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Cast and Spear: Daily Fishing & Spearfishing Tips

We love catching fish and we want to share the stoke with you. Our goal is to bring on members of the fishing community to share tips and stories to help you catch more fish. We cover a wide variety of fishing methods including surf fishing, spearfishing, inshore and offshore fishing. If you have suggestions for what you'd like us to cover, shoot us a DM on Instagram @castandspear. Tight lines and we'll see you on the water!


E330: Underwater Photography 101 09:25 04/29/2022
E329: Spearfishing In The Bahamas 10:21 04/29/2022
E328: Spearfishing in Palm Beach + First Wahoo 09:43 04/27/2022
E327: Spearfishing in Costa Rica 08:40 04/26/2022
E326: The Ethics Of Fly Fishing 14:19 04/25/2022
E325: How To Build Confidence In Nymphing 11:01 04/24/2022
E324: Everything About Wild Trout In New York 09:32 04/23/2022
E323: Growing Into Big Fish + The Female Perspective 20:43 04/22/2022
E322: The Different Trout Species of Colorado 12:29 04/21/2022
E321: Social Media and Spot Burning (Fly Fishing) 12:53 04/21/2022
E320: How Dad's Can Be Great Fishing Role Models 08:33 04/19/2022
E319: What Fish To Target In Vanuatu 10:38 04/18/2022
E318: Differences Between Spearfishing and Freediving 13:24 04/18/2022
E317: How To Spear Dogtooth Tuna 12:45 04/16/2022
E316: Catching GIANT Musky 10:10 04/15/2022
E315: Canadian Fishing Stories 10:42 04/14/2022
E314: What Can You Catch In Canada? 08:58 04/13/2022
E313: Making Fishing Content & Guiding Up in Canada 13:56 04/12/2022
E312: How To Catch Trout On The Deschutes River (Fly Fishing) 08:10 04/11/2022
E311: How To Catch MONSTER American Shad (Fly Fishing) 07:16 04/10/2022
E310: How To Catch Steelhead (Fly Fishing) 09:25 04/09/2022
E309: Spey Fishing 101 (A Beginner's Guide) 09:48 04/08/2022
E308: How To Drift Your Boat Down River (Fly Fishing) 11:15 04/07/2022
E307: 8 Tips For Improving Your Spearfishing 09:01 04/06/2022
E306: What It's Like Being A Spearfishing YouTuber 10:42 04/05/2022
E305: How To Spear 100-Pound Amberjacks 08:51 04/04/2022
E304: Does River Water Clarity Matter For Fly Fishing? 06:28 04/03/2022
E303: Understanding CFS Flows & How To Fish Them 04:38 04/02/2022
E302: Streamer Fly Fishing High CFS 08:25 04/01/2022
E301: Most Memorable Catches After 240+ Days (Each Year) On The Water 08:50 03/31/2022