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Marketing and Procurement are two sides of the same coin. Yet, they are at opposite ends of the spectrum, where one focuses on branding and customers, and the other on driving out costs and inefficiencies. Just like Marketing and Procurement can sometime act more like foes than friends, so might the co-hosts of the MarPro Podcast who challenge their guests—and each other—by asking the difficult questions and bringing out important issues to help bridge the gap that often divides marketing and procurement teams. Co-hosts, Dana Small—a top global procurement thought leader—and Rusty Pepper—a recognized sale & marketing professional, and founder of The WHY MARKETING Podcast—bring their unique perspectives, experiences, and opinions to the topics covered in each episode So no matter which side of this equation you find yourself, the MarPro Podcast will help you navigate the rapidly evolving marketing procurement landscape.


Tess Blankenship | Alchemee
On this episode of MarPro we sit down with Tess Blankenship the Head of Global Procurement at Alchemee (formerly The Proactiv Company) to discuss her experience and key learnings in setting up high performing marketing procurement teams. We also discussed...How to best structure and incentivize teamsStrategies to develop great managersCommon traits to look for when hiring Marketing Procurement professionalsThe importance of being present with your team and peers
37:06 4/20/22
Russel Wohlwerth | Top 2022 Marketing Trends
We're excited to welcome back Russel Wohlwerth to discuss the Top Marketing Trends he's seeing so far in 2022, including...Brand vs. DemandMartech WasteSupply Chain Disruptions (and inflation)Push to reduce marketing spendA tsunami of agency reviewsMetaverse, crypto, and NFT's
36:16 3/17/22
MarPro Office Hours - Job Hunting and Resume Writing
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13:19 3/1/22
Ask the CMO | Doug Zarkin - CMO - Pearle Vision
We are excited to announce our new series called "Ask the CMO" where we bring in a different CMO each quarter to provide a marketers perspective to procurement related questions & topics sent in from our MarPro community. So to kick this new series off is Doug Zarkin,  a true marketing visionary and the legendary CMO of Pearle Vision.  Doug's work at Pearle Vision helped propel it atop Entrepreneur Magazine Top 500 Franchise Brand list and solidified its rank among the Top 10 most profitable franchise brands alongside mega brands McDonald’s and Dunkin’. Entrepreneur also listed Doug as one of "The 10 Remarkable Franchise Leader to Watch" in 2022. In addition to those accolades, Doug has also earned placement on several "Top Marketers" lists, 5 North American Effie awards, a Clio award and has twice had him recognized as Innovative Marketer of The Year by The CMO Club. A few of the key learnings in this episode:A successful negotiation is when both sides walk away a little unhappy.Brand Value = Experience ÷ PriceQuestions to ask to determine if you have the right agencyDoes bringing on the agency add value to your business?Are they open and curious?Do they invest in understanding your brand, business, category, and people?When staffing your account, did they use it as a 'casting exercise' to look across their agency roster to find the right account staff for your business?Do they have a clear understanding on what success looks like?
35:22 2/6/22
Ashish Gupta | Clorox
On this episode of MarPro - The Marketing Procurement Podcast we visit with Ashish Gupta, the Group Manager of Global Strategic Sourcing at consumer product giant Clorox.   Key topics discussed in this episode:Mindset to value vendors as partnersRFP = Request for PartnershipRFC = Request for CollaborationImportance of communicating like a marketerEarning a seat at the marketing tableManaging Reviews & Pitches when everyone is working remotelyWorking with partners to manage/limit supply chain disruptionsHiring & Managing workforceAshishism's - You're going to love them!LIKE-FOLLOW-SHARE
41:43 1/23/22
Bruno Gralpois | Agency Mania Solutions
Kicking off 2022 is Bruno Gralpois,  the Co-Founder of Agency Mania Solutions (AMS). AMS provides automation through SAAS and professional services that produce consistently higher outcomes along every step of the agency management continuum. Bruno is also the author of Agency Mania: Harnessing the Madness of Client-Agency Relationships, which was recently been published in its second edition. SUBSCRIBE COMMENTSHARE
43:29 1/5/22
Paul Daniels | Danone
This week on MarPro we're talking with Paul Daniels  the Director of Marketing & Media Services Procurement at Danone,  a global CPG and multinational food-products corporation based in Paris with some of the most recognized brands including Activia, OIKOS, Silk, Horizon Organic, Dannon Yogurts, Evian, Volvic, and Badoit.  During our conversation we leaned into Paul's international experiences and how working for other global CPG's across Australia, Asia, and North America has helped him in his current role at Danone. FOLLOW:  LinkedIn/MarPro LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE: Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsiHeart RadioAmazon Music
45:55 12/16/21
Stephany Lapierre | Tealbook
This week on MarPro we sit down to talk with Stephany Lapierre the CEO and Founder of Tealbook  the leading supplier data foundation that autonomously maintains supplier master data, powers e-procurement technology, drives supplier diversity, and enables supplier performance. Using AI and ML, TealBook gathers, predicts, and refines supplier data to build the world’s most comprehensive supplier intelligence.FOLLOW:  LinkedIn/MarPro LISTEN, SUBSCRIBE, & SHARE: Apple PodcastsSpotifyGoogle PodcastsiHeart RadioAmazon Music
51:04 12/1/21
Celia Landesberg | EcoVadis
This week on MarPro we talk with Celia Landesberg from EcoVadis, the universal sustainability ratings platform for public and private organizations. that allows companies to assess their suppliers' environmental and social performance.Listen now... you'll be glad you did!
39:02 11/10/21
Dean Arrington | Metro Audio Visual Productions
This week on MarPro, Dean Arrington from Metro Audio Visual Productions introduces us to HoloPresence Technology for live events that enables busy and high profile keynotes and  presenters who can't be there in person to still participate as live holograms.  It's an insightful and fun filled 37-minutes that won't disappoint!
37:12 10/19/21
Sarah Scudder | Real Sourcing Network
This week we chat with Sarah Scudder from Real Sourcing Network about print and packaging and how companies can make their packaging more sustainable. 
38:52 10/6/21
Jose Molina | Constellation Brands
Our guest this week on MarPro is Jose Molina the Marketing Procurement Manager for Constellation Brands, where he is responsible for supporting the marketing organization to drive value and growth across the beer and wine divisions. Key take-a-ways from the episode include...Agency alignment for multi-brand companiesEngaging legal into the agency review processEarning a seat at the table by delivering valuePivoting to digital to support activationsStop focusing on just cost savings and start focusing on delivering valueLIKE - COMMENT - SHARE - FOLLOW
43:35 9/22/21
Russel Wohlwerth | Co-author, Buying Less For Less
This week on MarPro our guest is Russel Wohlwerth the co-author of "Buying Less For Less" a must-read for all marketing and advertising professionals and for all procurement pros who touch the marketing space! In addition to being an author, Russel has been advising companies around the world on all aspects of marketing agency supplier management. He is a serial entrepreneur who was an owner of Select Resources, a founding partner of Ark Advisors, and founder of External View. Russel is also on the staff of London-based Alchemists, a marketing consultancy.Russel started his career as a copywriter but discovered his true calling was in account management. His first job was with McCann Erickson but he spent the majority of his advertising career at DDB where he was a Senior Vice President, Group Account Director. Russel was also a digital pioneer joining one of the first interactive agencies in 1994.Russel’s consulting approach was profoundly shaped by his experience working on several accounts that were in the throes of deregulation and structural change – airlines, healthcare, telecommunications, banking, and energy. Working in uncharted territory and creating solutions for never-seen-before problems has proven to be a great foundation for helping companies cope with the volatility of modern marketing.While best known as a “search consultant” because of the 250+ searches he has conducted, Russel sees marketing agency supplier management as a complex system involving much more than just firing and hiring agencies. Although he has conducted searches accounting for billions of dollars in billings, Russel’s greatest achievements have been revitalizing client-agency relationships, reengineering marketing departments and agency rosters, and bringing sanity to the marketing procurement discipline.Russel’s clients include Activision Blizzard, Adobe, BMW, GSK, Hallmark, HP, Intel, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Major League Soccer, Nintendo, National Football League, Oracle, Porsche, Pringles, Sanofi, SAP, Charles Schwab, Sunkist, Toyota, Visa, VW, Wells Fargo Bank, and many others. Russel has conducted more than 30 complex global consulting assignments and searches including several prominent international media reviews.Russel is an active supporter of industry trade associations. In addition to his involvement with the 4A’s, he also works with the American Marketing Association (AMA), Association of National Advertisers (ANA), the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), and the World Advertising Federation (WAF).
47:52 9/8/21
Tom Bebrin | BioMarin Pharmaceutical
On this weeks episode of MarPro we talk with Dana's former boss, Tom Bebrin of BioMarin. So besides prodding him about what is what to work with Dana for all those years, we also tackled the following topics...Career GrowthPersonality Traits between Marketing Procurement & Direct ProcurementWhen You Find the Right Person - Hire ThemLessons Learned of Setting Up a Marketing Procurement TeamLeveraging Past Success to Change PerceptionsLIKE - SHARE - FOLLOW
30:43 8/26/21
Shereen Lannoye | Astellas Pharma
On this episode of MarPro our guest is Shereen Lannoye, the Associate Director of Global Procurement, Marketing Agencies, and Production at Astellas Pharma US.  Key learnings from this episode include...Marketing to marketers to earn a seat at the tableStrategic PlanningMaximizing the value of QBR'sSupplier Relationship Management successFOLLOWLIKESHARE
34:29 8/11/21
Emily Bruhn | Medtronic
This week on MarPro we chat with Emily Bruhn the Global Sourcing Category Manager  for Marketing at Medtronic about her background as a media buyer at both an agency and also General Mills made her a more well rounded and empathetic Marketing Procurement professional.  Key learning from this episode include...Measuring ROIChanging Industries, but Staying in Marketing ProcurementNavigating the Agency LandscapeConsolidating the Vendor Pool Challenging the Status QuoEarning a Seat at the Marketing Table Globalization ChallengesFOLLOWLIKESHARE
44:33 7/28/21
Office Hours - Breaking Down the 2021 Deloitte CPO Survey & Weighing Hard vs. Soft Dollar Savings
Once a month our hosts will be doing a segment called 'Office Hours' to share their perspectives on various topics and/or questions. So this week the topics are...- The 2021 Deloitte CPO Survey- Hard vs. Soft Dollar Savings
42:08 7/14/21
Tyler Rice | T-Mobile
On this episode of MarPro we sit down with Tyler Rice from his home in Seattle during his transition from Nestle Coffee Partners to  T-Mobile where he will be the SR Sourcing Technology Manager supporting the Media Services & Media Agency Category.  Tyler is a former media turned procurement professional with over 7 years of experience in the space. With experience on 'both sides of the aisle' in both regional and global roles, he brings a mindful approach to the Marketing Procurement function relying on trust, transparency and fairness in every professional interaction.  Key learnings from this episode include...Media Transparency - K2 Intelligence Report  |  ANACost vs. QualityWhat's driving the talent shortage in marketing procurementTraits of a great marketing procurement professionalFOLLOWLIKESHARE
47:52 6/30/21
Beth Pope | GoDaddy
On this episode we visit with Beth Pope, the Procurement Manager for Marketing at GoDaddy to discuss her perspective as a UNICORN in the world of marpro since she previously worked as a marketer before crossing over to procurement... or as Rusty likes to say, "the darkside"!  Here are the key lessons discussed in this episode…Lessons learned as a marketer working in procurementSimplifying requirements & processesGaining acceptance from marketing when launching a marpro departmentAligning legal with marpro Questions marketers need to be asking their marpro peersRoles and playing Good Cop / Bad CopRFP's - Using discretion to keep vendors honest, while also not being a disruption to the businessSHARELIKEFOLLOW
48:15 6/16/21
Kaleigh Wilson | Syngenta
On this episode of MarPro – The Marketing Procurement Podcast we sit down with Kaleigh Wilson, a Marketing Procurement Category Manager at Syngenta to discuss her perspective on the MarPro topic, including…The blending of traditional & digital marketingStructure & goal alignment of MarPro teams Why the word ‘savings’ should be replaced with ‘value’Explaining the difference between Strategic Sourcing and PurchasingDefining KPI’s to measure success with vendor partnershipsHow salespeople can break thru the noise in order to get noticed within MarPro Reducing & eliminating bottlenecks in MarPro activities SHARELIKEFOLLOW    
44:42 5/30/21