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Welcome to ! We create audio sex stories for women and couples. Bringing your most intimate fantasies to life. Audio sex stories allow you to create and explore a world entirely your own through the narration of audio sex. Instead of watching someone else experience pleasure, you (and your partner) can enjoy moderately spicy and always sexy stories that are crafted to give you the ultimate erotic experience. Audiodesires offers various types of audio, from soft and sensual to bondage and fetishes. All of our stories are made for women and couples to explore together or separately. Our professional narrators take you on a pleasurable journey through a story of your choosing. We even incorporate real sounding sexual cues like moaning, heavy breathing and kissing. You can explore all kinds of new kinks, sexual adventures and each other in ways that you’ve never experienced before. This Audio Sex podcast if for you, to listen to samples of all of our stories. Go through the episodes to find out what turns you on: Sex in the outdoors, an affair with a stranger, a voyage into bondage and submission or a same sex encounter? If you like what you hear and find yourself wanting more, go to and access your free account. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider listening to audio erotica by Audiodesires: For women, by women - 90% of women need scenario creation and a greater variety of sensual cues to get turned on. For Couples - Listen together with your partner to get fired up. Some of our stories were explicitly recorded with couples in mind! For any Taste - Romantic and gentle or wild and dirty? Straight, bi-sexual or queer stories with diverse themes. To unwind or peak - You pick the story that suits your mood, tailored to your desires, your lust, your climax. Premium Quality - We work with professional voice actors star spark your imagination. We are no Grimy Site - Our website was built by world-class designers and features no nudity. You LOVE Audiodesires, if you are looking for: Audio Sex Audio Sex story audio only audio sex for women erotic sex erotic asmr audio erotica listening sex audiobook sex story sexy story telling sexual health for women feminist . You will enjoy this audio sex podcast if you are looking for short sex stories, adult stories, srx stories, sex stories post, sez stories, sex stories lit, exotic sex stories, read sex stories, story, adult erotic fiction, latest sex stories, sexy stoires, adult stories, sex audio recording, sex sound recordings, sexy audio clips, sex sound audio, hot story audio, sex audio tapes, sex voice audio, sex recordings, naughty audio stories, erotic sound, audio sex voice, Audio Sex clips, sexy story voice, steamy audio books, sexy talk audio, sexual voice recording, Audio Sex tapes, female moaning audio, audio sex novels, naughty stories audio, recorded sex audio, sex speech audio, sex audiobooks, audio sax story, audio sex sound, audio taboo stories, audio sex app, sex audio recording, sex story in voice, sexi odio, adio sax story, desi audio stories, sexy story voice, sexy audio in hindi, erotic novels audio, sex story audio mp3, sexy audeo, audio sexi story, audio sex stories in hindi language, sexi adio, audio sex story app, sexy audio clips, naughty audio stories, hindi audio kahani, audio kahani, hindi sexy audio, hindi audio story, asmrotica, asmr hot, seductive asmr, asmr erotic hypnosis, asmr sex sounds, moaning asmr, asmr dirty talk, erotic asmr hypnosis, dirty asmr, asmrotica, asmr hot, asmr sex sounds, moaning sounds, female moaning, girl moaning sound, moaning voice, female moaning sounds, loud moaning sounds, moaning and groaning, people moaning, moaning sounds effect, more moaning, moaning men, male moaning sounds, guys moaning sounds, moaning orgasm, loud male orgasm, boy moaning, moaning girl sound, guy moaning audio, female moaning audio, moaning male orgasm, loud man orgasm, man moaning loud, male groaning sounds, men moaning in pleasure, men groaning, female moaning sounds, hot moaning sound, moaning sounds male, hot moan, groaning orgasm, woman moaning sounds, moaning orgasm sound, male groaning, sex sounds male moans, women's sexual health, sexual health care, sexual health information, sex benefits, healthy sexuality, sexaul health, sexual health products, sexsual health, sextual health, sexual health awareness, stories sexy, sexy stroy, sexy stoery, sexy storry, sexy new story, true sexy stories, english sexy story, srxy story, sexy story read, sexy stiry, romantic sexy story, sexy stort, secy story, sexy real story, sexy girls stories, love sexy story, sexy sories, sexy story sexy story, sexy stoires, all sexy story, aexy story, a sexy story, most sexy story, sexy story sexy, love and sexy story, beautiful romantic sex, hot romantic sex, audio gone wild, gone wild audio, r audio gone wild, r indians gone wild, beautiful romantic and full romantic sex.


Fangs III 🧛‍♀️ Vampire Threesome Erotic Audio Sex Story with ASMR Sex Sounds
Listen to the full story: This Vampire sex erotic audio is another in the Fangs series. Our journalist visits the exclusive club again to offer herself up to the centuries-old vampire Malcolm, only this time he's forced to share her. Listen to this audio porn vampire threesome and slate your thirst. Humans have always just been something amusing to play with for Malcolm, but Sophia is clearly more than just a typical human. Unfortunately for him, he’s not the only one obsessing over this intrepid journalist and her blood. He and Lena will just have to learn to share…
10:10 10/9/22
Mistress Mia II ⛓ 🙆🏽 ⛓ Lesbian Dominatrix Erotic Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: Indulge yourself today with this NSFW femdom erotic audio sex story. Check out this audio porn to listen in on a lesbian virtual session with a dominatrix with sex toys, orgasm denial, and more. While away on a work trip, Eva has the urge to indulge in her submissive side. She typically has in-person sessions with her domme, Mistress Mia, but seeing as she’s hundreds of miles away from home at the moment, she decides to book a virtual session. Get your toys ready, take a deep breath, and let Mistress Mia show you why she’s the best of the best.
08:32 9/11/22
Pleasure Retreat II ✍️ Gay Male Erotic Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: After a voyeur listens to his neighbour masturbating at a writers' retreat, he never expected to end up having hot and heavy sex with him... but now, six months later, he's been invited to a book release. Glances across the room and very explicit public dirty talk lead to a night of hot, rough sex that neither of them will forget. Check out this audio porn if you like hot gay male stories. Willem never expected to see Dane again after their exciting chance encounter at the writing retreat. And then he got the text. An invitation to Dane’s book release party. Glances across the room and whispered dirty talk in public quickly lead to a rough and wild night that neither of them will forget.
07:48 9/4/22
Open Doors 🚪 Lesbian Erotic Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this lesbian erotic audio sex story, the owner and the manager of a lesbian bar can't keep their hands off each other. If you like enemies to lovers stories, this 3D ASMR spatial erotic audio is sure to get you going. Everyone knows lesbian bars are few and far between these days. So, when you’re hired to manage a new bar for sapphic types about to open, you work yourself to the bone making sure it’s everything your local queer community could ever hope for. Or, at least, you would if the owner wasn’t so hard to work with. When you try bossing her around for a change, you’re more than a little surprised to discover how much she likes it…
07:21 8/28/22
Scratching the Surface 🎨 Lesbian Erotic Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this lesbian erotic audio sex story, an artist and an art curator have a meeting at the former's studio that turns into a hot hookup. This erotic audio is perfect if you like NSFW audio roleplays with 3D spatial ASMR sound effects. Give yourself what you've been craving with a lesbian dirty talk. You and Rachel have bumped into each other countless times over the years, but today’s the first time you’ve ever been alone together. She’s scheduled a meeting at your studio to talk about curating your paintings into a prestigious biennial, but you can’t stop thinking about how good she looks in that dress.
09:01 8/21/22
Game Night IV 🎂 MMF Threesome Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this erotic audio sex story, join your favorite throuple as they have a sexy MMF threesome and listen to the sound of a couple having sex with their best friend. This erotic audio for women is especially created with spatial 3D ASMR sound effects and hot moans. If you like dirty talk roleplay, listen to this sensual story now! Heidi is trying to have a low-key birthday this year, but Simon and Lucien have other plans for her. When she gets home from work and finds them in bed waiting for her, she quickly realizes just how far they’re willing to go to please her.
07:37 8/15/22
Face the Music II 🎼 Phone Sex Erotic Audio Story
Listen to the full story: This NSFW erotic audio follows the adventures of our favorite orchestra players after their last public sex adventure in the concert hall. This time, a nightly video call turns into hot phone sex. Follow Audiodesires for more audio porn and erotic stories for women! It’s been three months since Erik moved to Chicago and Nadia is counting down the days until she can join him. During their nightly video chat, Erik admits that he can’t stop thinking about her and slowly, sensually describes all of the things he’d do to her if she were there in bed with him tonight.
07:47 8/7/22
Find Your Center 🏺 Audio Sex Story, Hot Pottery Guy, Erotic Audio Story, ASMR Sex Sounds
Listen to the full story: Hot pottery guys have been heating up social media lately, so we've got just the thing. Listen to this audio porn and have your very own NSFW adventure with a guy who will hypnotize you with his hands and his deliberate, sensual movements. Too sexy for this pot? Let's make pottery sexy again with erotic audios. He’s so good with his hands, has a gentle creative spirit about him, and is cut like a marble statue. You thought taking a pottery class once a week after work would be a good way to relax, but you’re finding it hard to think about anything other than your gorgeous instructor putting his hands all over you…
10:39 7/31/22
VIP Service II - Audio Sex Story ✅ Sex in Public ✅ Exhibitionist Sex
Listen to the full story: Do you like exhibitionism and sex in public? In this audio sex story, a couple gets adventurous and it's not long before they have anal sex in the hotel hot tub in Amsterdam. This dirty talk audio with spatial ASMR sound effects is too good to be missed! This couple’s last foray into exhibitionism has left them wanting more. While in Amsterdam for a three-day music festival, they get adventurous in the hotel hot tub in a very public way.
07:03 7/24/22
Hot for Teacher III - Audio Sex Story ✅ Dirty Talking ✅ Teacher Student Sex
Listen to the full story: In this erotic audio sex story, a teacher and student have been sneaking around dating for a few weeks. They hook up after class at his house, where he punishes her for being a bad student. If you like dirty talk audio porn, this erotic audio is sure to induldge your wildest fantasies. You’ve been sneaking around with the Professor for weeks and now he wants to get to know you—the real you. When he invites you over to his place for dinner, you find yourself falling for the endearing intellectual just as hard as you did for the stern Professor.
06:45 7/10/22
Hot for Teacher II - Student Teacher Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: The sequel to this steamy professor/TA relationship has things heating up even more when you decide to have some fun in an empty lecture hall. Fan-favorite narrators Joel and Alice are on fire in this spontaneous anal-sex-in-public audio sex episode. "I love teaching first-year students. Their excitement, their’s all so contagious. The semester is halfway finished and I’m already starting to think about next semester’s classes. I was worried about leaving the industry to teach...but I feel like I’m really starting to enjoy it here. My eyes drift over towards the front row of the lecture hall where you’re sitting. Your lips are curved into a smirk. Your legs are just slightly parted, and your skirt is slid slightly up...I know that if I were to look long enough I would be able to see your panties. I know what you’re doing. You’re trying to distract me while I teach. You love your little games..."
11:06 7/10/22
Hot for Teacher I - BDSM Teacher Student Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this audio sex story, you prepare for your weekly meeting with your professor. As his TA, you're used to assisting him with anything he needs...this week, however, your plan is to please him in a different way. Seducing your professor and unleashing his dominant side proves easier than you thought in this BDSM teacher/student hookup story. Three hundred and forty-seven new emails…How is that even possible…? Gotta grade these quizzes…Prepare my lecture for tomorrow…Oh, that’s right. I completely forgot I was meeting with my teaching assistant. I pull my eyes away from my computer monitor and lean back in my chair. For a moment, I can’t even remember what our meeting is supposed to be about. I love my job as a professor, but damn it keeps me busy. You flash a smile up at me and I find myself finally relaxing a little. I have no idea where I’d be without you. You’ve really been a godsend during this first week of classes. You’re consistently prepared with the day’s lecture notes. You have no problem meeting with the students when I’m unavailable, and you’re a master at getting the ancient tech to work in the lecture hall. You re-adjust the hem of your skirt and my eyes drift down to your visible thighs for just a moment. I quickly look back up into your eyes. I’ve been so busy this first week of classes that… I hadn’t really noticed how attractive you are. But of course that’s a totally inappropriate thought for me to have, considering you technically work for me. You’re a student. And I’m a professor. It's just not a good idea to let my mind go there. You reach down to pull a black leather notebook out of your purse. As you lean down, the low-cut neck of your shirt dips to the side and I get a clear look at your cleavage. It occurs to me that you’re usually dressed much more conservatively for class. The skirt and low-cut shirt you’re wearing now look fantastic on you. And they’re revealing parts of your body I’ve never seen. I feel a sudden urge to touch you that I’ve never felt before.
11:23 7/10/22
The Vamp Room - Audio Sex Story ✅ BDSM Threesome ✅ Male Dom and Female Sub
Listen to the full story: In this BDSM erotic audio sex story, a kinky couple visits a sex dungeon-for-rent with the wife's boyfriend. Listen to this NSFW audio to enjoy bondage, spanking, double penetration, and more. You’ve been dying to check out that new dungeon-for-rent, The Vamp Room, where kinky couples can rent out a whole BDSM playground for the night. Lucky for you, your husband knows exactly what you want and surprises you with a kinky weekend getaway. When you arrive, you find out that’s not the only surprise he’s got up his sleeve. Getting dommed by your husband and your boyfriend at the same time? Sounds like a polyamorous dream come true.
06:43 6/28/22
Dirty Talk with Joel III - Audio Sex Story ✅ Mutual Masturbation ✅ ASMR Sex Sounds ✅ Hot Male Moans
Listen to the full story: In this NSFW audio sex story, fan-favorite Joel wants to show you just how badly he wants you. This erotic audio for women is the perfect roleplay indulgence with ASMR sound effects and moans. Joel can’t stop thinking about you and he’s ready to get serious with your relationship. Show him just how deep your feelings go and just how badly you want him.
11:04 6/20/22
Alone Time - Audio Sex Story ✅ Masturbation ✅ Dirty Talk ✅ Sexy American Accent
Listen to the full story: In this NSFW audio sex story, one woman's solo camping trip turns into more than she bargained for when she hears her neighbours having loud, passionate sex... so she touches herself whilst watching them. Enjoy this erotic audio for women and touch yourself along with her. You and your girlfriend have gone camping for the weekend and your constant teasing has driven her to the limit. While she gives you an incredible orgasm, your neighbour in the campsite can't help but get excited by the raunchy scene you’re putting on.
07:14 6/13/22
The Taming of the Brat - Audio Sex Story ✅ Anal Sex ✅ BDSM
Listen to the full story: A bratty submissive gets put in her place in this audio sex story. With spatial 3D ASMR sound effects, you can hear every spank and moan in this intense BDSM audio story. Two polyamorous partners engage in an intense anal BDSM scene. Mel, a bratty submissive, doesn’t have much experience in anal but wants to stretch to her limits with her experienced Dom and partner, David.
06:41 6/5/22
Double Dip - Audio Sex Story ✅ Double Penetration ✅ FMM Threesome ✅ Sexy American Accent
Listen to the full story: In this NSFW audio sex story, a submissive finally indulges her long-time fantasy of double penetration with her husband and their polyamorous friend. Listen to this audio only porn and treat your ears with our spatial audio porn. Jada and Rahim have been enjoying experimenting with dominant and submissive roles both in and out of bed. Feeling more comfortable and safe than ever, Jada decides to bring a long-time fantasy into reality: double-penetration. With the help of Rahim and their occasional third, Jada is going to get a double-dose of pleasure tonight.
07:54 5/29/22
Say Please - Audio Sex Story ✅ Femdom Porn ✅ FFM Threesome ✅ Sexy British Accent
Listen to the full story: In this FFM threesome erotic audio sex story, a southern American ranch hand gets frisky with two women at a local bar. The workday might be done, but for Rob, things are just getting started. He claims not to catch feelings often, but when you and your friend share a table with him at the local bar, he makes it clear he’s willing to do anything-anything-to make you feel good.
09:05 5/22/22
The Ranch Hand III - Audio Sex Story ✅ Erotic Audio for Women ✅ FFM Threesome ✅ Sexy Cowboy Accent
Listen to the full story: In this FFM threesome audio sex story, a southern American ranch hand gets frisky with two women at a local bar. The workday might be done, but for Rob, things are just getting started. He claims not to catch feelings often, but when you and your friend share a table with him at the local bar, he makes it clear he’s willing to do anything-anything-to make you feel good.
09:09 5/15/22
Letting Loose - First Time Lesbian Sex ✅ Queer Erotic Audio ✅ Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this lesbian audio sex story, a middle-aged divorcee has her first queer experience with her beautiful, friendly neighbor. With her kids all grown and off at college, Claire tries to lean in a little to her new life as a middle-aged divorcée. As she adjusts to her new apartment, Claire finds herself crushing over her next-door neighbor, Johanna.
08:34 4/30/22
All to Myself - ASMR Moans ✅ Car Sex ✅ Outdoor Sex ✅ Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this audio sex story, a couple goes away on a much-needed remote cabin getaway. The drive there is full of teasing and masturbation instructions, and once they arrive, they have passionate, loud sex on the porch. Enjoy this intimate outdoor sex experience with ASMR moaning and sound effects.
08:23 4/24/22
Public Display - Sex at the Beach ✅ Public Sex ✅ Outdoor Sex ✅ Audio Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this public audio sex story, a couple decides to take advantage of a private area on a crowded beach and their passions for each other take over.
08:23 4/17/22
Game Night III - MMF Threesome ✅ Gay Male Sex (Audio Sex Story)
Listen to the full story: In this audio sex story, there is bisexual male sex in the shower followed by body worship and adoration of their mutual partner. Indulge in this MMF threesome audio story, narrated by some of our top voices.
11:58 4/10/22
One for You, Two for Me - Swinging Sex Story (MMF Threesome)
Listen to the full story: In this hot mature threesome sex story, an older married couple invite their neighbor over for dinner and dessert - dessert being a kinky, bareback sex adventure in their living room after the meal.
09:05 3/7/22
Face the Music - Romantic Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this audio sex story, a friend confesses her deepest romantic feelings for the person who is moving away in a few days. To her surprise, they feel the same way. Explore this intense friends-to-lovers erotic audio story now.
07:51 1/30/22
Something New - Double Penetration MMF Threesome Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this mmf threesome audio sex story, the guy you're dating and a friend of his offer you a propisition that you've been fantasizing about for a long time - double penetration.
10:30 1/23/22
Working Late - Co-worker Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this audio sex story, working late with a coworker creates a lot of sexual tension and eventually, you both spill your feelings for each other. Explore this intimate friends to lovers sex story right now.
08:29 1/16/22
That Couple Next Door I - Hotwife MFM Threesome Swinger Sex Story
Listen to the full story: A man and wife plan a play session with their favorite play-mate, the Artist, in this steamy hotwife threesome episode. This episode is inspired by a true story that happened to the hosts of the That Couple Next Door podcast:
09:20 12/26/21
Time Traveler II - Sci-fi Sex Story
Listen to the full story: In this time travel audio sex story, a heroic time traveler is in the 1920s and gets seduced by a beautiful woman who loves the thrill of danger and spontaneous sex in the back room of the jazz club.
12:36 11/28/21
Time Traveler I - Science Fiction Audio Sex Story (Sci-Fi Sex Story)
Listen to the full story: Join us in our first sci-fi fantasy Audio Sex story this week with this myserious time traveler and his secret mission. While on assignment, he meets you and decides to make his time in the 21st century count. Naked, alone in a spa pool and nothing to lose, you spend one unforgettable night with a man you will never see again. I hear the portal close behind me and squeeze my eyes shut. It always takes a few moments for my stomach to settle and for my head to stop spinning. I move my fingers slightly against the floor, getting the first feel for my location. Carpet. Good quality, too. I open my eyes and allow them to focus on the plush grey fibres between my fingers. Where am I? I lift my head and look around me. There’s something familiar about it. I’m sure I’ve been here before. I slowly pick myself up off the floor. The effects of transport have worn off and I feel steady on my feet now. Right, okay then. Rule number one… establish your surroundings as quickly as possible upon arrival. I walk the width of the room to the window and pull the curtain back. The lights of Shinjuku are laid out before me. The Park Hyatt Tokyo. Of course, I have been here before. It was a long time ago...or, rather, it hasn’t happened yet. I walk towards the bed and catch sight of myself in the large mirror hanging above the dressing table. The years haven’t been unkind. A little rough around the edges, perhaps, but still passably handsome. I shake my head. Focus, I need to focus. Rule number two: figure out what year it is. I glance around the room. There’s a familiar white envelope resting on the table and a newspaper beneath it. My employer is nothing if not consistent and a bit predictable. I push the envelope to one side for the moment, picking up the newspaper to check the date. Oh, good, it’s in English. My Japanese is a bit rusty. Ah, so… it’s 2021. I look myself up and down in the mirror. My clothing is a little ahead of the times, but hey, this is Tokyo. Anything goes.
11:50 11/28/21