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“Hey the crazy ones. The misfits. The rebels. The troublemakers. The round pegs in the square holes. The ones who see things differently. They're not fond of rules. And they have no respect for the status quo. You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them. About the only thing you can't do is ignore them. Because they change things. They push the human race forward. And while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius."


Triz Show 030 - Maceo Jourdan (Canexxia) On Bringing Hospital Quality Healthcare into the Home 68:29 08/07/2021
Triz Show 029 - Kathryn Cross (Anja) On Storing Baby's Umbilical Cord Blood and Tissue Stem Cells 33:31 08/07/2021
Triz Show 028 - Rohan Gilkes (ConvertLabs) On Building Shopify For Local Services 42:11 08/07/2021
Triz Show 027 - Connor Ellison and Randolph W. Aarseth II (Pogr) On Building A Platform Where Gamers Can Make A Name For Themselves 46:58 08/06/2021
Triz Show 026 - Eric Dresdale (KNWN) On Redefining Identity And Creating Trust In An Evolving Digital World 26:30 08/05/2021
Triz Show 025 - Patrick Samy (Span) On Unlocking True Health Through Data-Driven Health Coaching 22:39 08/04/2021
Triz Show 024 - Josh Schachnow (Visto) On Helping Canadian Companies Bring Tech Talent To Their Canadian Offices Easily 26:46 08/03/2021
Triz Show 023 - Olabode Adejumo (Phoenix Robots Nigeria) On Using Robots To Replace People Working In Dangerous Jobs And Environments 09:46 08/02/2021
Triz Show 022 - Bathabile Amirchand (Rondavl) On Building A Safe And Easy Way To Buy Or Sell Tribal Authority Homes 15:39 08/01/2021
Triz Show 021 - Bart Melton (CentiPenny) On Building A Microcurrency For Fast, Easy Sub-Dollar Transactions 103:15 07/31/2021
Triz Show 020 - Eddie de Guia (EQL) On Interest Free Loans 56:16 07/30/2021
Triz Show 019 - Sacha Guberman and Riley Chornous (Mile1) On Building Convenient, Fast, And Environmentally Conscious Deliveries 62:53 07/29/2021
Triz Show 018 - Nikolina Lauc (GlycanAge) On Building A Biological Age Test For Healthy Ageing 87:20 07/28/2021
Triz Show 017 - Christine Kim (Village) On Building The First Social Networking Real Estate Marketplace 26:05 07/28/2021
Triz Show 016 - Josiah Odosu (Thrift Finance) On Building A Seamless And Profitable Decentralized Thrift Savings System 25:07 07/27/2021
Triz Show 015 - Adrien Stern (Reveel) On Giving Creators More Time To Create By Automating Their Paperwork 81:50 07/26/2021
Triz Show 014 - Aytunc Ozturk (Intelligentt) On Prioritizing Audiences, Creators, And Community 92:02 07/25/2021
Triz Show 013 - Chigozie Samuel Onwuegbu (RIMS) On Helping Retail Businesses With Sales Intelligence As A Service 26:38 07/24/2021
Triz Show 012 - Elliott Greenwood (Chckup) On Enhancing The Vet Clinic experience. 48:42 07/23/2021
Triz Show 011 - Adeniyi Omoniyi (Payvilion) On Making Payments Convenient, Seamless, Swift, And Ubiquitous For Africans And The World At Large 12:35 07/22/2021
Triz Show 010 - Anish Jain (Aspire) On Turning Your Computer Into Your Personal Employee 26:37 07/21/2021
Triz Show 009 - Mohamed Fekry (Xpert Zone) On Connecting People With Experts Who Offer Experience And Guidance 62:30 07/20/2021
Triz Show 008 - Ken Mooso (PersonaFi) On Simplifying Investing For Everyone. 22:30 07/19/2021
Triz Show 007 - Travis Matthew Siflinger (FoodsPass) On Building The First Visa® Cash Back Card Dedicated To Food Savings 151:26 07/18/2021
Triz Show 006 - Lance Troh (Own Kicks) On Authenticating Your Sneakers For The Resale Market 44:48 07/17/2021
Triz Show 005 - Pavla Bobosikova (WFHomie) On Engaging And Connecting Your Distributed Team 20:17 07/16/2021
Triz Show 004 - Emmanuel Evarist and Marvel George (LINK) On Building The Fastest And Cheapest Way To Receive Money From Nigeria. 62:54 07/15/2021
Triz Show 003 - Nipun Kejriwal (Tahini Creative Labs) On Taking Businesses To The Next Level Through Creativity 40:27 07/15/2021
Triz Show 002 - Adeyinka Odunsi (OnCampus) On Building A Marketplace For College Students In Africa 26:41 07/14/2021
Triz Show 001 - Sean Conrad (Pickle Pics) on preserving your memories. 50:07 07/13/2021