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Cor Series

An award winning, epic series of young adult fantasy audiobooks. 3 volumes, Ages 10+ and 100% free. The book is read by the author along with stories about the writing of the Cor Series. More info and pictures on facebook and instagram @corseries.


1 Minute Cor Series Intro
A one minute intro to the series from the author. More information can be found on the Cor Series Facebook page.
01:17 4/9/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #1
The Hammer is an award winning science-fantasy novel set in a  midwest mining town in 1952.  This fast moving adventure  is a compelling non-stop  thrill ride in a fascinating new world.  In this opening chapter of The Hammer, the first of the Cor Series,  a 15 year old boy named Corvan discovers a mysterious stone hammer in his backyard.A sequel, The Medallion, is complete and the third book of the Cor Series, The Scepter, is coming soon.
23:35 4/15/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #2
A washbasin, bees and a promise. 
20:06 4/16/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #3
Corvan's father, a birthday and a black box. 
14:10 4/16/21
Backspace 1 - Where it all began.
It all began with a crazy dream in a post-surgery hospital room.
03:34 4/17/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #4
A coin, a chest and a secret panel. 
13:03 4/18/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #5
A letter, a gun and a newspaper.
24:22 4/18/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #6
A lizard, a fight and a strange rope. 
18:26 4/19/21
Backspace 2 - A seven-sided Hammer
Yellow cedar, a table saw and styrofoam.Check out the pictures on Facebook -  -  A note from my daughter, Alyssa.
04:32 4/19/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #7
A pipe, a rock and a hidden door. 
10:16 4/20/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #8
Kate, a black band and a stolen hammer. 
14:56 4/28/21
Backspace 3 - Kate in a cardboard box
This is the  story of how my daughter Alyssa brought the book back to life and infused the manuscript with her own perspective.  Click below for a picture from the post on the Cor Series facebook page.
04:02 4/29/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #9
A lizard, a scarecrow and a woodpile. 
13:46 4/30/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #10
A door, a skeleton and a leap of faith. 
13:14 5/4/21
Backspace 4 - A lizard's tale
The story of Tsarek's development as a lead character in they first book of the Cor Series.   -  A note from my daughter, Alyssa.
04:15 5/7/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #11
Gophers, Lumiens and a murder.
14:20 5/7/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #12
Tentacles, firesticks and a stone table. 
18:12 5/11/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #13
A clothesline, beef jerky and a jackknife. 
14:04 5/14/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #14
Moonlight, a counterpart and a theif. 
05:04 5/18/21
Backspace 5 - Plaster and flip books
Plaster of Paris, a flip book and a paper plate. Click on the Facebook links below to see the creation of the cover and the flip book.
04:23 5/21/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #15
Landslides, broken bones and buraks. 
21:09 5/24/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #16
A crystal, tears and a vision
07:52 5/31/21
Backspace 6 - Subterranean Fiction
Caving, Panic and a Broken Collarbone.For pictures of me caving and book covers, click the Facebook and Instagram links below.  -  A note from my daughter, Alyssa.
04:49 6/3/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #17
Tarran, a palanquin and the Chief Watcher.
23:58 6/3/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #18
Rayu, a statue and a prison cell.
21:01 6/5/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #19
A black knife, Tyreth and the High Priest's hall.
17:01 6/7/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #20
The Chief watcher, Tyreth's blood and the mother plant. 
12:40 6/10/21
Backspace 7 - Mapping the Cor
Sketchup and the maps of the Cor.Click for maps on Facebook -
04:18 6/11/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #21
Jorad, red seeds and a ruined city. 
07:36 6/12/21
Cor Series: The Hammer #22
Morgon, an ancient tree and the city of the dead.
10:34 6/13/21