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Oracle for Startups presents success stories featuring entrepreneurs from around the globe and every corner of enterprise technology. Discover how founders are growing their businesses with cloud and what Oracle does to help. A quick listen for analysts, investors, enterprises looking for startup solutions, and anyone wanting to discover how startups are changing the world.


CloudAscend makes moving the ERP to the cloud easier 02:36 06/28/2022
Omniindex solution analyzes sensitive data without unencrypting it 02:29 06/21/2022
Arlan Hamilton talks startups and the pursuit of "mental wealth" 09:33 06/16/2022
Goodmill Systems solves connectivity for critical communications 02:30 06/14/2022
Ouva's CEO on making a hospital stay more patient friendly - and safe 07:26 06/09/2022
HitsBook scores with a user-generated content solution 02:31 06/07/2022
How Integem makes the Metaverse accessible to students 02:25 05/31/2022
FirstHive brings customer insight at granular levels 02:29 05/24/2022
CloudVane makes managing multiple cloud environments easier 02:35 05/17/2022
Aleph Alpha pioneers contextual AI 02:32 05/10/2022
 Arti CEO explains why AR needs to be widely available, usable, and measurable 12:54 05/04/2022
AtlaCarte streamlines the restaurant ordering process 02:23 05/03/2022
Shoptaki innovates with a smart ID to enable global trade payments 02:19 04/26/2022
Softdrive's cofounder on streaming PCs, 5G, and remote work 12:34 04/22/2022
Master chess players have a secure, fast way to prepare 02:26 04/19/2022
Altair talks about bringing HPC to startups 12:22 04/13/2022
Arti offers studio-quality production at an affordable price 02:23 04/12/2022
Pryon's CEO on how AI is enhancing knowledge work 12:07 04/07/2022
CreditExpo creates an actuary in a platform solution 02:25 04/05/2022
Quikipay provides the unbanked with more payment options 02:25 03/29/2022
DeepVisionTechnology opens new opportunities for deaf and hearing impaired 02:39 03/08/2022
SwearIT deploys blockchain to authenticate product claims 02:23 03/01/2022
Quant's Gilbert Verdian talks blockchain interoperability and why it matters 10:37 02/24/2022
Softdrive provides a powerful cloud desktop at an affordable cost 02:25 02/22/2022
Fintech Qwil Messenger secures the client communications channel 02:23 02/15/2022
Real Cientifica helps organizations transition to the cloud 02:25 02/08/2022
EVT makes online classes more engaging 02:40 02/01/2022
Atlas takes the pain out of building healthcare facilities 10:32 01/27/2022
Smart Global Governance speeds the work of staying data compliant 02:28 01/25/2022
WakeCap builds a workplace safety solution with behavior in mind 02:20 01/18/2022