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Cynthia Jones is pursuing her passion for helping high-achieving women develop their mindsets and become Royalty. Cynthia is the founder of Royalty Mindset Coaching, an organization that high-achieving women to get out of their own way and Ignite The Desire they have within them so they can live life with purpose and passion. In this show, our aim is to inspire you! You have everything you need right now to start and aspire. Drawing inspiration from her story, she is able to share with you the steps to success. She is a Cybersecurity professional who has been working in the industry for 15 years. Listen every week on Thursday for new inspirations. Join my FB community


#51 Easy Steps to Control Your Limiting Beliefs and Ways to Correct with Cynthia
“I’m not going to let that notion of me failing to stop me. I will fail and fail and fail until I succeed.”A limiting belief is a thought or belief that stops us from achieving our goals. It's important to remember that we're never too old to learn. There are always new resources and opportunities available to us, even if we don't realize it. So if you find yourself struggling with a limiting belief, don't hesitate to seek out help. There are people and organizations out there who can provide support and guidance. You just have to be willing to reach out and ask for it. In today's showI discuss how our subconscious mind is very powerful. It's like a computer that is constantly running in the background, storing all of our memories and organizing our thoughts. Our subconscious mind also plays a big role in shaping our beliefs about ourselves and the world around us. If we believe that we are not good enough, or that we don't deserve good things in life, then our subconscious mind will work to make those beliefs a reality. We will self-sabotage our efforts and end up getting exactly what we believe we deserve. However, if we change our limiting beliefs to something more positive and empowering, then our subconscious mind will start working to make those new beliefs a reality.Today Shows HighlightsThink about what you're telling yourselfAvoid Phrases that hold you backBegin to take actionMore about CynthiaWebsiteInstagramFacebookRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
15:57 08/18/2022
#50 Blueprint to Inspire through your goals in 2022 with Cynthia
“That inspiration that kept me going was that I knew it would better life for me. I knew things would work out. So, even in the midst of the storm, I just kept believing that.”Realizing your dreams can take a lot of effort, which makes it easy to feel stuck and lost. Rather than letting the weight of your goals overwhelm you, I would like to highlight the importance of goal-setting and how it can be a driving force to keep you invigorated in pursuing your dreams. In today's showCynthia started out her career as a cashier in the retailed industry, and after 10 years of hard work, she became the Assistant Manager with the goal of being a District Manager.  With the urge to accomplish more and make an impact,   Cynthia changed her career to IT by working on the helpdesk and acquiring 6 certifications in System Administration.   She later moved to Information Assurance with the aim to grow her career faster.   Determined to succeed, she arrived at 6 figure salary and got her dream job. She had everything she had always dreamt of, but there was an urge to help other women to grow financially and succeed at whatever their hearts desired.Drawing inspiration from her story, she is able to make their visions a reality through careful planning and trainingMore about CynthiaWebsiteInstagramFacebookRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
17:26 08/08/2022
#49 Keeping in Alignment With What You Want with Cynthia
“It’s kind of cliche: Once you get better, everything around you gets better. And the reason why everything around you gets better is that you have a different perspective.”Knowing what you want, setting your goals, and achieving them may be filled with challenges. Along the journey to get what we want, we might find ourselves overwhelmed and lost. In this episode, I would like to take some time to mull over the simple ways that can help you stay aligned with what you want. In today's showCynthia Jones is the founder of Royalty Mindset, a company whose mission is to aspire and motivate startup entrepreneurs to live the life they desire, no matter the circumstances.  With years of experience, she has a long record of successfully guiding women entrepreneurs through her proven strategies in marketing that make any business profitable. Drawing inspiration from her story, she is able to make their visions a reality through careful planning and trainingHere's a glance at this episode...[01:27]  How things change[05:46]  Realize you do not get things quickly[10:56]  Things do not come quicklyMore about CynthiaWebsiteInstagramFacebookRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
24:50 07/29/2022
#48 How to Get What You want in life by Understanding Our Thoughts with Dr. Hank
It All Starts With Your Thoughts It's sad but true that a lot of our thoughts are negative. In fact, research has shown that around 80% of our thoughts are "wired" thoughts, or thoughts that we have on autopilot. This means that we're thinking about things that we've been thinking about for years, and most of those thoughts are negative. This is concerning because it means that we're not thinking about new and positive things. Instead, we're stuck in a rut of negativity. How can we break out of this cycle?  One way is to become more aware of our thoughts. When we catch ourselves thinking negative thoughts, we can consciously choose to redirect our thoughts to something more positive. With practice, we can train our brain to think more positive thoughts automatically. As we do so, our entire outlook on life can begin to change for the better.In today's showDr. Hank is a Mental Scientist, a successful real estate investor, and has a passion for helping others become their greatest possibility!He has written 16 books including his most recent book "Easy Money, Easy Life!".  His experience has taken him to help Fortune 100 Companies around the world and thousands of people to be, do and have more of what they want!Here's a glance at this episode...[01:57]  Thoughts become reality[06:49]  How to find your passion[11:24]  Thoughts and Money[19:29]  Feeling better is importantMore about Dr. HankWebsiteLinkedInFacebookRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
22:50 06/18/2022
#47 How to Get Over From Anxiety and Stress Caused by Comparison with Raj Subrameyer
Realize that Comparison is a Constant Thing Whether you like it or not, there's always going to be a comparison. It’s not just the comparison with others, but also the comparison with yourself. Maybe there’s a skill that you can no longer do, or a change in your physique that makes you think that you were better in the past. It’s easy to get lost in the spiral of self-deprecation if you don't start with acceptance.Comparison is an inevitable part of life and a never-ending journey. So the first step you can do is to accept comparison and start changing your perspective. In today's showRaj Subrameyer is a tech career strategist focusing on helping people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He has been featured in numerous TV segments, podcasts and publications. He is also the author of the book - Skyrocket Your Career.  Here's a glance at this episode...[03:44]  Overcoming comparison[09:38]  How to find your passion[16:01]  Overcoming limitations[24:31]  How to Impact OthersMore about Raj SubrameyerWebsiteLinkedInTwitterRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
27:40 06/12/2022
#46 Discover your Passion to Live a Vibrant Life with Hillary Gooden
Know the Importance of Lymphatic System in Vibrant LifeVibrant life means having an active and healthy lymphatic system. When you keep your body's natural defense network functioning at its best, it will help with increased mental clarity as well extra energy! The Lymphatic involves the organs in this network which are part of our immune systems plus they work together to deliver fluids throughout each cell structure within us so no stone is left unturned when trying ensure optimal healthiness overall.In today's showHillary Gooden, Author, Speaker, VibrantLife Coach, Certified Lymphology Expert, and Spiritual Leader.   Since 2016, she has worked with women leaders with strategies to get back their emotional and physical health from the control of stress anxiety.She is a Speaker with the Black Business Expo USA, and Board Member of Women Reach Out with God Initiative of Nigeria, Africa.In 2014 she became a Certified Lymphologist through the International Academy of Lymphology.Here's a glance at this episode...[05:52]  Living a vibrant life[08:12]  Secrets to better health[10:59]  Why is moment important[16:40]  Embracing transformation[20:38]  Preparing for your futureMore about Hillary GoodenLinkedInRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
29:32 06/03/2022
#45 Find Happiness After Trauma with Tracey Brown
You Deserve Happiness, Start Accepting Yourself For Who You Are!Trauma is more common then you think and the amazing thing is that when it comes to physical and emotional trauma there's a lot more similarities than differences. The healing process can be pretty much same as well because your body will react in similar ways no matter what kind of injury you've received--whether blunt force TRAUMA or just an accident for example-to protect yourself from any further harm until things settle down again.Having your parents yell at you can be trauma for one, going through an accident for another, and in war for another,  The thing is the body reacts the same in all situations.  Fulfilling it's main job to protect you.In today's showTracey brown is a US Coast Guard Veteran, has overcome 30+ years of undiagnosed PTSD, is a  #1 best selling author of Rescue to Recovery: A veterans story of hidden scars and personal discovery. Featured speaker on Amazon prime video series “speak up” sharing the similarities between physical and emotional scars. Tracey was severely burned at the young age of 8, at age 21 joined the US Coast Guard and endured the traumas associated with search and rescue operations. She now speaks on the Dis-ease of Playing Small and how our mindset and connection to others is key to healing and growth. Here's a glance at this episode...[05:04]  Connection between trauma and scarring[11:10]  Creating more vitality in your life[17:18]  Lack of sleeping and what it means[20:15]  Mindset and healthMore about Tracey BrownRescue to RecoveryRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
29:02 05/26/2022
#44 Discover Why Your Emotional Health is a Priority, Not an Option with Jonathan Mills
We Have to Rely on OurselvesWhen we pay attention to connecting with ourselves, our lives are much more fulfilling and meaningful.Instead of constantly listening for signals outside us, it's essential that you start paying a closer eye on your inner world because this will give rise not only self-esteem but also a deeper understanding of who they really want or need in their life so they can live fully as an individual – no matter what other people tell them!In today's showJonathan and Charlotte Stebbing Mills talk about their vision for individuals to recognize that when they are healthy and well they can be a force for good in the world and support causes they believe in. With over 35+ years combined in health, fitness, and wellness, we have been empowering individuals all over the world to become happier, healthier versions of themselves. Inspiring people to say goodbye to stress and hello to lasting wellness means less time struggling and more time creating a meaningful impact on the world.Here's a glance at this episode...[06:21]  Incorporating your health journey[12:54]  Managing emotions[21:54]  Managing stressMore about Jonathan and CharlotteWellness TheoryRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
28:27 05/20/2022
#43 Understand Yourself Better and Take Control of your Life with Lisa Kilgour
Listen To What Your Body Needs Have you ever wondered why your body has the problems it does? I mean, experts can tell us what's wrong with our bodies but sometimes they don't exactly understand how to fix them.The answer may be as simple or complex as needing more sleep than eating breakfast every day-but either way we should try figuring that out for ourselves before listening too closely!In today's showLisa Kilgour who is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and a sought-after speaker, educator, and author who helps people heal from diverse and complex health issues. In 2015, she spoke at TedX Kelowna on the Gut/Brain Connection and in 2010 was voted “BC’s Favorite Nutritionist” by Natural Health Care Canada.  Her brand-new book Undieting: Freedom from the Bewildering World of Fad Diets was released in September 2020. Here's a glance at this episode...[01:49]  How you learn to diet[07:33]  Understanding holistic nutrition [13:51]  Listening to your body[25:44] How to handle sugarMore about Lisa KilgourLisa Kilgour@lisa.kilgour.nutritionistRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
41:27 05/13/2022
#42 Learn How to Heal Within From Stress Using Joy with Dr. LuLu Shimek
Create a Positive RoutineThe perfect way to start your day is with a good night's sleep. Your body needs proper rest in order for you feel energized and healthy during the day, so don't skip out on this!If stress has been taking over too many aspects of life lately (and it likely will), there are some simple ways we can combat them—like going through our routines or making healthier choices overall-every little change goes very far when fighting off feelings like overwhelm.In today's showDr. LuLu Shimek is a Naturopathic Physician and expert in genetic health, working with patients experiencing chronic disease: hormonal imbalance, endocrine disorders, gastrointestinal dysfunction, depression, anxiety and fatigue. She believes that once we dive deep down to the root of the problem of the distortion and ignite our bodies innate ability to heal, we see unimaginable changes in our well being. Her passion lies in helping people discover their zest and joy for life that has been lost along their path of illness.  She also is an herbal formulator, international speaker and author spreading the message of health and educating about prevention and wellbeing. Her podcast, The Genetic Genius, is dedicated to genomics and planetary alternative health. Her new book focuses on using botanical medicine and other natural modalities to heal the whole body by optimizing vitality, increasing wellbeing and enhancing cellular performance.Here's a glance at this episode...[03:01]  Healing within[06:18]  Expansion of alternative health[11:10]  Intentional Living{18:54} Incorporating self-care dailyMore about Dr. LuluDr. LuLu ShimekDetox Nourish Activate BookFreebieRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
28:48 05/05/2022
#41 Easy Mindfulness Wellness to Change your Mindset with Beth Shaw
Mindfulness WellnessTaking care of yourself can be a challenge at times. It's important to find time for self-care and meditation, no matter how busy life gets or what commitments you are going on in your life!Most of the time, you are so busy taking care of everyone else that your own health and happiness falls by the wayside. You have no energy to do anything for yourself because it's just not worth your time or effort when there is so much out here trying take up all this space in life already! But you know what? That doesn't need be true anymore--you're finally figuring yourself again after years spent swimming upstream against societal pressure (and let’s face facts: sometimes even YOUR OWN!).  And Beth will share with us tips and steps to do just that. In today's showBeth is also a best-selling author, her premier book, YogaFit has sold over 100,000 units worldwide. Now her latest, Healing Trauma with Yoga, is another best-seller and helps many during this pandemic. Shaw’s following book, YogaLean, is a lifestyle program that provides tools for maintaining optimal health. The YogaFit Athlete has inspired a 100-hour YogaFit for Athletes specialty track for instructors. All books have been translated into multiple languages, providing the universal appeal of YogaFit.Here's a glance at this episode...[04:35]  Intuitive  Thinking[08:08]  Optimal Health[11:10]  Intentional Living{21:39} Physical and Mental Health More about BethBeth ShawRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
23:05 04/28/2022
#40 Taking your Life and Wellness to the Next Level with Geraldine Freshour
Creating the Health you DesireFor the next six weeks we will be discussing health and how it's truly your wealth.I have gathered roughly 6 experts to help you learn why your health is important and how you can change your body and health without pills and overwhelm.In this series you will walk away with a clear foundation on how to improve your health for sustainability and growth.In today's showGery shares how she started this adventure because of a personal battle with sickness. In 2017, she found herself incredibly anxious and irritable, for no apparent reason. From aching feet and dried eyes to gut issues and joint pain, her condition presented itself with different symptoms every time. As you can expect it, the majority of the doctors, reduce her condition to depression and anxiety and sent her home with a prescription.  She shares how to make changes to your diet and lifestyle that serves your life  Here's a glance at this episode...[07:57]  Knowing what you eat[11:45]  What is disease[13:59]  How food effects your body{28:21} What your body is askingMore about GeryGery Freshour@itstherootcauseRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
30:54 04/21/2022
#39 Starting my Podcast Journey 1 Year Later with Cynthia Jones
Believing in What you DesireLast year went by really quickly.  Can you believe it's been a whole year since I started Ignite the Desire!  I am so excited for this next chapter in our journey together!I am a firm believer that you have what it takes to create the life you desire.And that is exactly how Ignite the Desire has been born and crossed the 1-year mark. In today's show From the beginning of this podcast.  I've wanted to share my story with you.   The thing is that most people start out in the same place - they have an idea and then just need time for themselves before putting their plans into action!  In this episode,  I will share some insight into how things started and how things are going.Here's a glance at this episode...[02:00]  How to ignite your desires[07:01]  Switching midstream[09:18]  Lessons learnedClick here to listen!Rate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
23:42 04/13/2022
#38 How to Ignite the Desire in your Heart with Ciara Stockeland
Small Steps To Achieve Your GoalsWe are living in a fast-paced world, where we want to get there as quickly and efficiently as possible. This leads you into the habit of rushing through your goals or dreams without taking time for yourself along the way.You have it all within yourself though - even when you may feel lost at times--to make this life great! We don't need easy; what good is that if you're not happy? Achieving your greatest potential takes determination (and sometimes stubbornness), but CAN do anything!In today's show, we have Ciara Stockeland.    Ciara has owned and operated businesses since her early teens.  As a serial entrepreneur, her business mindset and tenacity led her to opening her first store in 2006 which she then franchised. Her vast experience in both retail and wholesale industries led her to launch the first to market wholesale subscription box for boutique retailers, which she built and sold within 18 months. Most recently Ciara has launched the Boutique Workshop, a coaching program for retailers. In this episode,  she will share some insight into how to build a successful business.Here's a glance at this episode...[02:38]  Creating your journey[05:01]  Importance of gratitude[09:13]  How to honor your dreams[12:54]  Importance of actionable stepsClick here to listen!More about CiaraCiara StockelandRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
16:49 04/08/2022
#37 Your Words Have the Power to Change Lives with Jyostna Ramachandran
Writing Your StoryBut writing isn't always easy. It can take dedication, consistency, and commitment to finish what you start if that's something that inspires others as well - because anyone could write a book but only those with the persistence will succeed in making it big time!Here are a few tips to finish writing your book when you're planning on publishing it yourself. The first thing that will help is getting an idea of what the finished product should look like and feeling comfortable with all characters, settings, or scenes in mind before moving forward! In today's show, I spoke with Jyotsna Ramachandran.    Jyotsna is a bestselling author, book publisher, TEDx speaker, and is an international Author Success Coach who helps coaches, trainers, speakers, and experts to build a super-profitable author funnel with the help of their book. She is on a mission to elevate the consciousness of humanity one book at a time by helping visionary leaders convert their messages into bestselling books in the easiest possible way. So far, Jyotsna has helped over 400 authors from 35 different countries through her global publishing agency, Happy Self Publishing. In this episode,  she will share some insight into how to write your story.Here's a glance at this episode...[02:28]  What is book publishing[07:22]  Habits of good planning[09:34]  How to become an author[15:06]  What is Angel writing{22:41}  How to self-publishClick here to listen!More about JyotsnaJyotsna RamachandranRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
25:16 03/23/2022
#36 How to Transform your Financial Thoughts with Nicholle Overkamp
Transforming your Financial StoryThe key to happiness is learning how not to be defined by your circumstances. You can change what you think about yourself and start feeling unshakeable no matter the situation life throws at you, which will make all aspects of living more enjoyable!The feeling of being unshakable is something that we all need in life. You may not be able to plan for every single thing, but knowing you have this strength gives your day-to-day a sense of purpose and stability which not many things can take away from you.But still... having inner peace with yourself guides you through difficult times without worry or concern because you know your footing will never shift and having financial freedom is just a part of the feeling.In today's show, I had the honor of speaking with Nicholle Overkamp.   Nicholle has an MBA, ChFC®, CDFA® is a personal finance expert and business coach for women. She’s the Founder and CEO of Wilcox Financial Group and PowHERhouse Money Coaching. PowHERhouse Money focuses on business coaching for ambitious women, wealth coaching, and educational programming! Wilcox Financial Group is a comprehensive financial planning firm. It was founded to create an environment that’s progressive and client-centric with outstanding high-touch service. Nicholle is the Co-author of the best-selling book Money Bitch: A no-BS guide for smart women to own their financial future. Empowering women isn’t only a mission for Nicholle through her companies In this episode,  she will share some insight into how to transform your financial story.Here's a glance at this episode...[03:05]  Developing beliefs about money[05:58]  Being authentic with your money[11:33]  Money mindset[15:22]  New money habitsClick here to listen!More about NicholleNicholle OverkampMoney Type QuizRate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
20:09 03/09/2022
#35 How to Leave your Job and Never Look Back with Calien Asher
Facing Change with ConfidenceEveryone is looking for success in one way or another.  To fully step into success it will require you to start thinking about your future. You might think that security and safety is something worth sacrificing for, but in reality, it's not what will make us happy or bring true success into our lives - so why don't we give up on this idea of being "safe" now?Go towards saying "yes" at first because there could potentially never come a time when leaving means anything other than too late!In today's show, I had the honor of speaking with Calien Ascher.   Cailen is an award-winning Business Coach with a 3-day workweek, a mom of two little girls, and the creator of Scale-Up™ — a program that teaches 1:1 coaches and online service providers how to transition from exhausting one-to-one work to a Premium Group Program so they can increase revenue while decreasing working hours.In this episode,  she will share some insight into how to build your business successfully online.Here's a glance at this episode...[02:44]  Understand the challenges of building an online business[07:43]  Consistency is Key[10:53]  How to hope without giving up[15:11]  Meaning of high-end clientClick here to listen!Rate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
23:28 03/02/2022
#34 Follow your Passion and Win the Game of Life with Summer McStravick
Living in a State of Possibilities and HappinessLife can be tricky.  You may have failed at inventing the wheel once, but that doesn't mean you won’t be successful this time. In order to become an expert and create something new out of nothing, it's necessary for you not only to believe you can do so but take action as well. This mental state includes breaking down any beliefs which might stand between you and the dream or goals you want to achieve.Today I had the pleasure of talking with Summer McStravick on this episode, she is the creator of Flowdreaming, an active meditation technique that empowers you to program your future, remove blocks and patterns (and so much more!) by working with the living energies of our universe. She's also the founder of M.E. School, her online program that helps you break through into your personal power and find your magic. Check out her podcast, Flowdreaming, for 680 episodes fueled with inner power and manifestingIn this episode,  flow into flow dreaming and how to actually create the life you love every day.Here's a glance at this episode...[05:25]  How to take steps towards your goals[09:52] Regain your trust in yourself[15:11]  Learn how to trust your intuition[28:45]  How to know what excites youClick here to listen!Rate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
34:02 02/22/2022
#33 Actually Living The Dream You Desire with Jerome Meyers
Why I believe in dreams and living a fulfilled lifeNot too long ago, this was not my reality.  I actually believed that living my life was dependent on someone or something else.   I did not even believe in my dreams but was actually afraid of them.But as you will hear in this episode dreams really do come true and you actually shape how they do by improving yourself.I believe in this because I had several dreams of being married, having children, working in the IT profession, and many more.  I can honestly say today they are coming true and the bigger I dream the more I live a fulfilled life.Today I love embracing my dreams and on this episode, we had the pleasure of speaking with Jerome Myers He is the founder and Chief Inspiration Officer of DreamCatchers and The Myers Development Group.  Jerome is the leading authority of dream realization, a believer that dreams can and should be real. Jerome left corporate America when he realized that his role offers financial gain, but little significance.In this episode,  We'll get really deep into what it takes to build the life you desire.  You are having those dreams for a live a fulfilled life.Here's a glance at this episode...[4:00]  How you can follow your dreams and define success as you believe it to be[8:07] Understanding how you feel about your career and desires and what you can do about it[13:48]  What is the one thing you need to do when taking on new adventurers in your life[21:14]  What are the 6 steps of intentional learningClick here to listen!Rate, Review, & Follow on Apple Podcast" I love what Cynthia she is doing on Ignite The Desire"
32:35 02/15/2022
#32 How to Make a Successful Career Brand with Chellie Phillips
Chellie is a sweet-tea-sipping sassy Southerner with a passion for helping career-minded professionals create a personal brand that highlights their unique talents and removes their cloak of invisibility. She’s the author of two books (When In Doubt, Delete It! and Get Noticed, Get Hired). Her Successfully Ever After formula is designed to help land you in an ideal career perfectly matched to your skill set so that Monday feels like a “Get To” not a “Got To.” What to listen for:  In creating the career you desire?02:20 Becoming irresistible08:17 How to command your worth08:15 Steps to brand yourself14:49 What is career branding20:50 Living a fulfilled life ResourcesChellie websiteVisible in Workplace PlannerCheck-in with Cynthia!Write a review hereCynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide
26:07 02/10/2022
#31 Embrace your Wildly Successful Business with Sonia Moroni
In today’s show we are talking with  Sonia  Moronia and she the branding therapist behind Wildly Creating.  She found her love for web design and brand strategy while traveling the world, and has never looked back. She researched, tested, and experimented every little step in both branding and web design to provide her clients with the best of the best.Her agency is where she is passionate about creating, designing, and developing strategy-infused brands for high-performing entrepreneurs who are ready to change the world and are not afraid to go big!What to listen for:  Creating the life  you desire?02:44 Step into your dream06:22 Brand Therapist08:15 Steps to brand yourself13:57 Following inspiration16:16 Why is freedom important ResourcesSonia Moroni@wildlycreatingCheck-in with Cynthia!Write a review hereCynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide
26:21 02/03/2022
#30 Easily Learn your Abilities in Human Design with Lena Thompson
In today’s show we are talking with Lena Thompson on intuitive decision making.  Lena is an award-winning Social Media marketer who helps spiritual, practical, and ambitions men and women to unleash the power of their Intuition so that they can make powerful decisions and activate their creative genius to create purposeful & sustainable business and life. Learning how to trust your intuition is never easy but with the correct steps it’s always practical and rewarding.What to listen for:  How your intuition leads you?03:05 Discovering your intuition07:46 Decision making10:31 Leadership characteristics12:18 Letting go of the struggle13:49 Human DesignResourcesLena ThompsonMy Body Graph Check-in with Cynthia! Cynthia on Instagram: Royalty Mindset Free Resource: Confidence Guide
17:33 01/27/2022
#29 Royalty Mindset 2022 Year with Special Guest
As we wrap up another year, it's important to take a look back and reflect on all that has happened. It's been a transformative year for us, and we've come so far. There were so many amazing moments and accomplishments this year but there's still work to do. We need to keep pushing forward and continue with our journey. This episode is a memorable event for the host, Cynthia as she has a special guest in this show, her husband where he shares his strategies for reaching your New Year's resolutions and inspires us as he imparts his wisdom on how to have a meaningful journey toward our goal.We dive into discussions about resolutions, intentions, and designing your life with support from others.   Life has many turns, ups, and downs, but what is important is how you handle each situation.  We strive to give you practical tips in improving your life in all areas.02:27  What drives you05:03  Importance of planning and preparation 07:25  Giving up is not an option13:14  Confidence is key21:02  Steps to build your life28:49  Finding your purpose36:46  Learning is growth46:05  Takeaways  Check-in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide
44:31 01/20/2022
#28 Royalty Mindset Year In Review 2021
Ignite The Desire Year in Review 2021This review consists of what happened during 2021.   It was an exciting year for the founder of Royalty Mindset and host of Ignite the Desire podcast Cynthia Jones.  She is a Wife, Mom, and Cybersecurity Professional. She loves to travel and help those around her.  Cynthia strives to make a difference in the lives she has the privilege of touching.  In the year 2021, there were a lot of changes both good and challenging, but she was able to go through and at the end felt very good about the outcome. Personal development should be a way of life.  When you are personally developing and growing yourself everything around you.  What does personal development look like?  It’s about not settling, seeing the good in all situations, and never giving up.  Perseverance is a key attribute that you get to develop over time.  Along with intuition to building the life you desireBeing intentional in your life is another topic that was discussed in this episode.  Learn how to embrace your intentionality and so much more in this review.Check-in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: Resource:
23:37 01/13/2022
#27 Everything Legal with Girija Patel-GBP Law
In today’s episode, we are talking with Girija Patel.  Girija is a mom, wife, lawyer, podcaster, strategist, educator, and business owner in Houston, Texas. Her law practice, GBP Law, specifically focuses on helping entrepreneurs and online business owners build their business’ legal fundamentals and integrate legal as a part of their strategy so they can move forward confidently and do what they love! Her goal is to help make legal a line item and not a panic attack! In 2020, Girija launched Your Contract Buddy, an online contract template shop, and founded her podcast, Law Chat with Girija.  From her days of being a prosecutor to managing her own law practice and to being a lead legal strategist for your business, Girija’s core value to serve her community remains at the center of all her endeavors.What to Listen For: Establishing Your Legal PresenceWelcome – 1:48Working with women in the entrepreneurship - 3:05Sharing experiencesKnowing the world of entrepreneursBeing Creative -13:39Starting a businessProactiveFinancial wellness -20:15Financial Allocation Investments as an entrepreneur -22:33Where to invest or what to invest in Coaching legal Resources Girija Patel’s Website: GBP LawGirlja On Instagram: GBPCheck In with Cynthia!Cynthia On Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resources: Confidence Guide
35:31 12/28/2021
#26 How to put Your Mind with Your Dream with Olga Nesterova
In today’s episode, we are talking with Olga Nesterova. Her vision is that anything is possible when we put our mind to it and get ready to work on it. She has been a pro athlete which has taught her the importance of strategy, hard work, and dedication. Her dream has been to change the world and so after graduating from 2 universities with 3 degrees she made her way to the UN as a diplomat. Further, she worked with the NBA/NHL/WNBA as a producer and had several companies. All this was possible because of the mindset that allowed her to make mistakes, learn, and be authentic and goal-oriented. Her intention is to show people the ways of making their dreams come true and kick the limiting beliefs to the curb.What to listen for:  How to Put Your Mind with Your DreamWelcome – 1:53Olga Background- 6:35Started as a professional athleteHow her first company startedHow do you place value- 7:17Talk about responsibilityOwning our mistakesResponsibility -11:20Being patient with yourselfDefining procrastinationWhy it so hard to make Decisions -15:46Doing our bestMind settingWe can do certain things alone and that’s okay in doing that. You don’t need someone’s approval to make achieve your dream, believe in what you can do, and trust in yourself. You have all the tools needed to start and when you start and it leads somewhere, then you will have the budget to do and outsource your weaknesses. But you are okay to make the first move.Resources: Olga Nesterova’s Website: OnestbusinessOlga on Instagram: @onestbusinessCheck in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: @royaltymindsetcoachingFree Resource: Confidence Guide
27:59 12/21/2021
#25 Hidden Aspect of Grief with Katie Rossler
In today’s episode, we are talking with Katie Rossler. Katie is a transformative grief guide and licensed counselor with 13 years of experience helping individuals, couples, and families. She is the author of The New Face of Grief and is on a mission to help people learn how to heal hidden grief in their lives. Katie is an expat, wife, mom of three, and loves to be by the water to relax. Grief is an emotion that you can live with and not feel overwhelmed. You are more than capable of facing those emotions. It only seems scary because you are not taught to deal with such emotions, but you can start to work through such feelings. You are never alone, and support is all around you so start to reach out and get the healing you deserve.What to Listen For: Grief Isn’t Pretty but It’s BeautifulWelcome – 1:42How grief impact your work performance - 6:31Transition is a learned skilledDefining GriefGrief affect on family dynamics -16:36CommunicationTakeaways – 22:39ResourcesKatie Rossler Website:  Life’s ChallengesInstagram:  Katie RosslerCheck in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide
28:00 12/07/2021
#24 You Can Get the Job You Deserve with Super Julie Braun
In today’s episode, we are talking with Julie Braun. She is also known as Super Julie SJ she intends to spend the rest of her life helping others grow by attaining the career and salary of their dreams through her wisdom and creative crew. SJ has worked with over 16,000 people to get the job they deserve, including veterans, stay-at-home parents, immigrants, folks from the LGBTQIA community, formerly incarcerated, learning disabilities, and folks with addictions or alcoholism. What is it that you are thinking that's stopping you from growing the success that you desire? Through her struggles and obstacles of having a learning disability of auditory processing disorder and dyslexia, she maintained the mindset of success. And we know this show is about the mindset of never giving up by creating optimal organizational skills and priding herself on a self-deprecating sense of humor.What to Listen For: Building the Career You DesireWelcome- 03:26Transferring skills- 07:24Job Skills are transferrableFind your purposeWhat is your dream - 14:49Importance of having a dreamWhat story you would like to tellSalary Negotiation-19:44What do people do in looking for a jobCareer BuildingResources:Julie Braun Website: Super PurposesJulie On Instagram: Super PurposeCheck in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide 
43:28 11/30/2021
#23 Rewiring Subconscious Beliefs With Lisa Samet
In today’s episode, we are talking with Lisa Samet. Lisa is a well-known health practitioner who has appeared on the Dr. Oz show to promote homeopathy and naturopathic healing. She has an international practice based in Montreal, specializing in homeopathy, emotional wellness, nutrition & lifestyle optimization. When emotional issues are an obstacle to healing, Dr. Samet uses the Emotional Repatterning techniques presented in her book to help patients uncover and rebalance the deep, subconscious beliefs that often underlie their unhappiness, “stuckness” and mental or physical pain.What to Listen For: Mental ToughnessWelcome –03:44Emotional healingSubconscious beliefs and how they affect your lifeSelf-Resilience–08:55Defining self-resilience Understand the benefits of bouncing backFeelings and being resilientMatter of perspective–15:11Interpretation and your surroundings Joyful presentativeLearning self-discovery–25:39Understanding your subconscious thoughtsBelief systemsIt's so easy to live in despair it's so easy to check out and throw your hands out it's so easy to withdraw but there are many ways to overcome being despair. Believe in yourself.Resources:Lisa Samet website: Emotional RepatterningLisa on IG: lisasametndCheck in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram: Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide 
37:29 11/23/2021
#22 Becoming Clear, Confident and Influential With Julie Schneider
In today’s episode, we are talking with Julia Schneider. Her goal is to help women to deliver their message powerfully, purely, and in a way that deeply moves and motivates their listeners. Julia is the WomanSpeak program leader and creator of Alive with Possibility: Uplifting Happiness and Wellbeing on the Planet summit. She supports women who desire to make a positive difference in the world and becoming clear, confident, and influential in their speaking.What to Listen For: Communication is keyWelcome –2:21The Alive with possibilities summitMoving to your new positionTransitioning through career and life–8:50Knowing enough is enoughWhat to look for in your new positionFeelings are important in your transitionNatures Calling–14:46Following your intuitionNature and intuition interactingOvercoming Obstacles –19:43Practice gratitudeSpeaking your truth is rewardingIntuition and believing in yourself is something you can and will do. Becoming your best self is possible. You have been uniquely made and have something to share. Every woman who is inspired to share a message speak up, just speak up, because you have no idea how many people you could impact. You know, you often think that what you say, doesn't have value. Believe in the value you bring to this life.Resources:Julia Schneider Website: The SummitCheck in with Cynthia!Cynthia on Instagram:  Royalty MindsetFree Resource: Confidence Guide
30:14 11/16/2021