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High Energy Marketing

A Q&A podcast interviewing the CEO of Ajax Union, Joe Apfelbaum, about his book “High Energy Marketing.” Each episode will review a different chapter of Joe’s book sharing valuable tips on everything you need to know to properly grow your business online.


Do You Still Need A Website These Days?
Do you still need a website these days? With the rise of social media, some people say that your LinkedIn profile is more important than your website. In this episode, Tami and Joe discuss what websites are for, how they play a role in your marketing funnel, how they aid in talent acquisition, and why they are an important touchpoint for all of your marketing efforts. 
13:47 08/01/2022
The Benefits Of a Style Guide and Marketing Briefs
What is a style guide and a marketing brief? Tami and Joe answer these questions and talk about the importance of having both when you execute your marketing strategy. They discuss what style guides and marketing briefs include and how they inform your marketing on a day-to-day basis.
17:51 07/01/2022
The Best Way To Prepare Content For All Your Marketing
So you have your marketing strategy, but do you have your assets? In this episode, Tami and Joe talk about the best ways to prepare content for all your marketing. They discuss the importance of creating content per stage in the marketing funnel, understanding your target audience’s pain points, creating strategy briefs, and more.
14:37 06/01/2022
What Is A Marketing Funnel?
What is a marketing funnel? Tami and Joe talk about what marketing funnels are, what stages they have, the kinds of content you should create for each stage, how to build trust, when to sell, and more!
14:39 05/01/2022
Marketing Is About Testing
Marketing is about testing. In this episode of "High Energy Marketing," Tami and Joe talk about why testing is so important in marketing, how to come up with a testing budget, how long testing should last, ROI, and more!
11:09 04/01/2022
How Do I Know How Much To Invest In Marketing?
How do you know how much to invest in marketing? Tami and Joe talk about some of the key factors to consider before investing in your marketing budget, the five elements of a marketing budget, and one-time vs reoccurring investments! 
16:02 03/01/2022
Prospects vs. Leads vs. Qualified Leads
Is every contact a lead? Tami and Joe talk about the difference between a prospect, a lead, and a qualified lead. Listen now!
16:48 02/01/2022
The Difference Between B2B And B2C Marketing
Do you know the difference between B2C and B2B marketing? Tami and Joe talk about the key differences between the buyer journey in these industries.
16:31 01/24/2022
Understanding Direct Marketing Vs. Branding
When people start a marketing campaign they often confuse branding and direct marketing. In this episode, Tami and Joe discuss the key difference between branding and direct marketing, how to decide when to use one over the other, how to balance your budget for both,  how much ROI they generate comparatively, and more!
10:47 12/01/2021
How to Develop a Marketing Budget for your Business
There are no expenses in business, only investments. In this episode, Tami and Joe discuss where to start with your marketing budget, how to track your marketing expenses, the factors you should consider before setting a budget, and more!
13:54 10/20/2021
Should You Hire An Agency Or Freelancer Or Do It Yourself?
Should you hire an agency or freelancer or just do it yourself? In this episode, Tami and Joe discuss the difference between hiring in-house or externally, the pros and cons of using freelancers, how agencies can help a business reach its goals, how to decide between hiring a freelancer or an agency, and more!
14:16 09/28/2021