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VOICES with Amber B Skylar

Have you ever wanted to talk out loud about being sexually assaulted? Or has society taught you that you were not strong enough to handle it? What about other subjects like single parenting, gaslighting, or women and religion? I am the expert on my trauma and have spent 30 years in therapy for low self-esteem, low self-worth, depression, and anger – all while getting up over and over only to be beat down by the cultural norms. However, even after being raped, suicidal thoughts, sexual harassment, military sexual trauma, homelessness, and surviving against a tsunami of "you can't do it" mindset, I managed to write a book called "Colors of Amber, A Memoir" and won a scholarship to be a yoga teacher from the Kripalu School of Yoga. Writing and yoga shredded years of torment and shame as it cut into my neural sheath – pathways that reminded me that I was female and less than. I once heard a psychiatrist say that “depression is the silencing of the soul”. It hit me. If I ever wanted to feel free, happy, joyful, and to have healthy anger, that talking, writing, speaking, and bringing all the “dirty secrets” to light was the ticket. It would hurt either way. Podcasting is another tool - therapeutic and transforming - that in 2021 gives women a voice and people are listening. In my "VOICES with Amber B Skylar" podcast, I share content to inspire, uplift, and plunge a listener into her/his nature, so you can see it, grieve it, get help and thrive. My goal is to be the voice of those who cannot speak up. I purposefully aim to show what empowerment as a woman really can be – self-inquiry, self-assessment of one's actions, contributions, beliefs. I am committed to my craft will dedicate talent, skill, research, compassion, and relentless energy to uphold the voices of women and the men who love and support them – and to healing future generations of humans. -Amber B Skylar, Author, Colors of Amber, A Memoir (Amazon). Audible version coming in May 2021. Contact:


[EP:44] Trump or No Trump, Vaccine or Unvaccinated, Black or White, Asian or Not, Rape, Sexual Harassment- What happened to that conversation? - Amber B Skylar 55:44 08/27/2021
[EP:43] The most popular hashtags # is for women? I'm disappointed. - Amber B Skylar 30:08 08/20/2021
[EP:42] Taliban Bullies Fear Educated Women - Amber B Skylar 51:14 08/18/2021
[EP:41] Hollywood's Influence on Women - Amber B Skylar 49:14 08/13/2021
[EP:40] Forgiveness. I'm just not feeling it. - Amber B Skylar 41:27 08/11/2021
[EP:39] Embrace the Crazy. #Justdoit - Amber B Skylar 50:23 08/06/2021
[EP:38] Get involved. Fight back. Take a stand- Amber B Skylar 43:10 08/04/2021
[EP:37] The Good Girl - Amber B Skylar 45:11 07/30/2021
[EP:36] I'm "not" sorry - Amber B Skylar 47:37 07/28/2021
[EP:35] Acceptance. My current coping mechanism. - Amber B Skylar 57:38 07/23/2021
[EP:34] Happiness, Addiction and Coping Mechanisms - Amber B Skylar 63:10 07/21/2021
[EP:33] Call for stories - Amber B Skylar 54:01 07/16/2021
[EP:32] Stop Blaming and Start Claiming - Amber B Skylar 58:29 07/14/2021
[EP:31] From PTSD to PTSG (Growth) - Amber B Skylar 48:11 07/09/2021
[EP:30] Why am I doing this Podcast? - Amber B Skylar 53:58 07/07/2021
[EP:29] I am a feminist. - Amber B Skylar 64:02 07/02/2021
[EP:28] Slut Shaming - Amber B Skylar 60:45 06/30/2021
[EP:27] A Mouthpiece for Women - Amber B Skylar 59:26 06/25/2021
[EP:26] The Dark Side of Yoga - Amber B Skylar 59:29 06/23/2021
[EP:25] Is love really the answer, or? - Amber B Skylar 56:12 06/18/2021
[EP:24] Marriage. I married myself. - Amber B Skylar 57:35 06/16/2021
[EP:23] Gaslighting! When people try to make you sound crazy. - Amber B Skylar 58:01 06/11/2021
[EP:22] Do you ever have premonitions, dejavu? - Amber B Skylar 60:45 06/09/2021
[EP:21] Designed to cry. It's intelligent actually - Amber B Skylar 56:55 06/04/2021
[EP:20] Confrontation, Fight or Flee- Amber B Skylar 59:06 06/02/2021
[EP:19] Distractions- Amber B Skylar 54:11 05/28/2021
[EP:18] Stop Having Babies - Amber B Skylar 46:39 05/26/2021
[EP:17] Boundaries - Amber B Skylar 45:48 05/21/2021
[EP:16] No Is Just A Road Sign - Amber B Skylar 45:26 05/19/2021
[EP:15] - Hope and Reality - Amber B Skylar 46:46 05/14/2021