Show cover of Glamour Days: A Vintage Celebration

Glamour Days: A Vintage Celebration

What happens when your festival isn't able to continue due to a worldwide pandemic? You start a podcast, of course! Guests join Amber and Stephanie to talk glamour, music, pinup, art, old Hollywood and fashion. Episodes feature designers, performers and artists from the Glamour Days festival, as well as vintage retailers and superstars of social media. Our mission is to captivate communities with unique and immersive experiences in the vintage world. Celebrating the best parts of the distinctive golden age of haute couture era (1945-1960s), Glamour Days is a bridge for all generations to come together and revel in the most fascinating and inspiring aspects of our shared past.


The Satin Dollz! 74:07 06/01/2021
Passion Umbrella 51:49 05/17/2021
Insomniac Creations 40:54 05/03/2021
Coppertop.Ink with a "K" 49:48 04/16/2021
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Spiegeltent 53:43 03/30/2021
Pilot 32:02 03/15/2021