Show cover of Rock n Roll Business

Rock n Roll Business

A podcast like no other, Rock n Roll Business™️ is an access-all-areas pass to the movers and shakers who stand off stage and make sure business booms, no matter what. Giving you backstage access to learn more about how the business of rock ‘n’ roll really works – this unique podcast combines never-before-heard stories of the music industry with cutting-edge business insights, showcasing the secrets of success and the business learnings from some of the world’s biggest stars in music.  Brought to you by global business problem solver Kate Hardcastle MBE (who started life as a singer!), along with a crew of the music industry’s finest, this podcast is a must for both music fans and business people alike.  Recorded at some of the world’s most iconic music venues, including The Royal Albert Hall and of course, Abbey Road, Rock ‘n’ Roll Business™️ gets the inside scoop from music industry managers, artists and icons. Hear how mega-star manager Shep Gordon helped Alice Cooper break the UK by ‘making parents hate him’. Learn from Dolly Parton’s team the strategy behind her infamous 00’s career turnaround and see from Nic Collins how you launch a band when your father’s already kind of big in the business (yes that’s Phil Collins)…  It’s not just a podcast, it’s a backstage pass to a whole new music fan club which not only celebrates key figures from the industry, but examines down what they’ve done in their illustrious careers and more importantly, how they’ve done it.