Show cover of How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

How the Hell Did I Get Here from There?!

“Being kind is more important than being right. Most times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks; rather, they need a patient heart that listens.” — Dr. Yvonne Kaye Mother, grandmother, storyteller, writer, published author, thanatologist, humorist, and former Philadelphia radio show personality, Dr. Yvonne Kaye has been involved with people since 1951 in her native England. "In this podcast, I will cover all aspects of growth and overcoming challenges. Anything goes. Laughter. Outrageousness. Speaking with people who have done extraordinary things for the benefit of others. It's about releasing those wonderful gifts we have been given and using them. I look forward to being with you!" Dr. Kaye


Season 3 Episode 9 Silence Is Acceptance...I Will No Longer Be Silent with Dr. Yvonne Kaye 51:22 06/03/2022
Season 3: Episode 7 Beautiful People Don't Just Happen...A Special Message from Dr. Yvonne Kaye 35:53 06/03/2022
Season 3 Episode 8: Living In Joyful Resilience with Kate Olson 38:05 06/03/2022
Season 3: Episode 6 The Stuff That Needs To Be Said with John Pavlovitz 38:43 03/11/2022
Season 3: Episode 5 Beverly Buncher, Author of BALM: The Loving Path to Family Recovery 39:38 03/05/2022
Season 3 Episode 4: Rock and Roll Is My Addiction with Elliott Murphy 38:57 02/25/2022
Season 3 Episode 3: Howard Haber The Importance of Finding A Balance Between Your Professional Calling and Your Heart's Passions 27:55 02/14/2022
Season 3: Episode 2 A Hero for the Ages with Decorated United States Marine Roland Scarinci 33:48 01/23/2022
Season 3: Episode 1 Coping with the Sudden Loss of a Loved One: The Relationship Between Love and Grief 40:35 01/16/2022
Season 2: Episode 12 Mary Onama, Executive Director of Victim Services Center of Montgomery County, PA 31:51 01/06/2022
Season 2: Episode 11 Lori Parker of Living Hopeful 32:14 12/17/2021
Season 2: Episode 10 How to Approach The Holidays and Stay True to Yourself 30:30 12/10/2021
Season 2: Episode 9 Every One of Us Has Special Needs with Thom Stecher of Thom Stecher and Associates 38:07 12/03/2021
Season 2: Episode 8 Kim Krause Berg of Creative Vision Web Consulting, LLC 36:49 11/24/2021
Season 2: Episode 7 Daniel Kaye, Director of Life Enrichment Rydal Park Continuing Care Retirement Community 33:38 11/18/2021
Season 2: Episode 6 Vince DiPasquale Founder of The Starting Point Inc. of NJ 36:50 11/14/2021
Season 2: Episode 5 Dr. Dan Newman Ph.D., D.D. 36:23 11/05/2021
Season 2: Episode 4 Sue Begent - Sales, Marketing and Mindset Coach 27:11 10/28/2021
Season 2: Episode 3 "Angels and Saints - Eros and Awe" with Vic Compher and Rodney Whittenberg 31:24 10/22/2021
Season 2: Episode 2 A Conversation with Sex Therapist Dr. Constance Bowes PhD, MEd, MS: The Meaning of Intimacy 36:07 10/15/2021
Season 2: Episode 1 WISDOM 31:12 10/07/2021
Episode 11: Dr. Eric Gerczak of Heart Soul Strength Physical Therapy, "Not Like Any Other Doctor" 33:49 09/24/2021
Episode 10: Wendy Lavin, Advocate for Parents of Murdered Children 38:00 09/17/2021
Episode 9: Brian McCauley, Program Coordinator of FRAT (First Responder Addictions Treatment) at Livengrin 32:33 09/09/2021
Episode 8: Kelly Harris, Chief Executive Officer of Gilda's Club and Cancer Support Community Greater Philadelphia 28:02 09/02/2021
Episode 7: Dr. Yvonne Kaye "Practice What You Preach!" 22:11 08/27/2021
Episode 6: Judge Andrea Duffy of DARA (Drug Addiction Resource Alliance) 25:05 08/19/2021
Episode 5: The Center for Functional Health: Mind, Body and Spirit with Dr. Michael Kaye 27:53 08/13/2021
Episode 4: The Healing Art of Healthy Touch with Peggy DeMaio LMT Chronic Pain Specialist 27:54 08/04/2021
Episode 3: Healing Hearts with Children’s Author Lisa Graham 29:41 07/31/2021