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Surviving Snyder

Dalton Ross, Rick Devens, & Brendan Shapiro talk both football and reality TV with former Survivor players while also sharing in our misery of being Washington Football Team fans with the worst owner in professional sports, Dan Snyder.


The WFT wins on the stat sheet and loses on the field in Green Bay 39:36 10/24/2021
Wendell Holland and Brice Izyah weigh in on Shan’s Survivor move. Plus: All the latest WFT news 68:10 10/21/2021
The WFT collapses against the Chiefs because of course they do 39:13 10/17/2021
Ben Standig breaks down WFT scandals, we make Washington vs. Kansas City predictions, and a deep dive into the latest Survivor episode 77:24 10/15/2021
Hail Mary Disaster! The WFT embarrasses themselves against the Saints 40:59 10/10/2021
Eliza Orlins rages against latest Survivor episode & we make WFT vs. Saints predictions 71:37 10/07/2021
INSANITY! Taylor Heinicke does it again as the Washington Football Team somehow beats the Falcons 45:18 10/03/2021
Mark Bullock breaks down WFT game tape & T-Bird from Survivor: Africa talks season 41 117:46 10/01/2021
MISERY! The Washington Football Team stinks against the Bills 34:09 09/26/2021
Breaking down the Survivor premiere & former NFL GM Michael Lombardi assesses the state of the WFT franchise 75:33 09/24/2021
VICTORY!!! Heinicke, Hopkins, McLuarin!—Oh My! The WFT (barely) escapes the NY Giants in thrilling win 93:56 09/17/2021
Life without Fitzmagic, WFT vs. Giants preview, & Survivor champ Ben Driebergen 76:04 09/15/2021
NOOOOOOOOO! Washington Football Team vs. Chargers game 1 react 51:30 09/13/2021
WFT 2021 season predictions & Kara Kay spills secrets of being an NFL cheerleader 89:20 09/08/2021
Michael Phillips previews the 2021 WFT season & Sarah Lacina talks Survivor & fantasy football 95:17 08/30/2021
Is Chase Young even better on the sideline? Plus: Sebastian Noel predicts a 12-win season! 54:23 08/25/2021
JP Finlay on what it’s like being a WFT reporter & Domenick Abbate shares news about the Survivor fantasy football league 95:24 08/17/2021
WFT preseason preview & Bret LaBelle on his most humiliating Patriots moment 72:25 08/11/2021
Tyler Fredrickson shares stories on Gibbs, Parcells, Jerry Jones, TO, Aaron Rodgers & more 95:51 08/05/2021
Danny Rouhier talks glory and gory days of being a WFT fan & Danni Boatwright dives deep on the Chiefs and Survivor 112:15 07/29/2021
WFT Training Camp preview & Alan Ball on playing in both the NFL & Survivor 74:34 07/22/2021
Ben Standig takes us inside the WFT locker room & Rob Cesternino talks future of Survivor and a painful Jets past 108:46 07/15/2021
Worst Dan Snyder moves & Boston Rob Mariano talks Patriots and Survivor 94:00 07/07/2021