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‘The Moment I’ is a podcast detailing how women from across Africa regained their confidence after moments that threatened to put them down. We take a journey with these women through their lowest moments and find out just how they pulled themselves back up and succeeded against the odds. So if you’re ready? Let’s dive in!


The Moment I felt ugly
In this last installment of The Moment I Audience Podcast, listen to Olivia Makena as she lets us in on a time she felt ugly. To round us off,  do share your favorite episode and tag us on Instagram @sheleadsafrica.
07:24 01/27/2022
The Moment I lost my job and confidence.
The episode that talks about tying your self worth to your job. Raise your hand if like Chinaza Anih you let your job define you in some way or the other.As usual do share with your circle of friends and look forward to our next episode.
03:29 01/26/2022
The Moment I was body shamed.
Bella Musita’s story is one most of us may relate to and in this episode she her story and the role body shaming took in it.Disclaimer: Stock Image used in the above picture 
02:28 01/26/2022
The Moment I felt not good enough.
This episode is one you would like to listen to, for the days that your imposter thoughts try to make you feel less than. Take and moment and o isten to Lindiwe Kholophane 😉If you have a playlist that makes you feel better than good, share and us and tag us on Instagram  @sheleadsafrica
01:42 01/26/2022
The Moment I lost self esteem
One way or the other I am sure we have battled with self-esteem. If you don’t believe me then tell me one person you know who hasn’t had self esteem issues.Well, Above Faithi would like to share her story so do well to listen and share.
05:08 01/26/2022
The Moment I felt my body was marred.
Join Amile Ntshutsha in this episode where she talks about a time where she wasn’t thinking the best thoughts about her body.Share with your friends and spread some body positivity today.
03:13 01/26/2022
The Moment I felt not beautiful enough.
Beauty they say is in the eye of the beholder?  Do you believe this? Kehinde Ojo tells us her relationship with the concept of beauty. Share your beauty story and tag us here -
06:54 01/26/2022
The Moment I was insecure about my body size.
Body Size!!! Raise your hand if you are a lady and have had people comment on your body size. Do not get me started on the "politically correct" ways we as a society have struggled to tag different people with different sizes, If you relate to Bhule Nombewu, listen and shareee
06:38 01/25/2022
The Moment I felt less of a person.
Omotola Ogunnoiki shares her story on the moment in her life that had a feeling. It can be difficult to withstand condescension, but what do you do when it stems from  within?Share this  on your Instagram stories and tag us here-       
06:24 01/25/2022
The Moment I didn't like my skin colour.
Have you ever felt favored/disfavored due to the color of your skin? Maybe you felt your melanin was a bit too much due to the influence of your immediate surroundings or the media. Join Avante Mafusire in this episode and share her journey with the world.
04:54 01/25/2022
The Moment I doubted myself
If you have ever struggled with self-doubt, Malti Danjuma has been there before. If you listen and you enjoyed the perspective, hit that share button and let someone else feel seen.
06:10 01/24/2022
The Moment I failed and felt rejected
In this week's episode, Siyasanga Vena shares with us a trying moment in her life. Listen and share with your friends who are on a journey to make the best of themselves.
04:12 01/24/2022
The Moment I was Depressed.
Amarachukwu Nwokokoro shares the moment in her life where she battled depression. Listen, share and anticipate the next episode.
06:14 01/21/2022
Episode 10 - The Moment I Let A Comment Define Me with Maxine Wabosha
Has anyone ever said something to tear you down and it worked because it was already an insecurity for you?In Maxine’s episode of The Moment I podcast, she talks about a moment in her life when she let a comment define her and how she regained her confidenceABOUT MAXINE WABOSHAMaxine Wabosha is an engineer, content creator, entrepreneur, and a leading voice for black beauty in Kenya. From doing makeup for an on-set crew after she didn't make the part for an audition, let’s just say Maxine knows how to make lemonade out of lemons!Wanna see more of Maxine? Visit to view her confidence showcase!
03:58 10/25/2021
Episode 9 - The Moment I Could Not Dance with Powede Awujo
Have you ever felt shy and ashamed to do something, just because you are afraid to flop?  In Powede’s episode of The Moment I podcast, she talks about a moment in her life when she felt shy to dance around people, but became brave to face the crowd and ended up presenting a well-thought choreography that won her a beauty pageant.ABOUT POWEDE AWUJOPowede Awujo is a Nigerian powerhouse who is able to wear many hats and make them all look effortlessly stunning. A former MBGN Miss Tourism, she is also a registered nurse, pilot, content creator, and entrepreneur. In addition to being a swiss army knife, Powede also takes the time to give back to the community through her foundation -the Powede Lawrence Foundation - where she focuses on improving the education and supporting the needs of the physically challenged and less privileged people through volunteering, partnerships, and collaborations.Wanna see more of Powede? Visit to view her confidence showcase!
05:26 10/18/2021
Episode 8- The Moment I Failed At Every Try with Shekinah Donnell
Have you ever failed at something, no matter what or how hard you tried? In Shekinah’s episode of The Moment I podcast, she talks about a moment in her life where she failed at every try and covers tips on how to deal with failure.ABOUT SHEKINAH DONNELLShekinah Donnell is an award-winning South African singer and songwriter, she is a talented artist who was in the top 32 and top 6 of the 7th and 8th seasons of SA Idols when she was 17 and 18.  She is a trailblazer in the South African music industry and was featured in OkayAfrica's 100 Women 2020 List. Shekinah is an entrepreneurial innovator with a passion for pushing women forward in the South African music scene. In 2020, she founded Rosefest, a digital platform that supports women in the South African music industry as well as highlights social issues.Wanna see more of Shekinah? Visit to view her confidence showcase!
05:31 10/11/2021
Episode 7: The Moment I Thought My Body Was Faulty with Omowunmi Dada
Omowunmi was convinced something was wrong with her body. Other girls were experiencing the ups and downs of puberty while her body seemed stuck in time with no changes- no matter what she did. In this episode, she speaks about how the right words took her out of a dark place and how her journey of self-love began.ABOUT OMOWUNMI DADAOmowunmi Dada is an award-winning Nigerian actor, voice-over artist, presenter, model, and humanitarian popularly known for her roles in Netflix's Oloture and Africa Magic's Jemeji. In addition to her international movies, Omowunmi is passionate about the indigenous film industry and actively features in Yoruba films. When she is not on the screen, you can find her on the theatre stage, dancing salsa in Lagos and volunteering.Wanna see more of Omowunmi? Visit to view her confidence showcase now!
06:40 10/04/2021
Episode 6: The Moment I Closed My Company with Damilola Teidi
What do you do when the company you run goes under? When Damilola was in the same situation she was faced with a major decision- hide away or bravely confront her worst fears.In her episode on The Moment I, she shares her story and how she found the confidence to confront her fears.ABOUT DAMILOLA TEIDIDamilola Teidi is a software developer and business expert with over 9 years of experience in the African tech industry where she has leveraged her expertise to help several startups succeed, A former CEO and co-founder of GoMyWay and current director at CCHub, she is no stranger to the pitfalls that come with trying to scale a startup in Africa.When she is not directly working with startup founders, she engages various key stakeholders to create an enabling ecosystem for high-growth companies to thrive on the continent.Wanna see more of Damilola? Visit to download the lookbook below and view her confidence showcase!
06:07 09/24/2021
Episode 5- The Moment I Felt Second Class
From being talked down to because she didn’t attend a Model C school to being compared to others, Vicky Vee Jonas knows a thing or two about feeling like a second class citizen.In her episode on The Moment I, she shares her story and how she found the confidence to stay true to herself.ABOUT VICKY-VEE JONASVicky Vee Jonas is a South African award-winning content creator, model, and beauty influencer who has built a community of over 550K followers across the internet.Wanna see more of Vicky-Vee? Visit to download her lookbook below and view her confidence showcase!
05:02 09/17/2021
Episode 4: The Moment I Felt Washed Up by Nse Ikpe Etim
In this episode of The Moment I podcast, Nse shares an emotional account of the moment when she was forced to take a 5-year hiatus for a major medical procedure, and how this negatively affected her career and self-confidence. Her road back to the screen wasn’t easy, but she made it.ABOUT NSE IKPE-ETIMNse Ikpe-Etim is an award-winning veteran Nigerian actor with over 19 years in the industry and 20+ blockbuster films in her filmography. She is known for being a silent tsunami because she emerges as a quiet storm when she performs.In addition to her profound acting career, she is also an entrepreneur, advocate for women, fitness enthusiast, and Manchester United fan.Wanna see more of Nse? Visit to download her lookbook and view her confidence showcase!
05:26 09/10/2021
Episode 3: The Moment I Hid My Face by Kambua Mathu
Kambua remembers not wanting to go anywhere, not wanting to meet people or feeling comfortable putting herself out there. There were so many experiences she ended up missing out on because she just always felt so exposed.In this episode of The Moment I podcast, she reveals the story of a time when she hid her face and how she found the courage to step into the light and use her voice. ABOUT KAMBUA MATHUKambua Mathu is a celebrated Kenyan musician and television personality famous for hosting the 7-hour show, “Rauka” on Kenya’s most-watched TV station, Citizen TV. Wanna see more of Kambua? Visit to download the lookbook and view her confidence showcase!
03:58 09/03/2021
Episode 2: The Moment I Felt Like An Imposter by Nomndeni Mdakhi
After years of success in the entertainment industry, Nomndeni left everything that was familiar to her and pivoted to a whole new industry where she had no contacts and limited knowledge to start a business. In her episode, Nomndeni, South African serial impact entrepreneur, shares the honest story about a time she felt like an imposter.ABOUT NOMNDENI MDAKHINomndeni is a South African serial impact entrepreneur, marketing expert, and a well-known force in the entertainment industry. She is the founder of Agenda Woman, an online platform for working women in South Africa to find the balance between work and wellness. Wanna see more of Nomndeni? Download the lookbook by visiting to view her confidence showcase!
05:14 08/27/2021
Episode 1: The Moment I Didn't Speak Up by Maryam Laushi
We’ve all had that one coworker who is hell-bent on making us miserable. In Maryam’s case, things reached a head when she was yelled at in front of all her bosses and her self confidence was at its lowest. Listen to how she navigated this distressing situation and came out on top!ABOUT MARYAM LAUSHIMaryam Laushi is a communication specialist and activist. Maryam Laushi is a powerful voice from Northern Nigeria and a pioneer member of the Not Too Young To Run leadership team. Wanna see more of Maryam? Visit to view her confidence showcase!
04:28 08/20/2021