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Fermentation has recently gained popularity, but it has been an integral part of the human diet for thousands of years. Join us as we explore the science and history of sourdough, kefir, kombucha, yogurt, and more as we learn how to make these healthy and delicious foods and beverages in your own modern kitchen.


A Healthier Gut in 2022 | Advice From a Registered Dietician 51:22 01/10/2022
Anyone Can Bake Sourdough At Home | The Sourdough Dude Part 2 51:03 12/27/2021
Anyone Can Bake Sourdough At Home | The Sourdough Dude Part 1 60:09 12/20/2021
What Do You Do With Sourdough Discard? A Conversation With Josh Axler 60:06 12/06/2021
Cultures for Health - A Community For Sharing: Fermentation Tips, Tricks, & Recipe Exchange 45:13 11/22/2021
Cultures for Health and Rombu | A Deep Dive Into Kombucha 74:16 11/15/2021
Sandor Katz and The Pickle Shack | The Sandor Katz Mini Series 35:43 10/27/2021
Insights on Sandor’s Books | The Sandor Katz Mini Series 22:33 10/20/2021
You Are Eating Ferments Everyday! | The Sandor Katz Mini Series 22:10 10/13/2021
Smells Like Kombucha | 10 Alternative Ways to Use Kombucha You Haven't Thought Of 16:37 09/08/2021
Kombucha Flavor | Breaking Down How To Flavor Your Kombucha 14:51 08/30/2021
There's a Small SCOBY Hotel | How to Maintain Your Kombucha SCOBY Forever 17:20 08/16/2021
When Kombucha Goes Wrong | Kombucha Tales from the Crypt and How to Prevent Them 15:59 08/09/2021
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Kombucha But Were Too Afraid To Ask 19:52 08/02/2021
Our Top 11 Favorite Kefir Recipes For This Summer 11:59 07/26/2021
Troubleshooting Water Kefir | The Do's and Don't's of Water Kefir Grains 12:07 07/21/2021
Swooning Over Jun | Q&A on Jun Kombucha with Our Expert Fermentation Artist 20:59 07/19/2021
A Tale Of Two Kefirs | Comparing and Contrasting Water Kefir & Milk Kefir 13:18 07/12/2021
Milk Kefir: A Traditional Probiotic Beverage 15:01 07/05/2021