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The Real Bottom Line

The Podcast For Ambitious Entrepreneurs Serious About Growing Their Business The building or running of a business is not for the weak of heart. I work with business owners of all different stages of the Entrepreneurship journey and am continually inspired by their ideas, perseverance, and true grit. Join us for lessons of inspiration, motivation, and hard knocks. And learn about some pretty amazing businesses and entrepreneurs along the way.


EP054 - Samantha Dean 39:56 05/17/2022
Navigating ADHD & Business with Andre Brisson 29:39 05/10/2022
The Powers Of Personal Branding 41:52 05/03/2022
How does the carbon market work with Megan McCarthy 41:33 04/26/2022
Big, Game Changing Ideas with Andrea Invanka 29:02 04/19/2022
Jobs to be Done with Katelyn Bourgoin 36:55 04/12/2022
I'm Profitable, now what with Wendy Brookhouse 08:19 04/05/2022
Leadership with Lisa Haydon 36:06 03/29/2022
How to Screen Your Opportunities with Eleanor Beaton 41:48 03/22/2022
How to Turn Leads into Buyers with Tamika Auwai 42:42 03/15/2022
How to Scale a Company to 50 with Saeed El-Darahali 35:28 03/08/2022
Get Inspired with Tareq Hadhad 47:00 03/01/2022
The Different Types of Phone Calls with Mary Jane Copps 32:58 02/22/2022
Is Your Brain Making You Richer or Poorer? 08:09 02/15/2022
How to Be Authentic Online with Monique Bryan 41:52 02/08/2022
How to Network Your Way to Success with Justin Breen 52:49 02/01/2022
Goodbye To 2021 - What Did We Learn? 47:53 01/25/2022
My Favourite Business Books 22:09 01/18/2022
What You Can’t Delegate with Your Accounting with Frances Schagen 45:22 01/11/2022
How to Productize Your Services with Laural Carr 45:43 01/04/2022
Evaluating Business Opportunities with Roxanne Tate 29:49 12/28/2021
How to Approach Strategy with Andrea Ivanka 42:31 12/21/2021
Mental Health & Entrepreneurship with Michael DeVenney 49:09 12/14/2021
Perseverance & Charging Your Work with Teresa Easler 53:54 12/07/2021
Measuring Your Trust with Natalie Doyle Oldfield 42:05 11/30/2021
The Importance of Anchor Content with Susan Diaz 50:50 11/23/2021
Growing a Retail Chocolate Empire with Nathalie Morin 41:11 11/16/2021
The Importance of Building Relationships with Tanya Matthews 38:20 11/08/2021
Measuring Your Impact with Jenelle Sobey 48:03 11/04/2021
Small Business Lessons with Melanie & Bernadette 49:18 11/03/2021