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Veteran realtor and industry leader Ken McLachlan talks with real people about their passions, their accomplishments and the moments that changed their lives. RealtyLife is an inspirational and powerful look at how life turns and the journeys that follow.


The Cobbler's Son and His Ticket to Freedom
It's a strategy many successful business people have employed at some point during their career. When times are tough, double down and invest in yourself. When Dave Batori watched his Dad sell shoes to put food on the table, he remembers the advice he was given. In this episode of Realty Life, host Ken McLachlan talks to Dave about his career, his setbacks and how persistence and perseverance lead to the real keys to success, freedom and happiness.Guest: Dave BatoriRe/Max Hallmark Batori GroupCall Dave on his cell phone 416-859-4244Email Dave: dave@batorigroup.comWebsiteFacebook Ken can be reached
39:40 03/14/2022
“Is This Thing On?"
They say communication skills might be the most important asset to becoming an entrepreneur. Ken’s guest in this episode of RealtyLife is hoping that’s exactly right because he’s worked in Communications all his life. From Radio to Television to Corporate Offices to the exhilaration and loneliness of an entrepreneur’s chair. Ken talks with Doug Downs who has moved across Canada for his career and has landed on podcasting.  Guest Doug DownsEmail DougPodcasts that Pop Website  Ken can be reached
32:19 02/21/2022
What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger
Paula Carney’s life changed one Friday morning at 8:30.   She was driving north to Barrie on highway 400, had just passed Innisfil Beach Road and in an instant it happened. Her vehicle smashed into the back of a stopped gravel truck which itself had just collided with a vehicle in front.  It was a 33-vehicle pile-up and with more victims than rescuers could attend to. When that happens, the ones most-likely to not make it, are “left until the end,” as one rescuer later told her.  Paula was left until the end. In the cold, in her vehicle, in shock, and in pain.  Those heroic paramedics did get to her, brought her to the hospital and with the extraordinary skill of doctors and nurses in Toronto, and an unexplainable will to survive… Paula made it.  Today if you ask her, that accident was one of the best things to have ever happened to her – and her children are living proof.  Guest Paula CarneyEmail PaulaHer website  Ken can be reached
22:08 02/07/2022
In the Nick of Time
Persistence. In Nick Maiorano’s case, it paid off. The ability of sticking with a goal, a vision, a dream helps Nick navigate life. From NBC in New York to CFRB in Toronto, Nick’s path is anything but cut and dry. In this episode of RealtyLife, Host Ken McLachlan talks to Nick about his colourful career, family, friends and being in the right place at the right time, just in the “nick of time.”  Nick can be heard and reached Nick is also the Co-host of Totally Useless Information with Nick & Roy   Ken can be reached
33:28 12/27/2021
Faith, Family, Marriage, & Real Estate
Moving is difficult.  Moving to a new city is that much harder. So when Jose and Claudia Pardo decided to change countries, both picked Canada. One from Columbia, the other from the Dominican Republic, the one-time University students became long distance sweethearts. In this episode of RealtyLife, host Ken McLachlan talks to the couple about the importance of faith and family.  Jose and Claudia Pardo can be reached at:jose@castillopardo.comclaudia@castillopardo.com  Ken can be reached at:
31:55 12/13/2021
How to Lead the Family Business, Guest Chris Alexander
Getting into the family business comes with its own challenges. But when you’re asked to lead the business, which happens to be one of the largest real estate companies, that challenge is taken to the next level. In this episode of REALTY Life, host Ken McLachlan talks to Christopher Alexander, the President of RE/MAX Canada about stepping up and saying YES! Connect with Christopher on Twitter @ChrisReMax Ken can be reached at:
27:44 11/29/2021
New Beginning
At one point, when do you stop looking at others to solve your problems? When you stop blaming others? When do you start recognizing YOU and YOUR warts?Jeff Montaigue decided when .and that was when he took that first step towards a new life.  In this episode of RealtyLife, host Ken McLachlan talks to Jeff about life, learning and being medically dead… twice.  Jeff can be reached through his website: Ken can be reached by
33:47 11/15/2021
Life Long Learning.
It’s said when you stop learning, you stop growing. New challenges, goals and situations stimulate the brain. In this episode of Realty Life. Host Ken McLachlan speaks with Patrick Gillis, who not only relies on Life Long Learning to fuel his thinking, but also, his faith.  Patrick can be reached at: Ken can be reached at:
32:44 11/01/2021
The Work is an Inside Job
This is a great listen about taking personal ownership of your thoughts, emotions, and reactions to life. In this episode of RealtyLife, host Ken McLachlan talks to Barbara Brindle about letting go, being present, and living life on life’s terms. After all, “the work is an inside job.”  Barbara Brindle can be reached  Ken can be reached
30:26 10/04/2021
The Healing Journey
Growing up was not easy for Glenn Floyd. In fact, even he admits, it was so unhealthy in many, many ways.  But instead of letting his childhood miseries negatively impact him, he found spiritual and emotional growth.  In this episode of REALTY LIFE, Ken talks to Glenn about the healing journey he took, about giving back and how life changes when you change.                                                                             Glenn can be reached at:,  Ken can be reached at:
29:42 08/16/2021
Music makes the Man
He recorded, he produced and he likely shared more than a few late nights with Canadian music legend Stompin’ Tom Connors. That’s just one chapter in the songbook of life that is Duncan Fremlin. In this episode of REALTY LIFE, Ken talks to Duncan about how his upbringing armed him with the pillars of life that have stood the test of time.  Duncan Fremlin can be reached at:  Ken can be reached at:
32:07 08/02/2021
She is an "Ironman"
Mary-Anne Gillespie is a powerhouse.  Her real estate coaching company enlightens and empowers. She helps people grow their skills, their confidence and their wealth. But it wasn’t always power presentations and podiums. Mary-Anne was homeless. She was also losing herself in a food addiction. In this fantastic episode of REALTY LIFE, host Ken McLachlan talks about tragedy and triumph. And how we all learn every step of the way.  Mary-Anne can be reached at: Red Apple Coaching & Consulting Ken can be reached at:
32:33 07/19/2021
Perspective Counts
Happy or sad?Up or down?Good or bad?It really all depends of your perspective. That’s how  Mary Jo Vradis sees it. She has faced life challenges head-on and won. But on the days when it felt like enough was really enough, what made her persevere? In this episode of REALTYLIFE, Ken and Mary Jo talk about looking through life’s healthy lens, rolling with the punches and giving back.  Mary Jo Vradis can be reached at:mj@metarealty.ca   Ken can be reached
32:05 07/05/2021
Ken's Story
There are moments that change our lives.Ken McLachlan remembers the first. It was the phone call his father received when Ken was a teenager, a moment that would ultimately shape Ken’s life. It fueled Ken’s passion to never let anyone dictate his ability to make a living. Ken also realized he couldn’t control what others do and couldn’t do it alone. In this exceptional episode of REALTY LIFE, Ken break downs the REAL moments, the REAL triggers and how he turned REAL pain into life long gifts.  Ken can be reached
21:43 06/21/2021
New World. New Life
He fled his homeland, leaving his family, his friends and his way of life. What fueled Steve Tabrizi is a story you need to hear.  Courage, determination and a sense of service.And, a son's pledge to his Father and himself. In this episode of REALTY LIFE, Ken talks to Steve about his journey to his new world and new life.  Guest: Steve Tabrizi, You can reach Ken at:
32:34 05/31/2021
dj Matt C
He was known as dj Matt C, packing Toronto’s largest dance clubs well into the night. Would you believe Matt Casselman was running a club almost before attending one? In this fascinating edition of REALTYLIFE, Ken learns how Matt went from spinning tunes to closing deals as one of the most successful real estate agents in Toronto. Guest: Matt Casselman   Email Ken at 
31:47 05/17/2021
Life’s Wakeup Call
At one point or another, most everyone experiences a “wake up call”. It could personal or professional. It’s a moment when you realize it’s time to change. A moment when words and wishes turn to action and results. In this episode of REALTYLIFE, Ken talks to Shannon Murree. A woman fueled by passion and perseverance, who answered “life’s wakeup call.”  Guest: Shannon Murree - website Connect with Shannon on Twitter @movingsimcoeCheck out #shoeboxproject on LinkedIn Reach Ken by email
28:59 05/03/2021
The Anchorman
It takes courage, confidence and lots of support. Former television anchor and videojournalist Lance Chilton had all that when he walked away from the bright lights of the television studio and into real estate sales. In this episode of REALTYLIFE, Ken talks to Lance about how the fear of failure is a powerful and productive tool.Guest: Lance Chilton Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube   Reach Ken at 
23:43 04/19/2021
Being the best we can be
When no one is looking. When money is taken out of the equation.When your character is driving the bus.Those are the pillars that often separate good from great.In this episode of REALTY LIFE, Ken talks to one of the founders of the RE/MAX Hallmark team. Kent Sheppard shares what REALLY drives a successful business and why people matter most.Guest: Kent Sheppard, shep@teamsheppard.comReach Ken,
29:10 04/05/2021
The meeting that changed my life
A chance encounter. Coincidence. Destiny.Call it what you want. When the hand of fate reaches out and taps you on the shoulder, you have no idea what the future may bring. That’s what happened to Peg Herbert. One meeting impacted the lives of many. Ken and Peg talk fate.Guest Peg Herbert: pegherbert@helplesotho.orgReach Ken at
30:54 03/22/2021
One Day at a Time
He is a man who says yes to life AND to himself.  Life is filled with ups and downs.  What we decide to make of the journey is what dictates our outcomes and results. This is a snapshot and small glimpse into the life of Brent Crawford. He is a successful realtor, musician, actor, and mentor.  When that moment in Brent’s life arrived, he rose to the challenge... and then some.  This is an insightful, colourful, and thoughtful narrative of his journey.  Guest: Brent Crawford Reach Ken at
27:31 03/07/2021