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Real Estate Marketing Dude

The Real Estate Marketing Dude is a podcast for real estate agents that focuses strictly on real estate lead generation strategies that fall within 3 categories of real estate marketing. We will discuss various topics of real estate marketing including Referral Marketing, Transactional Marketing, and Cold Marketing.


Back to the Basics with Andres Bustamante 35:49 08/13/2022
Getting Personal & Authentic with Your Email Marketing with Kevin Snow 30:29 08/06/2022
Bid My Listing with Ryan Dranginis & Chris Wesser 23:00 07/23/2022
Viral Video with Colin Schindler 30:52 07/16/2022
The Recession Proof Business Model with Ryan Kelly and David Casey 47:26 07/02/2022
Create and Multi-Purpose, Rinse and Repeat with Zac Shull 29:25 06/25/2022
More Money Less Hustle with Jess Lenouvel 28:55 06/18/2022
Why Everyone Needs More Reviews with Will Penney 28:01 06/11/2022
You Got To Start Creating Content Somewhere With Chris Bello 31:26 05/28/2022
Keep Creating Content & Remain Center of Attention With Maria Quattrone 36:17 05/21/2022
Stop Chasing Leads, Start Creating Content with Sarah Noel Block 31:31 05/14/2022
How To Use Video When New To An Area 40:24 05/07/2022
Relationships, Relationships, Relationships With Euan Graham 38:25 04/30/2022
I Broke My Golden Rule, Be Consistent. 26:15 04/21/2022
Why I Would Create Content On Inflation Right Now? 47:21 04/07/2022
Case STUDY: What Happens After 6 Months of Consistent Content Creation? 38:31 03/18/2022
Flipping Land? Yes It's Doable, With Brent Bowers. 34:25 03/10/2022
What Kind of Videos, How to Script, & How to Distribute 43:11 03/04/2022
Video Marketing-Identify Your Audience & Content Strategy 32:46 02/25/2022
What's Your Plan For Retirement? 26:10 02/17/2022
Conversion Through Authenticity with Tristan Ahumada 47:55 02/12/2022
What It Takes To build a Team With Suneet Agarwal 31:04 02/08/2022
Create Media, NOT Advertising Or Prospecting 31:15 02/04/2022
Disrupting Your Marketing Using Video with Jeff Pftizer 39:18 02/01/2022
Attracting Leads Online with Ryan Stewman AKA The Hardcore Closer 47:21 01/25/2022
Working in Your Business vs Work ON It with Josh Fonger 30:36 01/19/2022
Converting Leads Through Text with Jesse Beaudoin 70:02 01/18/2022
How To Optimize Your PPC Campaigns 35:28 01/12/2022
Debunking Google Ads 30:34 12/27/2021
Stop Chasing Leads & Start Chasing CONVERSATIONS 40:14 12/24/2021