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Metal Chris of DC Heavy Metal conducts heavy metal interviews with people from around the world.


Metal Embassy - 014 - Andrew Lee of Ripped To Shreds
Metal Chris interviews Andrew Lee of Ripped To Shreds and talks about the band's new album, Jubian, as well as some of Andrew's other musical endeavors, including Pharmacist and Heavy Metal Shrapnel.
37:49 10/15/2022
Metal Embassy - 013 - Sgah’gahsowáh of Blackbraid
Metal Chris interviews Sgah'gahsowáh of the indigenous black metal band Blackbraid. Interview recorded 19 August 2022 via Skype.
44:25 08/27/2022
Metal Embassy - 012 - The Hu from Mongolia
Metal Chris interviews, via interpreter, Jaya of the Mongolian metal band The Hu while the band is on their Black Thunder US Tour. Interview recorded 11 May 2022 via Zoom.
34:29 05/14/2022
Metal Embassy - 011 - Longhouse from Canada
Metal Chris interviews Josh Cayer, a First Nations Algonquin in Ottawa, Canada, that performs bass and vocals for the bands Longhouse and Dismal Aura. Josh goes in depth about the recent discovery of unmarked graves of indigenous children at schools across Canada.
36:30 08/04/2021
Metal Embassy - 010 - Chovu from Kenya
Metal Chris speaks with Preston and Barbara, the vocalist and drummer, respectively, of the Nairobi, Kenya, based metal band Chovu on this episode. They cover a wide range of topics from African mysticism and mythology to what it is like to be a woman in a heavy metal band in Kenya.
28:04 07/14/2021
Metal Embassy - 009 - Brajangngana from Bangladesh
Black metal from Bangladesh is this episode's theme when Metal Chris talks to Katatonic of the band Brajangngana about how he incorporates South Asian elements, along with mythology and history, into his music.
29:55 06/29/2021
Metal Embassy - 008 - Dr. Colossus from Australia
On this episode Metal Chris interviews Jono Colliver, guitarist and front man of the Australian band Dr. Colossus, a band that is as devoted to the Simpsons TV show as they are to writing jamming riffs.
29:46 06/16/2021
Metal Embassy - 007 - Apes of God from El Salvador
On this episode Metal Chris interviews Rodrigo Salguero of the Salvadorian death/thrash metal band Apes of God. The band's vocalist was murdered on stage during a performance in 2019 and Rodrigo explains how the band managed to overcome this tragedy and continue on, even recording a new full length album that was just released in April.
32:44 06/01/2021
Metal Embassy - 006 - Tang Dynasty from China (Short Version)
Kaiser Kuo is a founding member of the first heavy metal band in China, Tang Dynasty, as well as his later band Spring and Autumn. In this shorter version of this episode, he talks with Metal Chris about the early days of heavy metal in China and his instrumental role in bringing heavy metal to the country. To listen to the longer version of this interview, with an extra 12 minutes of conversation with Kaiser, visit
35:43 05/19/2021
Metal Embassy - 005 - Zalaam from Palestine
Amir Jacob is the man behind the Palestinian black metal band Zalaam and this episode's interview with Metal Chris is Amir's first interview about his band. Amir gives insight into how his environment influences the music of Zalaam.
28:00 05/04/2021
Metal Embassy - 004 - Gloosh from Siberia
On this episode Metal Chris interviews George Gabrielyan of the Siberia, Russia, based one man black metal band Gloosh and they talk about how nature and George's surroundings influence his music.
21:35 04/20/2021
Metal Embassy - 003 - Beastwars from New Zealand
On this episode Metal Chris interviews Matt Hyde, vocalist of the New Zealand based band Beastwars, and talks about how his bout with cancer brought the broken up band back together resulting in Beastwars recording a new album just weeks after he finished his last chemotherapy treatment.
26:24 04/06/2021
Metal Embassy - 002 - Creative Waste from Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia has only recently started to allow heavy metal shows and in this episode Fawaz Al-Shawaf talks about setting up the first above ground metal show ever in the country for his grindcore band, Creative Waste.
32:20 03/23/2021
Metal Embassy - 001 - Bantha Rider from Poland
On this first episode of Metal Embassy your host Metal Chris interviews Krzysiek Lesiński of the Star Wars themed band Bantha Rider from Poland.
28:30 03/08/2021