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American culture has shifted from tolerant to cancel culture, from supportive to disruptive, from decent to rude, from optimistic to cynical, and from relatively safe to increasingly violent. We are exchanging our liberty to succeed for a forced form of socialism. Best-selling author, CEO across six industries, former candidate for Governor of Colorado, private pilot and adventurer, and engaging communicator, Barry Farah systematically delivers through Culture Shift the compelling path to get American culture back on track. Visit the


FBI Raids Colorado Elections Clerk 27:45 12/08/2021
Early American Thanksgiving - How Socialism Failed and Gratitude Prevailed 23:08 11/24/2021
Inflation and You (How to Respond to the Current Economy) 22:08 11/16/2021
How to Paint a Blue State Red (Replicating the Youngkin Victory) 14:08 11/08/2021
The Great Inflation 17:15 11/02/2021
Biden Walks Away...Again 16:50 10/28/2021
First Amendment Freedom Fighter 32:34 10/21/2021
Religious Exemptions & Legal Precedent 26:58 10/13/2021
Right to Religious Exemption 24:06 09/29/2021
Motives of Terror 31:16 09/15/2021
The Texas Heartbeat Law and our Family Adoption Story 27:00 09/09/2021
Afghanistan: Why The World Just Got More Dangerous 26:15 08/27/2021
Studies Reveal Natural Immunity is better than Vaxx 24:49 08/18/2021
VACCINES: A Decision Making Model 25:01 08/14/2021
School Boards: Equipping Parents to Engage 37:36 08/04/2021
White Fragility 25:10 07/28/2021
Preparing Your Kids to Take America Back 23:24 07/21/2021
Jim Crow Laws, Reparations & White Slavery 28:14 07/13/2021
Thomas Sowell and the Real History of Slavery 33:24 07/07/2021
Created Equal vs. Critical Race (The Clarence Thomas Story) 26:15 06/29/2021
The 1619 Project is a Lie 23:47 06/22/2021
Pot Shops Are More Dangerous Than You Think 33:46 06/15/2021
GenZ! Here’s How You Can Run for Office NOW 29:58 06/08/2021
Biological Males Do Not Belong in Women's Sports 31:42 06/01/2021
The Power of Moms for America 31:09 05/25/2021
Inflation Time Bomb 22:11 05/19/2021
Warning for America! 120+ Former Military Officers Speak Out 16:38 05/13/2021
💥 Reaction 💥 Barry Farah reacts to Biden's No-Mention-of-God National Day of Prayer Proclamation 15:12 05/10/2021
Ridiculous Items Edition 18:44 05/06/2021
How to Kill Cancel Culture 27:15 04/27/2021