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A pregnancy, family growth, and women’s health & wellness podcast for busy women who love girl talk and want to learn about their bodies through the lens of God’s intentional design. I drop episodes every week that are chock-full of encouragement, truth, and action steps you can take that’ll help you feel empowered on your journey. Join me as we cover topics from getting ready to get pregnant, birth planning, postpartum life, and uncovering what’s most important to your family to the seriously intentional design of our menstrual cycle, and how to hack it to get the most out of each phase. We’re also gonna cover topics like singleness, body image, the Father’s heart for family and marriage, miscarriage and infant loss, and God’s plan for sustainability through rhythms like rest and sabbath. And you’re not just going to hear about all of this from me! We’ll talk to midwives, pastors, enneagram experts and other industry leaders to discover our design together. You can expect the full spectrum of emotions as we uncover the insanely beautiful truth of what we were created for. I designed this podcast to educate, equip and empower you to take steps in the areas you could use a little extra support. Join us!