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Authenticity is Addictive

Authenticity is Addictive ™ is the podcast that teaches creative entrepreneurs like you how to create, refine, and leverage powerful brand stories that resonate with your dream clients, so that they take action. Story is the filter our brains use to process new information, build connections, and make sense of the world around us. If you want to become more visible, build your authority, and scale your brand, sharing your raw, relatable stories is the key to spreading your big idea. People are drawn to leaders who inspire change through empathy. And there’s no better way to cultivate empathy and forge relationships than to boldly express your guiding truth. Because Authenticity is Addictive™ .................................. Authenticity is Addictive ™ is the brainchild of Brand Voice Strategist and creative entrepreneur, Tiffany A. Ingle. Join our community newsletter at to get access to behind the scenes content and exclusive offers.


Authenticity is Addictive: The C.R.A.V.E. Factor 02:50 01/11/2022
Authenticity is Addictive: The C.R.A.V.E. Factor 02:50 01/04/2022
Authenticity is Addictive: The C.R.A.V.E. Factor 02:50 12/28/2021
Authenticity is Addictive: The C.R.A.V.E. Factor 02:50 12/21/2021
Authenticity is Addictive: Holiday Wrap Up 2021 04:31 12/14/2021
AIA 016: Nicole Morton: Developing an Effective Brand Strategy for Your Business 45:39 12/07/2021
AIA 015: Ash Chow: How to Turn the Messy Moments of Your Life into a Story Worth Sharing 47:23 11/23/2021
AIA 014: Esai Arasi: The Introverted Service Provider's Guide to Dominating Social Media 58:21 11/16/2021
AIA 013: Chantelle Andercastle: Cultivating a Holistic Business Mindset 43:42 11/09/2021
AIA 012: Kristin Macintyre: The Formula for Writing Conversion Copy That Connects & Converts 57:18 11/02/2021
AIA 011: Erika Macauley: How to Deliver a Premium Client Experience - An Expert OBM Shares Her Secrets 51:22 10/26/2021
AIA 010: Jacob Suckow: How to Turn Your Next Big Idea Into an Irresistible Offer 64:02 10/19/2021
AIA 009: Emilia Tanase: The Science of Addictive Storytelling 36:38 10/12/2021
AIA 008: Heather Dileepan: How to Position Your Personal Brand 34:45 10/05/2021
AIA 007: Andrea Shah: How to Ace Voice of Customer Interviews 35:33 09/28/2021
AIA 006: Tyler Hakes: Establishing a People-First Agency 35:03 09/21/2021
AIA 005: Marcy Lynn: Building Intentional Relationships with Customers 47:45 09/14/2021
AIA 004: Anna Rosa Parker: Designing an Authentic Personal Brand 49:54 09/07/2021
AIA 003: Erin Pennings: Finding the Courage to Become Visible 38:03 08/31/2021
AIA 002: Brittany McBean: How to Infuse Your Values into Your Copy 58:18 08/31/2021
AIA 001: Daniel Lamb: Connecting Emotionally with Your Audience 45:49 08/31/2021
Trailer - Authenticity is Addictive 01:35 08/17/2021