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The Soul Sparkle Podcast

I'll be talking about intuition, healing, and nature to get started. Along with spirituality, traveling, and grounding. Letting go of stress and anxiety. Some of my favorite spiritual books and movies. I'll also talk about being an empath, and clearing your energy.


Episode 7 Poetry
Reading of 2 poems and info about Plug Into The Divine - A Poetry Experience.
04:11 11/11/2021
Episode 6 Clearing Your Energy Field
Simple ways to clear your energy field and keep your energy flowing.
04:47 09/27/2021
Episode 5 Clearing the Energy in Your Home
Several ways to clear the energy in your living space, so that it feels clear and is a welcoming energy for you.
06:22 08/17/2021
3 things to do before meditating.
06:53 07/29/2021
Breaking Through Illusion
Ways to break through illusion and let go of the noise of the world to reconnect with your soul.
08:31 07/21/2021
Episode 2 on manifesting.
08:00 06/01/2021
Ways Your Intuition Speaks to You
What is your intuition?  and several ways your intuition speaks to you.
10:17 05/18/2021
The Soul Sparkle Podcast Intro Episode
Intro Episode of The Soul Sparkle Podcast with a little about me, and future topics.  Several upcoming topics - Intuition, Healing, Nature, Getting Grounded, Travel.
06:22 05/06/2021