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The Journey Unscripted explores some of the more quirky and downright hilarious WTF moments of life with engaging topics, wild unscripted stories, and celebrity interviews. Your host Amber Rose will lead you through with some of the most extraordinary, off-the-wall situations and people we could conjure up. So sit back, smile, and enjoy the ride on The Journey Unscripted!


Celebrity Encounters with Jacky Rom!
On this episode of The Journey Unscripted, we have a conversation with Jacky Rom, a Casting Director for the films, First Knight and The Parent Trap. We'll have a fun chat with her working with the Late Sean Connery, Richard Gere, and Lindsey Lohan.Jacky wrote the fabulous documentary, Method of Murder, now on Amazon Prime Video.  Check it out!Jacky is also the author of over 16 books and is currently writing a musical.For more information, visit: www.jackyrom.comSUPPORT THE PODCAST ON PATREON.COM ME A COFFEE INSTACART TODAYI am an affiliate for Instacart! Instacart has saved me a lot of money and time! They always pick the freshest produce and other groceries that I requested, directly to my front door, FAST; usually within 1 to 2 hours! Join today below!! The following link is a paid advertisement and I will be compensated.
31:16 11/29/2021
Celebrity Encounters with Brent Scarpo
On this episode of The Journey Unscripted, we have a conversation with Brent Scarpo, a Casting Director for the blockbuster films, The Shawshank Redemption and Air Force One.Brent also wrote, directed, and produced the must-see, gripping documentary, "Journey to a Hate Free Millennium" starring Sir Elton John.SUPPORT THE PODCAST ON PATREON.COM ME A COFFEE GET INSTACART TODAYThe following link is a paid advertisement and I will be  compensated for you!!BIOAssistant Casting Director for 1994- Shawshank Redemption (Morgan Freeman and Tim Robbins.  Also talk about Frank Darabont, the director of Shawshank (nominated for 4 academy about 1999-The Green Mile(Director and screenplay) with Tom Hanks, The late (Michael Clarke Duncan) his early years where he was a writer for Nightmare on Elm Street 3, the bob, the fly) Spiritual - Death and dying bc of the death of his mom.  Poster favorite saying, "Fear can hold you prisoner hope can set you free".  AND "Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good thing ever dies. Was a life coach in prisons. Worried about trust and relationship building. * How many want to be a millionaire? * why not worthy? (life coach) He does meditation every morning.
53:05 11/17/2021
Gery Deer - America's Got Talent & William Shatner
On this, the premiere episode of The Journey Unscripted, we have a blast with Gery Deer as he shares his stories from his appearance on America's Got Talent and Mr. William Shatner, and much more.Super-fun show that'll turn your lips upward!So hop in and enjoy the ride on The Journey Unscripted!Gery's work has been used by companies like Brown Publishing, Cox Media Group, Aim Media Midwest, Standard Register (now Taylor Communications), IBM, Whirlpool Corporation, to name a few. He is also a long-time voice artist, variety comedy writer, and stage performer and does many of the male and character voice work for most of his firm's media projects.   All along, Gery worked in the entertainment world, playing piano at restaurants and giving bullwhip lessons and performances to help pay for college. He had won several international whip speed and accuracy titles after learning the bullwhip growing up on his family farm. He is the owner of GLD Enterprises Communications and The Whip Artistry Studio - which is still the only permanent facility in the U.S. dedicated to the study of bullwhips and stockwhips as a sport and performance art.As a freelance feature writer, Gery has been published in more than a dozen regional and national publications over the last 20 years, ranging from local newspapers to specialty magazines, and was nominated in 2010 for a Pulitzer Prize in Journalism. PLEASE SUPPORT MY PODCAST ON PATREON.COM ME A COFFEE you!!Amber.
31:07 11/09/2021
SPECIAL HALLOWEEN EPISODE - Sleep Paralysis & Sleep Paralysis
Today's special Halloween bonus production explores experiences with sleep paralysis and astral projection. Sit back, close your eyes, and immerse yourself in this episode of The Journey Unscripted.
18:20 10/28/2021
PREPREMIERE EPISODE: Paranormal Investigations with Soul Sisters Paranormal
Dr. Kristi Sumner of Soul Sisters Paranormal joins us for this very special prepremiere episode of The Journey Unscripted.PhD. and cofounder of Soul Sisters Paranormal, Kristi Sumner shares some fascinating investigations she and her team have performed around the country. From the Brushy Mountain State Penn in Tennessee, The Grand Old Lady Hotel in North Carolina, The Old Gildcrest County Jail in Florida, and the infamous Bradford-Ma Barker House in Florida. So sit back and enjoy this haunted ride along The Journey Unscripted.You can follow Kristy and the Soul Sisters Paranormal team at out more about The Journey Unscripted at:
55:27 10/26/2021
The Journey Unscripted Trailer
Short-form podcast with topics and situations that are humorous, crazy, and typically, unscripted. Cool, fun stories and celebrity interviews that will get your smile on.TRAILER DIALOGIt's a cool new show. Yeah, it's like a new podcast, right?It's rather entertaining it is.It's pretty funny, you knowOh...My...God...It totally made me cry. (cries)Dude, Like the stories, are totally ripped. Yeaaaa.I think the hosts, Amber and Ryan have great chemistryMy brother Uri from mother Russia listen all the time.  No. No. I mess with you. He not listen ever.Like I said before, it's a cool new show calledThe journey, the journey, the journey, the journey, unscripted.Premiering this October on all major podcast platforms.
00:41 09/21/2021
SYNCHRONICITY - Podcast Pre-Launch Special Episode & Dedication
This episode is dedicated to the memory of my very first friend on this planet and someone who was a true sister to me—Shannon.We're going to dive into something...well...unscripted.Something so many people have experienced and something that can affect you so profoundly that it actually moves your very soul.And can, at the right time, provide you with a deep sense of faith and hope. That something—is synchronicity.Whether you believe in synchronicities or not, this episode describes a true experience. So join us as I reveal a recent experience with synchronicity involving my dear friend, Shannon.
09:44 09/20/2021