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 “The NPRD,” delivers nourishing information about eating disorders, body image and psychopharmacological health.


The Mind Body Approach to Eating Disorder Care 18:46 06/22/2022
Body, Mind, Medication – a Healing Trifecta 13:10 06/01/2022
A Deep Dive into Ketamine for Treating Depression 20:30 05/23/2022
Finding Inner Peace on Eating Disorder Journeys, with Dr. Wendy Oliver Pyatt 27:07 05/20/2022
Dr. Judith Feldman’s Three Principles of Treatment 24:54 04/27/2022
The NPRD Podcast Turns One! 13:18 04/25/2022
You are Always Deserving of Treatment 20:27 02/24/2022
Olympic Medalist Jessie Diggins Shares Her Triumph Over an Eating Disorder 28:27 02/22/2022
Mental Health Matters: Supporting Your Clients with Anxiety and Depression
 25:56 02/02/2022
Nutrition Therapist Sumner Brooks Shares the “Three Keys” to Raising Intuitive Eaters 24:53 01/19/2022
Families and Eating Disorders: Sarai Logue Provides Counseling Guidance and Resources 20:28 12/15/2021
Athletes and Eating Disorders: Dietitian Matt Stranberg Shares Nutrition Counseling Guidance 22:22 12/08/2021
Understand the Deep Complexities of Eating Disorders – Mekenzie Smith, Dietitian, Shares Her Expertise 17:24 11/22/2021
Take Your Eating Disorder Expertise to the Next Level! Marci Evans, MS, CEDRD-S, LDN, Shows You How 20:51 10/27/2021
“The Eating Disorder Trap” Author Robyn Goldberg, RDN, CEDRD-S, Talks About Her New Book 19:23 10/20/2021
Are You Experiencing “Compassion Fatigue?” Licensed Therapist, Brooke Huminski, Shares How to Cope 13:05 09/29/2021
Recovery Through the Eyes of Monika Ostroff, Executive Director of the Multi-Service Eating Disorders Association 21:23 09/15/2021
Helping Parents Helping Kids: Food and Body Image 101 -Part 2 12:27 08/25/2021
Helping Parents Helping Kids: Eating and Body Image 101 -Part 1 15:14 08/11/2021
What is Body Image? 20:40 07/27/2021
The Missing Piece in Treatment for Eating Disorders: Meal Coaching. 21:47 07/20/2021
Here we go! 12:54 06/28/2021
NPRD Trailer 00:48 05/20/2021