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As we age, how do we continue to nurture our creative life and our enjoyment of the arts? The Arts and Ageing podcast is part of 'What Next? Arts & Ageing resources,' the outcome of the 'Creative Enquiry – Arts and Older People' initiative coordinated by Sirius Arts Centre and supported by the HSE Cork Kerry Community Healthcare – Cork South Community Work Department.


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How can we continue to nurture our creativity as we age? What can artists bring to the table? An eight-part podcast series on arts and older people as part of What Next? Arts and Ageing Resources, a programme funded by the Arts Council and initiated by Cork City Council. Available each Monday from the 4th of October.
01:50 09/28/2021
Local Know-how Part 1
The key to a sustainable future is to preserve the place-based knowledge of the past. In part one of The Arts & Ageing Podcast, join retired fisherman Kevin Jones, Moggy Somers of community environmental group Cobh Zero Waste and artist Colette Lewis as they discuss the Local Know-how project, which was part of Colette's Creative Enquiry residency at Cobh's Sirius Arts Centre, exploring arts and ageing.
31:48 10/04/2021
Local Know-how Part 2
Artist Colette Lewis discusses the Creative Enquiry residency you heard about in Part 1 and shares what she learned about making communities of interest, about entrenched ageism in our society, and about practical ways to ensure creative projects are inclusive of older people. 
37:40 10/04/2021
Cultural Lore Part 1
Walking sticks, like traditional crafts, are often handed down from generation to generation within a family. Artist Marie Brett has all-too-real firsthand experience of how traditional skills can slip from our grasp: she comes from a family that were once farriers. Marie's Cultural Lore project was her Creative Enquiry residency at Cork Midsummer Festival. Join Marie, Eugene Trindles from Celtic Stickmakers and Karina Healy from The Lantern Project for this episode of the Arts & Ageing podcast.
29:15 10/11/2021
Cultural Lore Part 2
Font size on printed materials, transport, the time that events are on, no-one to go with, weather, the cost of tickets: find out what artist Marie Brett learned about the barriers that prevent older people from attending arts festival events.  Marie worked with Cork Midsummer Festival on her Cultural Lore project to answer specific research questions on access to arts for older people. When it comes to ageing and arts, she says, one size very definitely doesn't fit all. 
27:55 10/18/2021
The Wings to Fly Part 1
At Nazareth House nursing home in Mallow, Co Cork, dancer Helga Deasy and musician Susan McManamon, who worked together on their Creative Enquiry Arts and Older People residency with MusicAlive, have returned after two years to give another music and movement workshop. Hear from Mary Curtin, who is married to Seán, also a resident, and from mother and daughter Sheila Sullivan and Margaret Aherne, who both live in Nazareth House.
24:35 10/25/2021
The Wings to Fly Part 2
“I said this isn’t going to work, not with the crowd that we have. If you can imagine seventy-year-olds in a room and they’ve never done proper singing before and suddenly they’re doing all this stretching and breathing." Noel Keohane of Mayfield Men's Shed Choir describes the ups and downs of working with Helga Deasy and Susan McManamon on music and movement workshops during their Creative Enquiry Arts and Older people residency with MusicAlive. Could the choir overcome their hesitance and risk tapping into the creative rewards of the project? 
35:00 11/01/2021
The Wings to Fly Part 3
"Sometimes, working with older people, they've seen it all so they're often much more open than you'd expect them to be and really willing to try things and put themselves out there." Helga Deasy and Susan McManamon reflect on their movement and music work with Nazareth House nursing home and Mayfield Men's Shed as part of their Creative Enquiry into Arts and Older people with MusicAlive.   
34:51 11/08/2021
Episode Eight: Postscript
Having interviewed all four artists and many participants from the Creative Enquiry Arts and Older People residencies, Ellie O'Byrne takes a look at some common themes, from the importance of retaining our individualism in the ageing process to emphasising time, trust and process over product in creative engagements with older people. 
28:48 11/15/2021