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Award-winning author, Terry Stafford, is a former NASA project manager sharing his tips for the organization necessary to go from aspiring writer to published author. He spends 5 to 10 minutes each weekday sharing his insights into what it takes to organize your writing practice to be a prolific storyteller regardless of your content níche.


Quality Management
In this episode, Terry continues with his series on Project Management for Writers based on his book of the same title. There is never too much that can be said about the quality of a book. There is no room for cutting corners in the publishing industry. Here, Terry discusses the low-hanging fruit for book quality and the importance of getting it right.
17:17 10/12/2021
Cost Management
The Project Management for Writers series continues as Terry discusses the costs associated with writing a high-quality book. While it's easy to write anything into a file and upload it to Amazon for absolutely no cost, not paying attention to quality will inevitably lead to disaster. You don't want to be known as an author who writes garbage with errors strewn throughout the book. Once you've established that reputation, even with just one book, it's almost impossible to recover enough to identify yourself as a successful author. Don't do it. Listen to this episode and start developing a realistic budget to publish that high-quality masterpiece you’re working on.
10:38 10/05/2021
Scope Management and Time Management
Terry continues his series on Project Management for Writers with a combined chat on both Scope Management and Time Management. Tune in and learn the importance of laying out a plan for writing your book to ensure your team has everything they need when they need it. Once you set your launch date, you want to make sure everything gets done on time to make it happen.
12:01 09/30/2021
PMW Integration Management
In this episode, Terry kicks off his series on Project Management for Writers. In this first chat of the series, we discuss Integration Management, aka, oversight of the entire project and where the development of a project plan begins. Writers will recognize the project plan as a Book Proposal, where all of the planning details of the book project will reside.
12:58 09/28/2021
Why I Wrote Project Management for Writers
In this episode, Terry introduces his new book, Project Management for Writers. This is the last in his "Why I Wrote" series where he prepares to begin a new series where he will summarize each chapter in the book. The is a short episode but it gets us kicked off in Project Management for Writers
05:03 09/22/2021
Why I Wrote the Brandon McStocker Trilogy
Continue his series called, "Why I Wrote . . ," Terry discuss his political thriller trilogy and the project manager protagonist, Brandon McStocker. As a former NASA project manager himself, Terry chose to use that experience to create this fascinating story. Hear how the trilogy was created and how it evolved through each of the three books, Kéntro, National Cross, and Left Coast Left.
09:29 09/22/2021
Why I Wrote Strings of Faith
Episode 3 begins a short series that Terry calls, "Why I Wrote . . ." He starts the series off with a chat about what motivated him to write his award-winning novel, Strings of Faith. The is more than one way to tell a true story. With this, his first novel, Terry chose to tell a painful, true story by fictionalizing it. Listen to how you, too, can tell a story in this way.
09:54 09/22/2021
Why Write a Book?
In this episode, Terry goes into further detail with the reasons why you must write a book. For most of us, it's really not an option. He lists many of the reasons to write a book and debunks the excuses people give for not doing it.
10:53 09/22/2021
Let's Talk About Writing a Book
This inaugural episode of The Organized Writer introduces the listener to the host, Terry Stafford, and the topics that will be discussed in this and future episodes. Terry provides a summary of why everyone should write a book and goes on to address many of the excuses people use to avoid it.
08:20 09/09/2021