Show cover of The Alex Merced Cast - Where a Nice Latino Tech Geek talks Culture, Economics and anything.

The Alex Merced Cast - Where a Nice Latino Tech Geek talks Culture, Economics and anything.

Everyone's favorite individualist, tech geek, and nice guy talks about economics, culture and whatever he finds interesting.Follow him on twitter @alexmerced and checkout his technology podcasts, Web Dev 101 and Datanation wherever you listen to podcasts.


Discussing Inflation and Improving Culture for Everyone 13:30 05/12/2022
Understanding Raising Interest Rates and Inflation 15:45 03/10/2022
The Left, Right, Billianaires and Philanthropy 13:30 02/24/2022
Inflation, the causes, how to deal with it, and the politics 12:59 02/10/2022
Austrian Business Cycle Theory Overview 21:36 02/06/2022
An Intro to Debt, Bonds, Interest Rates, Yield Curves, Government Debt and Politics 30:15 12/03/2021
An Intro to Understanding Inflation in Money and Price 25:29 11/25/2021
Decentralized Technology (IPFS, Mastodon,, Blockchain) 21:54 10/24/2021
Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto - an Introduction - Part 4 - Tokens, ICOs, dApps, Settlement Layers and more 18:47 10/01/2021
Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto - an Introduction - Part 3 - Proof of Work vs Proof of State 08:41 09/17/2021
Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto - an Introduction - Part 2 - Why Validate Transactions? 07:22 09/10/2021
Bitcoin Blockchain Crypto - an Introduction - Part 1 - What is a Blockchain? 11:34 09/03/2021
Interview: David Dorr of Coro Global on Gold Payments, Distributed Ledgers and Finance 47:19 07/21/2021
Do Rights Exist? (A Reflection) 18:37 07/12/2021
Revisiting Bitcoin and Blockchain - What is it, why does it matter, why you should care 25:26 06/29/2021
Reflection/Austrian Econ: Stephan Kinsella questioning whether the Entrepreneurial Skill Exists? 17:45 06/19/2021
Why the Libertarian Party Did, Does and WIll Always Matter 13:59 06/18/2021
What are Critical Theories and my Thoughts on LPNH 39:40 06/17/2021
Political Parties, Caucuses, and the Problems with Scaling 25:36 06/15/2021
Decentralized Tech (Algorand, GUN Database, Mastodon) 11:07 06/14/2021
A Libertarian on Child Labor, Wages and Capital 31:19 06/07/2021
How to Fund Scientific Research (Public vs Private Means) 21:57 05/26/2021
Socialism vs Liberalism, a Discussion 21:40 04/11/2021
The Oakland "UBI", Social Justice, Consent, and Culture 25:38 03/27/2021
The Dangers of Populism In All Causes 12:12 03/25/2021
Digital Goods/Labor - Rethinking Inflation, Interest Rates and Price Levels 23:55 02/08/2021
Why Shorting Stock and Options are important and People should relax 14:27 01/31/2021
Blockstack, Bitcoin, Capitol Building, Trump, Twitter, Parler 21:17 01/10/2021
Alex Merced - End of 2020 Look Back and Look Forward 12:50 12/28/2020
The Tea Party, BLM, BLTM and how movements get distorted by Politics 31:44 12/04/2020