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Following Yourself With Michelle Waldo

In the Following Yourself podcast I talk about my lifelong journey of learning to follow myself – that deeper, all knowing multidimensional Source part of myself. And I share insights, teachings, personal stories, and guidance to help you follow your own self by tuning into the inner wisdom already within you that’s calling you to exactly where you want to go. Join me on this podcast as we discuss consciousness, the ups and downs of the ascension process, energy, vibration, frequencies, the creation of the New Earth, what it means to live as a multidimensional sovereign creator being in 5D and beyond, the current 3D world, and so much more.


34: Navigating the Current Energies With Self Trust & Acceptance 35:27 12/01/2021
33: No Matter Where You're At, You're OK and This Path Is So Worth It 15:23 10/30/2021
32: All About Being Triggered, Triggering Others & Projections 42:37 10/27/2021
31: How Your Source Self Is Guiding You Even On Your Rockiest Path (Even When You Think Things Aren't Working For You) 53:33 10/16/2021
30: Understanding What We're Attracting and Manifesting In Our Current Energies 39:45 10/13/2021
29: More On Letting Go of Control & Resistance and What It Means When You Do 57:17 10/06/2021
28: Letting Go of Control In Our Ascension 58:24 10/02/2021
27: How the Unwanted Reality We're Creating Is Dictated By the Energies We've Been Holding & Are Now Ready To Release 56:32 09/29/2021
26: What Our Unwanted Experiences & Situations Are Showing Us and Why It's Important to Not Ignore Them 78:16 09/24/2021
25: Finding Balance In Our Ascension Journey 57:46 09/16/2021
024: Shouldn't You Be Trying To Raise Your Vibration and Distract Yourself (Instead of Feeling Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, etc.)? 70:13 09/11/2021
23: Letting Go Of A System, Institution, Community, Relationship or Similar That You've Been Very Involved In or Trusted 62:40 09/08/2021
022: Being Brave and Facing the Unknown As Part of Our Ascension 51:54 09/04/2021
021: What It Means To Be Sovereign As We Move Through Our Ascension Journey 62:23 09/01/2021
020: Are You Ready To Be Truly Empowered? 53:58 08/28/2021
019: The Importance of Respecting Ourselves 62:38 08/25/2021
018: Why It's Important to Follow That Which Feels Exciting During Our Ascension 47:52 08/21/2021
017: What I Mean By Embodiment During Ascension & My Personal Experience 61:57 08/18/2021
016: When We're Being Called to Let Go of Something In Our Ascension (i.e. Spiritual Practices or Communities, People, Beliefs, Situations, Work, & More) 43:10 08/14/2021
015: What It Means When We Feel Anger Along Our Ascension Path 45:18 08/11/2021
14: What It Means In Our Ascension To Hold More Light 45:36 08/07/2021
013: Understanding In Your Ascension When You Feel Like Nothing Is Happening, You're Waiting, or In a Blank Space 27:03 08/04/2021
012: Wanting To Get Away From Something You Don't Like (a Job, Where You Live, a Relationship, the Lockdown) Vs. Being Called To Your Right Next Thing By Your Source Self 46:03 07/30/2021
011: How to Respond In Your Ascension When It Feels Like Your Guidance Is Quiet, Or Not Much Is Going On 37:33 07/28/2021
010: How Your Source Can Communicate With You, How Our Bodies Are Guiding Us Now, & A Major Body Ascension Upgrade That I Experienced 83:36 07/24/2021
009: Changing Our Physical Reality Through Our Awakening & Ascension, Plus Insights on Living As Sovereign Creator Beings in 5D and Beyond 57:28 07/20/2021
008: Embracing Our Now Moments & Letting Life Be More Light and Fun In Our Ascension 47:35 07/16/2021
007: Being Authentic and Its Changing Role in the 5D New Earth For Us as Creator Beings 54:15 07/13/2021
006: Nurturing Yourself During Your Ascension Process 48:35 07/07/2021
005: In Our Ascension & Awakening, What to Do On Days When You Feel Uncertain, Confused, & Unsure of What Your Inner Guidance Is Sharing 31:25 06/29/2021