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The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast

The Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ Podcast will conduct weekly interviews with entrepreneurs, local experts, and those who have transformed their personal well-being to share their stories and help others in Minneapolis, Saint Paul, and beyond live higher quality lives. Our primary goal is to provide our listeners with actionable advice that they can implement into their own life and improve their personal well-being. This fits into the culture of reciprocity that is central to our group. We believe that a willingness to help others find success will bring about our own. If you are interested in improving your well-being, while helping others enhance their quality of life, please join as a member of this group. You can find more information at Thanks for listening and I look forward to joining you to help make our city and beyond more well.


#166: Nikki Vanecek- Paving the Way for Collaboration Between Acupuncturists and Modern Medical Healthcare 35:04 08/08/2022
#165: Andrew Headrick- Revolutionizing Access to Primary Care 25:33 08/01/2022
#164: Bryan Piatt- Taking What Serves and Leaving the Rest 51:23 07/25/2022
#163: B.J. Jenney- Building Foundational Strength for a Better Life 66:18 07/18/2022
#162: Jim Robinson- The Surprising Intersections of Improv and Mental Health 38:57 07/11/2022
#161: Dr. David Nathan- Strengthening Mental Health in Children and Teens 18:40 07/05/2022
#160: Chris Maltbie- How Tough Mudder Cultivates a Supportive Community 32:55 06/29/2022
#159: Scott Mikesh- Building Blocks of Mental Fitness 58:28 06/20/2022
#158: Brenda Navin- Launch My Health 35:42 06/13/2022
#157: Jeremy Quinby- CranioSacral Therapy, Building a Community of Health Practitioners, & Running a Private Practice in Minneapolis and New York City 48:07 06/06/2022
#156: Chad Scheitel- Refined Performance + Rehabilitation 45:06 05/23/2022
#155: Britta Svihel- Healthy People Create Healthy Homes, Communities, & Culture 36:24 05/16/2022
#154: Jonah Salita- Reimagining Mental Health Education 35:10 05/09/2022
#153: Dr. Brenna Highby- Family-Centered Chiropractic Care 27:11 05/02/2022
#152: Tyler Moon- Making an Impact after Suffering a Sudden Cardiac Arrest at Age 25 40:29 04/27/2022
#151: Michael Krug- Overcoming Personal Health Challenges and Helping Others Improve Their Health 38:44 04/20/2022
#150: A.J. Imholte- Partnering with the Twin Cities Wellness Collective™ 25:44 03/21/2022
#149: Dr. Cassie Wilder- Connecting the Dots Between Symptoms and the Root Cause with Integrative Medicine 36:13 03/14/2022
#148: Aimee Neumann- The Power of Functional Medicine & Overcoming Burnout 38:55 03/07/2022
#147: Cheryl Johnson- Box Lunch Lifestyle 41:04 03/01/2022
#146: Tess Gittleman & Eric Fawcett- Leveraging Ambivalence to Overcome Polarity Issues 53:59 02/21/2022
#145: Andrew Eccles- Loon State Physical Therapy 35:32 02/14/2022
#144: Michael Gayle- Building Physical, Mental, & Emotional Fitness to Experience Outdoor Adventure in Every Season 43:07 02/07/2022
#143: Melanie and Dustin Underwood- VIBE Behavioral Health Consultants 29:58 01/31/2022
#142: Corey Hiben- Creating Wellbeing as a Business Owner 51:28 01/11/2022
#141: Jason Jones- How do you Want to Experience Life in Your Business? 52:03 01/04/2022
#140: Kate LaBrosse- Building a Natural Products Brand and Maintaining Wellbeing as a Business Owner 37:23 12/22/2021
#139: Megan Meuli- Empowerment through Employment 38:36 12/14/2021
#138: Dr. Nicole Fredricks Jackson - Navigating Career Transitions, Combatting Burnout, & Discovering Greater Life Satisfaction 42:40 12/07/2021
#137: Ashley Oswald- Functional Nutrition 28:31 11/30/2021