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The Path Taken (A Musician's Story)

It's a Story about Songwriters. It's a Story about Musicians and Vocalists. It's a Story about Audio Engineering and Producing. It's a Story of Creativity, Collaborations, and Technology spanning five decades. The podcast series - "The Path Taken (A Musician's Story)" - features the stories and special moments from Tom's fifty years of songwriting, music, recording, production, engineering and education through conversations, stories, and sessions with the friends and colleagues that have both influenced and collaborated with Tom in the studio and on stage...with personal reflections on their career in music both before and after the "intersection" of the paths they have taken as individuals. Episodes of "The Path Taken" will be available on this page, on Simplecast, and from your favorite podcast platforms (links below) for fans and friends to enjoy at any time.


The Path Taken Episode Thirteen: Barry Shumate
Get to know one of the best guitarists in Southeast Virginia...his history...his recordings...his engineering: Barry Shumate.
84:24 08/17/2022
The Path Taken Episode Twelve: The High Energy Acoustics Band: First Take (Live Album)
Join Tom Farley and Alton Riddick as they share the players, performances, and engineering of the finest live album to come out of Southeast Virginia. A marvelous collaboration with musical and personal friends. Over 300 collective years of stage performance and studio experience performing for this one and only time on stage. A fantastic audience of friends, family, and fans. One great evening together… The High Energy Acoustics Band was a collection of some of the finest musicians in Southeast Virginia. This ensemble performed only The Steel Pier Cafe in Virginia Beach, VA on September 17, 2016. The evening included songs from Tom's newly released "By the Fence in the Sun"...with originals and covers from previous albums and arrangements.
95:57 06/08/2022
The Path Taken Episode Eleven: The "By the Fence in the Sun" CD
A personal and emotional conversation with Tom and Alton on the songwriting, recording sessions, players, production and reflections surrounding the sixth album in the Tom Farley Music Catalog: "By the Fence in the Sun" CD (2016)
116:59 03/11/2022
The Path Taken Episode Ten: The "Over the Falls" Album
For all producers, songwriters, and engineers...who have experienced (or hope to experience) the creative and technical production of the first album from your own home studio, this podcast episode is for you. 2005...After a long dry spell, the joy of songwriting and producing returned. With the ability to engineer and produce at home, the timing was perfect. With Tania and Steve Gallagher (as Recording Engineer) at my side, how could I lose....? Added is a new sound in the music....the dobro. A retirement present from Tania, it has be my new musical passion. Also....this album allowed me to re-establish an old but cherished relationship with guitarist Greg Ferris. Greg lives in Lynchburg. But with a strong musical connection and technology on our side, we were able to collaborate over long distance....and knock one out of the park. I hope you enjoy this album....three instrumentals and four lyric songs....and the conversation with Alton Riddick about the history...the technology...the stories...and the songs that are the "Over the Falls" album. Enjoy...!
104:39 02/06/2022
The Path Taken Episode Nine: The "Songsmyth" Album
The story of the creation, the studio process, the songs, and the players: "Songsmyth" - the first album by Tom Farley.
99:23 01/01/2022
The Path Taken Episode Eight: Greg Wikle
A personal and musical story of Tom's studio and stage collaborations with mujsician Greg Wikle, one of the finest musicians in Southeast Virginia.
67:14 12/02/2021
The Path Taken Episode Seven: The Calm Before the Storm CD
A great podcast episode celebrating the 30th anniversary of one of the most successful albums ever produced in Southeast Virginia. Tom and Alton share an intelligent, personal, and enjoyable conversation covering the history, the production, the studio players, Bob Smith and Earworks, and the songs from "The Calm Before the Storm"(1991). Episode Seven from "The Path Taken" Podcast Series The Tom Farley Band: Tom Farley - Tania Farley - Gerry Herndon The Songs The Calm Before the Storm Leningrad Slow Drivers in the Left-Hand Lane Fresh Air Baby Can I Hold You Tow Tow Tow Professional Backroads Man Comin' Apart at the Seams Landslide An Old and Familiar Play Promenade Blues Kinky with My Baby You Don't Have To Over You Missing My Old Man
135:22 11/01/2021
The Path Taken Episode Six: Todd Gallagher
Good friends since our college days at Virginia Tech. Bonded by music and family. Guitarist. Builder. Rock Instrument and Gear Collector. Electrical Engineer. Audio Engineer. And part of my musical history for over 40 years. Take a minute to get to get to know an exceptional man…Todd Gallagher…on “The Path Taken (A Musician’s Story)” Podcast Series – Episode Six – playing on these podcast platforms: The Path Taken Website Simplecast Google Podcast Spotify Podcast Amazon Podcast IHeart Radio Podcast Stitcher Podcast Deezer Podcast Pocket Cast Podcast Player FM Podcast Radio Public Podcast Gaana Podcast Your Cast Podcast
68:04 10/04/2021
The Path Taken Episode Five: Joanna Binford
The podcast series "The Path Taken (A Musician's Story)" shares a great conversation and song collection with violist Joanna Binford. Touching on her family, musical training and collaborations, and her Suzuki Method teaching career, Joanna gives us a wonderful picture of the meaningful and fun journey that is her life.
85:07 08/31/2021
The Path Taken Episode Four: Peter Shonerd
Peter Shonerd has been a mainstay of my stage performances and studio recordings for over 40 years. Built on a solid foundation of creativity, professionalism, unique stylings, and a genuine love for his instruments, he has distinguished himself as a premier percussionist in our generation of players. His part in our collaborations…in all of their diversity…brings an energy and atmosphere and fun that only his experience can provide. The fact that he is my long-time friend makes it all perfect. Enjoy a personal conversation with one of the finest percussionists to ever come out of Southeast Virginia: Peter Shonerd.
63:42 08/25/2021
The Path Taken Episode Three: Steve Gallagher
Hear the story of over fifty years of friendship, collaboration, experimentation, education, and engineering that is still creating some of the best songwriting and studio recordings from Southeast Virginia. Join Alton Riddick and Tom Farley as they explore the ongoing musical evolution of an exceptional man: Steve Gallagher.
88:58 08/25/2021
The Path Taken Episode Two: Tania Farley
An intimate and personal conversation with Tania Farley...the life, music, friends, family, and the stage and studio career of one of Southeast Virginia's finest recording and performing artists.
100:52 08/25/2021
The Path Taken Episode One: Tom Farley
Host: Alton Riddick A conversation with Tom Farley focusing on the history of his musical career - both studio and stage - and the important friends, family, and collaborators that were a part of his artistic evolution.
85:12 08/25/2021