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Two fishing fanatics and the Lure-Matic Computer answering the age-old question, ”Why buy one fishing lure when you can buy 103?”


Lucy’s Best-of Compilation Episode! 51:35 07/24/2022
What’s that smell? 47:37 06/27/2022
The most disgusting lure ever seen! 53:47 06/13/2022
What was the Governor of Ohio’s largest fish? 43:59 05/30/2022
Is the Juggernaut Case a good value? 45:12 05/16/2022
The death of a fishing podcast (but not this one) 50:16 05/02/2022
What is the World’s largest collection of fishing lures? 33:51 04/18/2022
The best lure to get stuck in your nose! 32:28 04/04/2022
Which lures have caught the most record fish? 55:49 03/21/2022
Best lures for Lake of the Woods ice fishing! 38:33 03/06/2022
How much do you spend on fishing lures? 47:55 02/21/2022
Valentine’s Day Lure Special! 38:24 02/08/2022
Al’s Goldfish, a $14,000 lure, and just what color is Gitter Done? 54:50 01/25/2022
Water-skiing squirrel buzz baits, Wisconsin fishing lures & lure research updates 56:04 01/11/2022
The past, the future and a Z-Man Elaztech update 55:34 12/28/2021
Lure Love Christmas party! 57:39 12/11/2021
It‘s sloppa doppa in Maine! 30:36 12/01/2021
Fishing with bird lures: A Turkey Day Spectacular! 39:55 11/17/2021
Best fishing lures for kids, inside Crappie Hippie‘s brain and what to yell when you hook a fish 37:26 11/02/2021
How I got tons of FREE lures (and how you can, too)! 50:21 10/19/2021
How to break a crank bait & the Road Runner 37:59 10/05/2021
The Infamous River Runt & Does your insurance company sell musky lures? 30:44 09/21/2021
Did the first family of fly fishing use lures? 39:36 09/07/2021
A bedtime story of lost lures 30:38 08/24/2021
This fishing lure could save your life! 30:11 08/10/2021
Berkley Hit Stick Review, Luke Bryan Mystery Lure, Smart Lures and Test Ponds 31:00 06/14/2021
The Z-Man ElaZtech Challenge! 22:48 03/18/2021
The Miracle Cleaner for Old Lures 22:13 03/12/2021
The Best $50 Lure Kit 21:31 03/12/2021