Show cover of The Wellbeing Project by The PodBarber

The Wellbeing Project by The PodBarber

We’re ‘Championing the Chat’ for greater positivity and better mental health & wellbeing. The award-winning PodBarber podcast is part of the current movement to get people to talk. It was founded and is run by Mick Phipps and Howie Fiddy, who have gained much training and experience through the likes of Samaritans, MHFA, and Lions Collective. We’ve remastered our collective skills to create an inspiring show that helps uncover the power of conversation as the bedrock for healing within. The world of health and beauty is at the forefront of this movement. As a barber of some 20+ years, Mickey brings the therapy and positivity he provides around his chair into the studio to showcase how we can support society simply by talking and listening. With each podcast meticulously created by seasoned radio producer Howie, we provide a unique listening experience that will get under your skin. Guests from every walk of life share their stories; their tribulations and their triumphs, peppered with deep and insightful reflections and observations from our host, not to mention a few laughs and smiles along the way. Here at The PodBarber HQ, when we’re trying to describe the potency of this new form of reality entertainment, all we say is: Just Listen! You’ll be glad you did.


S03E08 - Climate change: it's not too late to make the changes. Together, let's get started. With Edward Gildea. 64:27 01/14/2022
S03E07 - A man tortured by his girlfriend - Stockholm Syndrome. With Stephen 'Bez' Berry. 56:59 01/07/2022
S03E06 - Prostate Cancer, the silent killer. With Errol McKellar. 61:06 12/31/2021
S03E05 - Abandoned infant and a life of drugs and drink. With Dave Minet 46:49 12/17/2021
S03E04 - Harb Binli, Star Wars X-wing fighter pilot on life in the movie world, and beyond. With Ben Hartley. 63:07 12/10/2021
S03E03 - Breast removal BEFORE cancer hits. BRCA pre-viving. With Christen Williams. 62:47 12/03/2021
S03E02 - Royal Marine Commando's mental fight after the ground battles. With Mark Lovell. 63:49 11/26/2021
S03E01 - Love Island contestant proves there's more to a book than its cover. With George Rains. 56:51 11/19/2021
SEASON 2 - THE HIGHLIGHTS 59:07 11/05/2021
S02E10 - Anorexia Nervosa. Bulimia Nervosa. Binge Eating... Let's talk about them. With Harriet Frew. 62:21 10/29/2021
S02E9.5 - Stop Scrolling. Start Listening. To The PodBarber's Mick and Howie on BBC Essex 22:58 10/22/2021
S02E09 - Drug addict wins the battle and becomes Amateur Strongman . With Will Clarke. 56:06 10/15/2021
S02E08 - Global educator in suicide prevention and mental wellbeing. With Tom Chapman. 59:48 10/08/2021
** WHAT'S THE PODBARBER ALL ABOUT? ** 05:33 10/07/2021
S02E07 - World-class guitarist reveals his remarkably philosophical mind. With Danny Piper. 58:00 10/01/2021
S02E06 - Facing childhood demons head-on. With Adam 'KitKat' Miles. 61:11 09/24/2021
S02E05 - The devastating outcome of gaslighting. With Cassie Rae Wardle 58:16 09/17/2021
S02E04 - The cure for HIV/AIDS and Covid-19. With Kundai Chinyenze 71:45 09/10/2021
S02E03 - Hit by a drunk driver, resulting in having both legs amputated. With Shaun Whiter. 62:51 09/03/2021
S02E02 - Social media entrepreneur talks empowerment, healthy mindset and success. With Hannah O'Malley. 59:07 08/27/2021
S02E01 - Self-harm, stutters and cyber security, with Aaron Flack 52:13 08/20/2021
S01E15 - Mindset coach and all-round nature boy on the power of positivity. WithTom Foxley. 75:36 07/30/2021
S01E14 - Transgender transitions to clairsentient mediumship work. With Becs the medium. 62:35 07/23/2021
S01E13 - The UK's history of prison service through the eyes of The Governor. With Vanessa Frake MBE. 86:22 07/16/2021
S01E12 - The tainted blood enquiry. A haemophiliac's historic story of survival . With Laurence Woollard. 107:39 07/09/2021
S01E11 - 'Petals' charity advocate shows there's hope after child loss. With Tom Borsberry. 62:01 07/02/2021
S01E10 - King Arthur's descendant waxes lyrical on his remarkable 90 years of life. With Kit Orde-Powlett. 79:59 06/25/2021
S01E09 - Suicidal tiler discovers Ayahuasca, mother nature's cure to depression. With Alex Scales. 57:44 06/18/2021
S01E08 - Jamie Oliver's head chef connects with seafood through his 'pescitessen'. With Matt Gurnett. 78:54 06/11/2021
S01E07 - University student, hitting the 5am Club for personal betterment. With Ryan Deamer. 63:57 06/04/2021