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The Sheldon Kennedy Show

A new podcast presented by Respect Group featuring Sheldon Kennedy having open and honest conversations with notable guests sharing their insights and subject matter expertise on the many social issues we face today.


Episode 11: Farkhunda Muhtaj
Farkhunda Muhtaj is an Afghan-Canadian professional footballer and social activist, and recently joined Respect Group as the Director of Conscience and Culture.
42:33 9/29/22
Episode 10: Dina Bell-Laroche
As a certified professional coach with the International Coach Federation, Dina’s passion is in supporting sport leaders looking to explore various ways to develop, learn, grow, and thrive.
46:13 8/2/22
Episode 9: Tyler Smith
Tyler Smith is a survivor of the Humboldt Broncos bus crash and is now passionate about mental health advocacy and public speaking.
49:01 6/15/22
Episode 8: Jennifer J. Williams, BSc(H), MD, FRCPC
Jennifer is a compassionate and trauma-informed gastroenterologist and leader who is committed to creating healthy work environments which support individuals to thrive while improving the quality of healthcare, enhancing patient experience and outcomes and achieving system sustainability.
52:12 5/11/22
Episode 7: Mark Jones
Mark’s passion for working with kids was fulfilled through his 36 years in the education world, as both a teacher and an administrator.
38:47 1/26/22
Episode 6: Bryant McBride
Bryant McBride builds businesses at the intersection of sports, technology and media. Bryant's entrepreneurial track record over 20 years is 5-1-1 netting investors 8X cumulatively on invested capital, with one more investment, Burst, where he is CEO, still in play.
51:54 1/24/22
Episode 5: Kyle Shewfelt
A lifelong devotee of gymnastics since learning how to do a cartwheel as a young boy, three-time Olympian Kyle Shewfelt made history by winning gold on the floor exercise at the 2004 Athens Games, the first and only medal for a Canadian in artistic gymnastics.
41:03 9/27/21
Episode 4: Kaitlyn Weaver
Kaitlyn Weaver is a three-time World medalist figure skater with partner Andrew Poje. Post-competitive life finds this ambitious creative engaging in her skating community, participating in and initiating global fundraisers, and part-time coaching and choreography.
50:37 6/30/21
Episode 3: Jeff Hamilton
Jeff Hamilton is an award-winning investigative journalist with the Winnipeg Free Press. He was most recently nominated for two national journalism awards, including the Michener Award and the CJF Jackman Award.
53:13 5/27/21
Episode 2: Gretchen Kerr, Ph.D
Gretchen Kerr, Ph.D is a Professor in the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education at the University of Toronto and a co-Director of the Canadian Gender Equity in Sport Research Hub.
46:04 5/4/21