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The Confusion Of Crypto. What The Hell Is It?
Todd Schowalter's guest is Jim Andrews who discusses the confusion of cryptocurrency, and what exactly it is.
32:21 10/04/2022
Political Analyst Rich Rubino Discusses What To Expect In The Upcoming 2022 Midterm Elections.
Todd Schowalter's guest is political analyst Rich Rubino, who discusses the upcoming 2022 midterm elections, and what we night expect.
26:39 08/15/2022
Right Mind Season 3 Premiere- Celebrity Photographer Barry Morgenstein
Todd Schowalter's guest is celebrity photographer Barry Morgenstein, who discusses his various subjects, including: Donald Trump, Paul McCartney, Sting, Elton John and more.
24:25 07/28/2022
Best Of Right Mind - Larry Hankin
Todd Schowalter's guest is Seinfeld, Breaking Bad actor Larry Hankin, from December, 2021.
37:52 06/20/2022
Film Director John D. Hancock
He's directed Robert De Niro, Nick Nolte and More. My guest is film director John D. Hancock, who discusses his career from the legendary "Bang The Drum Slowly," to his current feature "The Girls Of Summer," on Hulu.
29:42 05/20/2022
Stopping America's Bleeding
High gas prices, soaring inflation, food shortages. What is it going to take to stop America's bleeding?
33:56 05/11/2022
Living Our Best Life, With Kimberley Chapman
Todd Schowalter's guest is Kimberley Chapman, who discusses the misconceptions of who we are and how limited beliefs, hinder us from living our best life now.
30:53 05/05/2022
Steve Goldstein- The Real Story Of Professional Wrestling
Todd Schowalter's guest is screenwriter and filmmaker Steve Goldstein, who discusses his newest project on the history and truth of professional wresting.
29:42 04/29/2022
My Funniest Guest Ever. Author, Actor, James Bailey.
If you're ready to step away from the darkness of today's world, this is your lucky day! Todd Schowalter's guest is author, actor and Mel Brooks buddy, James Bailey, whose contagious laughter and funny Hollywood stories are just what you need to brighten your day!
34:52 04/14/2022
The Pop Culture Cosmos, with Gerald Glassford
Todd Schowalter's guest is Gerald Glassford, host of the Pop Culture Cosmos. Together they discuss the present and future of pop culture, and the boom of steaming media.
24:07 03/31/2022
Are You A GEEK?
Todd Schowalter's guest is popular host of the Earth Station One podcast, in to discuss geeks and how we all may be one.
31:33 03/24/2022
Former SPY, Current Show Host, Pete Turner.
Todd Schowalter's guest is former Army spy and current host of the popular podcast- "Break It Down Show."
33:22 03/17/2022
Filmmakers C.J. Julianus and Lorrisa Julianus.
Filmmakers C.J. Julianus and Lorrisa Julianus, Discuss Their Film, "The Misadventures of Mistress Maneater."
29:08 03/11/2022
Fun With Iceland Actor Einar Haraldsson.
A lot of fun on Right Mind, when Todd Schowalter's guest is Iceland actor Einar Haraldsson who discusses how he went from being an Iceland police officer and Hollywood bodyguard, to an up and coming actor.
21:20 03/03/2022
Fantasy Author- Christen Stovall
Todd Schowalter's guest is fantasy author Christen Stovall, who discusses her "Song Of The Souls" trilogy series, and what inspired her to write them.
22:34 02/25/2022
Hypnotist- John Moyer
Todd Schowalter's guest is professional hypnotist John Moyer ( who discusses his career and the power of hypnosis.
35:21 02/17/2022
From The Trucking Front Lines
Todd Schowalter's guest is trucker Mike Rogers who discusses the trucking convoys and strength of the industry.
32:11 02/11/2022
Publicist, Steve Joiner
Todd Schowalter's guest is Right Mind's very own publicist Steve Joiner, who discusses the talent he's know over the years, and what he looks for in a guest.
36:39 02/04/2022
James Bond & More!
Todd Schowalter's guest is writer, producer Steve Rubin, who discusses his book-The James Bond Movie Encyclopedia, and more.
33:58 01/27/2022
Conquering Sexual Addiction, With Neil Getzlow.
Todd Schowalter's guest is recovering sex addict Neil Getzlow, who describes his struggles and how he finally overcame the addiction that almost ruined his life.
33:33 01/20/2022
The Book Of Joel- A Story Of Recovery
Joel Carroll, a recovering drug addict and gang member, discusses his life and road to recovery in his new book, The Book Of Joel; Cunning, Baffling and Powerful.
32:18 01/13/2022
Hacking The Hacker, With Mind Power Lady
Todd Schowalter's guest is Dr. Angela Wilson, who's program "Hacking The Hacker" teaches how to connect with the "You" that resides deep below the human surface.
37:10 01/06/2022
Psychic Artie Hoffman
Todd Schowalter's guest is psychic Artie Hoffman, who discusses the therapeutic benefits he brings with his psychic abilities .
37:25 01/01/2022
Transgender Truth- A Real Life Story
Todd Schowalter's guest is author, songwriter, producer and transgender female Amber Rose Washington. We discuss her real life story of what it's like to be transgender, and ask the question of- why can't we all just get along?
38:04 12/23/2021
Larry Hankin- Popular Actor From Breaking Bad, Seinfeld , Friends, and Many More.
Todd Schowalter's guest is character actor Larry Hankin, who discusses his long career on hits such as, Seinfeld, Friends, Breaking Bad and more.
37:28 12/15/2021
Live Your Dream.
Todd Schowalter's guest is Benjamin Fincher, a Live Your Dream coach. Finding your dream and achieving it is discussed, along with the obstacles to avoid. Benjamin's website is-
31:39 12/01/2021
Right Mind, "Lite." Comedienne Kendra Crump.
In this lighter episode of Right Mind, Todd Schowalter's guest is Atlanta comedienne Kendra Crump.
29:06 11/24/2021
We Don't All Have To Agree.
Todd Schowalter's guest is Junya Rene Beaubrun, to discuss why we don't all have to agree with each other, to coexist in today's divisive world.Junya's Podcasts-é-beaubrun/id1554405063
32:11 11/17/2021
A New Trivia Book, And The Current Political Climate, With Rich Rubino.
Todd Schowalter's guest is political analyst Rich Rubino, who discusses his new book- "The Great American Political Trivia Challenge," and the current state of U.S. politics.
29:43 11/09/2021
A Boomer And A Millennial
Todd Schowalter's guest is Alex Carl, and up and coming comedian and "millennial" to discuss the differences in their generations.
27:46 10/22/2021