is ready to hire someone to help. [20:00] Document everywhere you are spending your time. [22:16] Thank you for being on the show! Links & Resources: Connect with Amy: The Operations House Instagram | Facebook Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
23:25 04/08/2021
4: The Power of No with Elizabeth Garay
When you have to cancel your wedding plans because you want to start your married life off on the right foot and not mired in debt, you take on a measure of trauma. For Elizabeth Garay that trauma turned into a creative drive to help other newlyweds capture memories for a lifetime, but it wasn’t until she found the power of no that she found what lights her up.    Elizabeth started her photography business as a wedding photographer and pushed herself to do and learn more so that she could fill the void she felt in her own experience. It didn’t take long before she was known for her wedding photography and was fully booked, and then some.   After a year of having constant wedding shoots and additional lifestyle shoots, she realized that she was burned out. She had to skip out on a lot of time with her daughter because almost every single weekend was spent documenting someone else’s life.    In fact, it wasn’t until 2020 and the pandemic forced her to slow down that she truly realized it was time to specialize and to leave the wedding hustle behind.    Listen as she shares her story and why she feels it is so important to make informed decisions while acknowledging trauma, not caving to it. She has realized that saying no is necessary for her life and her business. Plus she’s sharing her best tips for up and coming photographers.    This is one episode you won’t want to miss out on!   In this episode: [01:09] Welcome to the show, Elizabeth! [01:42] Learn about her background and her journey to where she is today. [04:44] She’s always had a love for photography. [06:55] Her first wedding was featured on The Knot. [09:40] Her business grew so fast that she sacrificed her family time because of shoots. [11:52] Which of course led to extreme burnout. [15:18] Why you shouldn’t be afraid to make changes that support your life, business, and family. [19:14] How she found her new niche. [21:45] It took the pandemic for Elizabeth to slow down enough to figure out what lit her up. [24:32] She put so many unrealistic expectations on herself. [27:04] All that competition you fear? It’s in your head. [28:46] One piece of advice for anyone who wants to become a photographer. [31:47] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Elizabeth: Elizabeth Garay Photography Elizabeth on Instagram Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
32:56 04/01/2021
3: Start the Blog with Jenise Subervi
Believe it or not, Jenise Subervi didn’t start her blog to start a movement or build a business. Like many other bloggers, she needed connection. After being a teacher for many years and building her own family, she needed a place where she could talk about things that were important to her… so she made her own space.    A Toddler & A Topknot started out as a place to hang out but it wasn’t long before it became so much more. Jenise kept creating amazing content and sharing it within her own circles and it grew and grew and grew.    She was later approached by various brands to write posts on their products and that’s when she realized that she could truly take her blog to new heights. It hasn’t been easy and she’s certainly fallen into some of the traps and pitfalls that all new bloggers do, but she has persevered and is changing the lives of her family.   Listen as she shares all about her story and her life and why lifestyle blogging isn’t for everyone. However you have a voice and there is something you’re meant for. It’s time to find it.    Jenise is a joy to follow and get to know. Her constant positivity and the light she shines into the world are infectious. If you’re ready for some inspiration, then take a moment and listen in! Plus if you’re looking to start a blog, you’ll get all the inside info from a top blogger.   In this episode: [01:06] Welcome to the show, Jenise! [01:51] All about being a lifestyle blogger and connecting with people. [04:45] Not everything is going to work for everyone. You have to find what works for you. [06:41] She still has struggles. Learn all about them. [09:07] How she used her blog to share resources when the pandemic started. [10:26] Why she monetized her blog. [13:48] Instagram Stories is what makes her feel connected with her followers. [17:50] She has a new freebie! Learn how you can get it and what her plans are in the coming months. [18:50] She started a podcast with a friend of hers about their journey to becoming friends. [21:14] If you have something to say, people will listen. [23:13] Her two biggest pieces of advice about starting a blog. [24:40] Thank you for being on the show!   Links & Resources: Connect with Jenise A Toddler & A Topknot Blog Facebook | Instagram Connect with Marylin: Marylin’s Website Marylin on Instagram
25:42 03/25/2021